One Down, Dozens to Go. Flynn Resigns.

February 13, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Sumbitches

Mike Flynn just resigned in disgrace.  One down, dozens to go.

Can I get an amen?


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19 Comments to “One Down, Dozens to Go. Flynn Resigns.”

  1. Amen! Amen! I just heard it on MSNBC. Not one hour ago KellyAnne ConJob was out saying Trump had confidence in Flynn.

    They should take his pension away; he is a very big black mark on the military.

  2. Given the number of spies buying Mar-a-Lago memberships so as to take pictures of top secret info, I guess they needed to throw someone off the sled to the wolves…

  3. I’ll give you an amen, and raise you a hallelujah.
    And may the odds be ever in your favor.

  4. VintageMomma says:

    We are – what – barely into trump’s fourth week of his term? Things are moving way too slowly for me, but I’ve laid in a supply of popcorn, anyhow.
    My brother, a trump chump, says that this is all just a learning curve for the prez.
    My brother in law (a newly minted Democrat after 50 years as a S. Calif. Republican), says that he doesn’t want his pilot, his doctor, his lawyer, or his government to be on any learning curve…

  5. Amen. Shall there be bets of who leaves next?

  6. Primo Encarnación says:

    Na na Na na
    Na na NA na
    Good bye.

  7. Bless his heart.

  8. So let’s compare.

    Hillary: private email server.

    Flynn: private negotiations with a foreign government, undercutting the actions of the President of the United States.

    Lock him up! And throw away the key!

  9. JAKvirginia says:

    Sorry. But I can’t celebrate in any way. This is just so damn pathetic. It would be a compliment to term it amateur hour. Run a government? These people couldn’t run a bath. They’re so stupid they’d probably try prying the tub out of the wall so they could literally run with it. Folks, it’s time to throw that “politically correct” meme away and dust off a whole bunch of words: stupid; asinine; idiotic; lying; incompetent; ignorant; unqualified and the true-the-day-it-was-spoken deplorables. Time to clean out THIS swamp!

  10. Linda Phipps says:

    He will be the new sweetheart for the angry white republicans – he can’t keep a job either.

  11. Trump did not do his job.
    He never should have been hired and he should have been fired.

    What did he discuss and/or promise the Russians?
    This needs to be investigated, not buried!

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Flynn apologized to mangaled apricot hellbeast and vp dense. Where is the apology to President Obama? Clear the WHOLE SWAMP! Starting at the top! ( if you wish to call it a top). Any chief executive who tells party guests sensitive government information is committing treason.

  13. Trump’s fingerprints are all over this one. Or rather Bannon’s fingerprints are all over it, with Trump’s approval. But they’ve all got a lot to gain. Hold their feet to the fire !

  14. My poll was not who was the first to go, but who was the first to face criminal charges.

    He may still win that one .

  15. The “May you live in interesting times” curse has come upon us.

    I’m hardly an expert on Trump’s psychology (that would take a combination Sigmund Freud, psychic and FBI profiler), but my impression is that he has no long-term friendships or partnerships. He is fickle, he cheats and he uses people.

    I expect that anyone who is riding high in his administration now is at risk. He will change favorites at the drop of a “Make America Great Again” hat, much like a loony medieval king.

    Where’s Chris Christie? What happened to Mike Pence as the power behind the throne? Bannon is riding high now, but will that last more than a month or two?

    We’re watching a combination of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the reality show ‘Survivor.’

  16. It’s not a swamp; it’s a septic tank. The big chunks rise to the top.

  17. Get rid of the swamp……Bannon, Miller, and lovely Kellyann, who is getting more haggardly daily…..scary in DC

  18. Rhea, you sure can zero in on the hilarious truth. Septic tank!

    Barbara you have hit the mark, too. of course Flynn was following orders from Traitor Trump and his minions. So much for loyalty…to our country. Special prosecutor!

  19. “Run a government? These people couldn’t run a bath.” JAKvirginia, that’s first rate.
    And Rhea, “It’s not a swamp; it’s a septic tank. The big chunks rise to the top.”

    Sigh, smile. My heroes.