Okay, This Has To Stop

November 13, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Trump has to stop making headlines after I’ve closed down for the night to watch the news and discuss politics and baseball with my Bubba.

But, holy damn cow.

WikiLeaks, twitter, and Junior.  Ain’t we got fun?


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5 Comments to “Okay, This Has To Stop”

  1. Tip of the iceberg. Everyday there’s more, so you and Bubba
    relax. The Traitor Trumps Saga rolls on.

  2. I would be enjoying this more if it were happening in another country. This has to stop, the corruption is unbelievable. I hope we survive…

  3. I’m afraid to leave my computer for more than two hours at a time for fear I’ll miss something big.

  4. Tilphousia says:

    Guess CNN never sleeps and apparently neither do I or I wouldn’t be writing this at 2:22am. Traitor trump was raised by kkk daddy to be king trump. Now he thinks in his dementia clouded brain that he is. So that must mean that spawn one is prince. That decided by brainless traitor trump whatever they say or do is ok. And any mean to the desired end is ok be it treason, collusion, or any other breach of American law. Traitor trump is the most corrupt embarrassment our Nation has had to endure. Won’t be easy, but we will get through this.

  5. OMG. This family is just one huge tsunami of STOOPID!