Okay, The Problem With Single Payer ….

September 13, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

… is that is a stoopid name for anything.

I suspect calling it Medicare for All is a little better but we need something snappy.

How ’bout:  All Donut and No Hole

Okay, get to work.  We need a better name!


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43 Comments to “Okay, The Problem With Single Payer ….”

  1. US Healthcare (USH)

    It’s for USH! All for USH

    That’s it. Otherwise I’ve got nuttin.

  2. Marcia in CO says:

    Universal Medicare

  3. National Health Service

    American Health Service

    Medical Security



    I could probably think of a few more, but I kinda like Medicare. No reason it couldn’t work for all of us.

  4. perhaps it’s not a “catchy” moniker, but it’s the name everyone has been calling it since the concept first came about. much like the ACA is popularly known as Obama Care, and many people think they are two different things, if you start calling it something else, you’ll simply confuse them.

    remember, the world is full of stupid people.

  5. Actual Healthcare, NOT Insurance.

  6. Sanity.

  7. American Freedom Health Care!

    Words Wingnuts love, they will vote for it.

  8. Texas Expat in CA says:

    I think “Medicare for All” is a great name! People know Medicare, they know it works, and they love it. So why shouldn’t we ALL have it? No need to look for a different name.

  9. “No! It’s not socialized medicine!”

  10. OverRepublicansDeadBodies HealthCare.

    When the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

  11. Trumpcare. Yeah, makes me wanna puke too, but he’d take the “win” over Obama, and we’d all get healthcare.

  12. I bet you’re right, Wyatt_Earl.

  13. I think Medical Security is probably the best. Or we could take a page from the repugnantcan bill naming playbook and call it the opposite of what it is. Free Market Care. The doofusses will like it because that’s about the extent of their consideration. While the informed (liberals) will know the truth. And snicker a lot.

  14. Call it Trumpcare. Donald loves anything with his name attached to it, so he’d be all in.

  15. AmeriCare. America Cares for it’s people.

    But to run around the Republicans – nickname it Trumpcare. Cheeto loves putting his name on the hard work of others.

  16. @Wyatt_Earl: Great minds, etc., etc.

  17. The Best Little Healthcare Plan In The US

  18. Wyatt_Earl and TexasTrailerParkTrash may be half joking but I think Trump would actually go for it, with or without his name attached to it, though that would help a lot. It would be a ‘win’ – a bigly one – and would probably be considered as significant as Social Security.

    If it seems unlikely, remember Nixon brought us the EPA.

    Trump cares more about adulation that any loyalty to the Rethugs, or to anyone.

  19. Americare.

  20. Hey, my family in Canada is on the National Health Care Plan. The Nationalist in this country would love that!

  21. JRC.
    Joining the Rest of Civilization.

  22. How ’bout Americare?

  23. I say we stick with the name: Obamacare. Bamz got it done; that crucial first step leading to universal health care. Let the wing nut heads explode every time they visit a doctor.

  24. Going with “AmeriCare” . . . because Americans care. Go K go.

  25. +1 for Americare … because America Cares!

  26. I like the sound of Americare too, does say it all right?

  27. There’s already a private company called Americare, but I like it. Or USCare.

  28. Totally off topic, but I had to share this with y’all.

    What happens when Harvet meets Le Miz.


  29. James Pirtle says:

    At the risk of shameless pandering, call it Christian Care. All the evangelicals will line up, the snake oil preachers will not miss a beat to fall into line with their upturned palms outstretched, right wing-nuts will be slavering over the potential of a new pack to lead and Mike Pence and the snake handling brigade will wash us all in the blood of the lamb. Who would dare vote against it? Certainly not Ted Cruz or any of his crowd. And, at the end of the story, it is what Jesus advocated in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

  30. With nods to James Pirtle and all who weighed in, ChristCare. For all the above reasons.

  31. Lunargent: Thanks for that link. Seriously. I think. Our pile wasn’t nearly that big, so we were lucky. Everybody else on our street had piles that were closer to that. Just without the musical number.

  32. Ted Care for the late Senator and because it would drive Cruz up the wall!

  33. I think ChristianCare is a bad idea. It conjures up images of no abortions, no birth control, probably no Advanced Directives allowed, and a ton of victim blaming.

  34. Lunargent: Fair point. And sorry.

  35. There’s already a United Healthcare, which is a shame because they yammer on about how we should shed our own opinions and unite behind theirs.

  36. I don’t think we should name single payer anything that sounds like an insurance company name. We know how heartless and greedy the insurance companies are.

  37. How about the United States Heartless and Greedy Insurance Co of the United States? (From my friends at the Bureau of Governmental Redundancy Bureau.)

  38. James Pirtle says:

    To offer a modest defense; I would suggest that the law should be written along the mentioned guidelines. ie whatever care is medically needed is provided. Politicians, insurance companies or innkeepers should not be allowed to proscribe any medication or dictate any medical procedure. It should be a crime with harsh penalties. Limiting health care for any person because of your superstition should be prohibited.

  39. Another vote for Americare, although the arguments for (gag, puke, kill-me-now) trumpcare are irrefutable.

  40. Mark Johnson says:

    Trump Gold Healthcare. Or TrumpCare Gold.

    As others have mentioned he loves anything with his name attached. And he loves all things bright and shiny.

  41. Trump promised a plan that:

    1) Repeals and replaces Obamacare

    2) Doesn’t cut Medicare

    3) Covers all Americans

    This plan fills those promises to a T. Therefore the name must be “TrumpCare.”

  42. Americare.
    Yes, the arguments for [gag, puke] trumpcare are sound, but I think I’d rather die than use anything with Orange Whore’s name attached.

  43. Aggieland Liz says:

    If the only drawback were Hair Furor’s name attached to it, I’d be ok with it. The irony of it all would have me chucking til I die!

    I liked Americare, but I thought some private company had it.
    I’m still thinking!