Okay, Look At It This Way – It’s Almost Oklahoma

January 11, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Denton, Texas is in Texas strictly by geographic accident.  It’s 30 miles south of the Oklahoma border and is only in Texas because Fort Worth sucks.

Get this:  Denton Republicans are hosting Sarah Palin at their annual Lincoln/Reagan Day dinner.  Tickets are $125 and for that much money Palin promises to dress very age-inappropriately and wear catch-me-kiss-me leather and stilettos.  Oh hell, what am I thinking?  She’d do that on a pool table in a Klondike bar for $5.

There’s no word on whether or not she’s bringing has-been musicians along for the ride.

If Palin was a thing now days, I’d buy a ticket for someone to go tape her, but, Honey, she doesn’t even have influence in her own house.

Thanks to Karen for the heads up.

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9 Comments to “Okay, Look At It This Way – It’s Almost Oklahoma”

  1. Looks like she forgot to wear a skirt with those heels.

  2. Yeah. In her own house. Shame, ain’t it.

  3. For $125 shouldn’t the whole Palin family be required to show? Todd can talk about stitches, and Track the high cost of bail these days. I hope there’s time after dinner for Questions From The Audience:

    Sarah, in the Palin family, how can you tell if there’s a good guy with a gun?

  4. Somebody else who should be given as little attention as possible, in hopes they’ll shrivel up and not be heard from again.

  5. Cato the Censor says:

    The Riverboat Gamblers came from Denton so it can’t be all bad.

  6. I misread the first time and thought you wrote she’d do it FOR a Klondike bar. Gave me a giggle fit, which is something I sorely needed today after reading the news.

  7. Sweet Crabby says:

    Denton air is already polluted. I live here, and most days I can breathe here, but it hurts my head, my heart, and my sinuses to know that someone is importing this Alaskan pollution. But, people will pay for that privilege, and she’ll do anything for money, so there you go. I wonder if some folks won’t go just to judge her sobriety. Or her vocabulary.

  8. Sweet Crabby says:

    Seriously now. Where is our list of former officeholders, writers, humorists, or banjo players available (for a price) to open our meetings? Having Palin come here is a good thing — for them. Where is our Palin?

  9. Patty Broiles says:

    No more ugly slaps at Fort Worth, please. We have a lot of fine people here, many of them Progressives.


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