Okay, Koch Brothers, This is War

October 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Do you wanna know what I just found out?

17,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from an eight-inch pipeline owned by Koch Pipeline Company on Tuesday, the Railroad Commission of Texas reported Wednesday.

The spill impacted a rural area and two livestock ponds near Smithville and was discovered on a routine aerial inspection, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Let me tell you where Smithville Texas is.  Smithville is half way between me and Austin.  I drive through Smithville every time I go to Austin, which is pretty damn often.  It is also dangerously close to Buescher State Park, one of my personal favorites.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.50.55 AM

UPI is reporting that Koch “had no estimated time for repairs. Neither Koch nor the Texas Railroad Commission had a public statement about the incident.”

Yeah, if you don’t say anything about it, it never happened.

Do you wanna know what smells worst than a wet dog?  Crude oil.  That’s what.  You wanna know what smells worse than that?  Koch Industries, that’s what.

Thanks to Brian C for the heads up.


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33 Comments to “Okay, Koch Brothers, This is War”

  1. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Uh Oh. Chuck & Dave Koch done ticked off Miss Juanita Jean HerOwnSelf now.

    These two have no idea how much trouble they are in. The lovely JJ also has back up: Bubba and Truman. And TWMDBS customers.

    Pass the popcorn. We’re about to see 2 grown billionaires cry.

  2. I got nothing to add to what you have already said.

    I’m so damned sick and tired of stuff that pollutes our air, our water, you name it….

    Even more than that…. I’m just damned sick and tired of Texas pretending…. it doesn’t happen….
    (Sorry Momma).

  3. Marge Wood says:

    THANK YOU, JUANITA JEAN! The dang Koch bros. think they can buy everything in sight and do anything with it they want to, nemmine what happens to everyone else. I am proud to say that Sarah Eckhardt, running for judge, used to be on Commissioners’ Court and sued the Koch brothers and won. Here’s what happened. Balcones Recycling needed to use the rail spur. Koch bros. had a pipeline buried too shallow underneath the railroad. Austin Commissioners’ Court sued them. They said Austin should pay to move the pipeline. Austin said nope, YOU pay, it’s your pipeline. Koch brothers paid.

  4. Can we gather up some of their miserable stinking spill, and somehow help it find its way into *their* drinking water? Or their swimming pools, or their car upholstery?

    Oh, gosh, that might be terrorism. Their dumping oil into stock ponds that perfectly innocent cattle need to drink from and the various other things they’ve done…well, that’s just doin’ bidness.

    I SO don’t think so. I think it’s terrorism, too.

  5. The Koch Brothers will no doubt, need to be reminded of personal responsibility in this situation.

  6. Melvin Rudd says:

    When you drive through Smithville on your way to Austin can we assume your vehicle is powered by pixie dust?

  7. Hey Melvin, if we spill more oil, will my car get better mileage?
    And if we spill less oil, will my car stop running?

    I’ve never seen such a brilliant display of stupidity and moral cowardice.

  8. Juanita Jean says:

    Thank you, Mooser. I was fixing to say that but you said it better. As a child of the oil patch and the mother of 3 boys, I know you don’t have to make a mess – it’s optional.

  9. The Kochs have been at War with America since 1976. It’s only recently we noticed and it’s probably too late.

  10. Just did a little bit of math here and came up with 17,000 gallons equaling about 6,500 feet of 8″ pipe. If this was a burst, then that number would represent the amount of liquid between mainline valves (the valves used to shut off sections of a pipeline for repairs.) As most of the wealthy are incredibly miserly with their money, even whatever “little” amount of money a loss of 17k gallons represents, they’d have done something about it quickly.

    However, this was likely a slow leak, something that fell within their equipment’s variations on pressure, and why it went unnoticed for so long.

    I’m not defending the Dukes, uh, I mean the Kochs, in any way, shape, or form. Just pointing out how this could have happened. Hopefully Gov. Davis will be able to help change the TNRRC and the TCEQ into agencies worthy of their names, instead of the rubberstamp permitting businesses they’ve become.

  11. Marge Wood says:

    Okay, y’all. WHAT THEN SHOULD WE DO?

  12. Melvin, I have an easy question for you.
    Are you natural born stupid or did you take lessons?

  13. @Melvin – Maybe your car engine can run on spilled crude oil mixed with pond water, but my Honda prefers an 87 octane that made it all the way from the oil well to refinery to gas pump, without killing or poisoning anything along the way.

  14. Poor Melvin. Nobody tole him he shouldna a aughta showed up for a war of wits unarmed.

  15. I am just SHOCKED that the free hand of the market didn’t prevent that from happening. Really!


  16. Oh and to Melvin Rudd: I drive an all-electric LEAF powered by the solar panels on my roof. STFU.

  17. Marge Wood says:

    Dear Southern: I am really proud of you for driving a solar-powered LEAF. I think you deserve your own billboard.

  18. As I have been telling everybody I know, the Koch brothers started and funded the Tea Party, so I now refer to these boneheads as KochRoaches.

  19. Oh, erk! And we are still be told that the Keystone pipeline will be safe and never leak! If I believed that I would also have to believe that rain makes applesauce!

  20. We can also thank the Koch Brothers for giving us the Tea Party. They started it and have funded these boneheads from the get go. I believe the Tea Partiers should be known as KochRoaches from now on.

  21. I wondered what Google would show me about ol’ Mel… It’s interesting to me that the first thing that popped up was his mugshot doing time in The Big Muddy.


    The Big Muddy and pixie dust.


  22. Ode to Teapartiers (apologies to writer of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song)

    Come and listen to a story about a man named Ted
    Born in the land of the Loonie – that should be enough said
    Went into politics to deny the poor their food
    And enrich his sugardaddies Koch – the ones with coal and crude
    Oil that is, black gold, Texas Tea

    With the brothers Koch’s backing ol’ Ted’s a millionaire
    Kinfolk said Ted move away from there
    Said the Beltway is the place you ought to be
    So they loaded up the limo and moved to Dee Cee
    District that is, exclusive clubs, lobbyists

    Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Ted and all his kin
    And they would like to thank you suckers for kindly dropping contributions in
    You’re all invited back again to this locality
    To admire the heapin helpin of Koch and Cruz prosperity

    Teaparty that is, set under a spell, with an odorous smell,
    Ya’ll keep givin’ , ya hear?

  23. Just another egregious example of the incredible arrogance and contempt these
    men have for average Americans and our earth. These two should be held, if not legally, then financially responsible for the massive harm they have done to the environment.

  24. Let’s unpack the weasel from this report. First, the spill stood at zero until some meddlesome third party reported it. Second, if Koch claims its 400 barrels it will become 4000 barrels if someone not on the payroll or dole checks. Third, the clean up will be complete when the Rail Commission and the Kochs close off access to the site. Oil companies and regulators on the take lie. Period.

  25. I hope Rachel Maddow hears about this right quick!

  26. e platypus onion says:

    I checked national news yesterday and today and found zero articles. Yesterday I had to Google Texas oil spills 2013 to find any mention.(besides here,of course)

  27. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Only the oil bidness could lose $40,000 worth of their product and not notice ’til someone complained about it. Imagine if the land owner had stolen $40,000 worth of oil from the pipeline. Sounds like the perfect crime. How long would it take to discover the theft?

  28. Mornin all, well yes, I overslept, but it has been pointed out that my level of outrage this morning, and my un-coffee’d attempts at expressing it may be un-“Mama-Friendly” so I’ll just say


  29. Michael Lavender says:

    They may be right about the Keystone Pipeline creating jobs: lots of cleaning crew jobs.

  30. Prick pERRY says:

    Rod Tanner says:
    October 30, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    As I have been telling everybody I know, the Koch brothers started and funded the Tea Party, so I now refer to these boneheads as KochRoaches.

    To continue, what I do:

    As I have been telling everybody I know, the Koch brothers like to make political contributions to politicians, especially those of the Tea Party type, so I now refer to these boneheads as KochSuckers.

  31. I went to KVUE website, nothing! I saw an earlier story (doesn’t remember where) that had a reporter from that station reporting.

  32. *(do not remember where)

  33. Marge Wood says:

    Mark, Thank you for the wonderful parody!