Okay, Here’s The Deal, Sparky. LOTSA UPDATES

June 28, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

High Noon, Monday, July 1st, on the south steps of the Texas capitol. Be there or don’t make history.

It will be hot.  Bring water for yourself, and a fan and a chair for me.  Wear orange.

You can sign up right here on Facebook. Or put it in the comments and I will pass it along.

These super cool tee-shirt will be for sale for $25.  The profit goes to Planned Parenthood, Battleground Texas, and – my personal favorite – the Texas Democratic Party.  Hey, we’ve got a new address – You can order one right here!


Look familiar?

Let’s do this thing.  I will be getting another update tonight so I will post any new information here.

Yes, I am going.  I will (un)blog from there but you damn well better appreciate it because posting from a cell phone is like nailing jello to the wall.

UPDATE:  Here’s the OFFICIAL Facebook page — https://www.facebook.com/StandWithTXWomen

And the twitter hashtag is #swtw (stand with Texas women)  My twitter handle is @crabbait  Go get a twitter account NOW.  That’s where the revolution will be fought.

UPDATE:  Many of you have asked where to send gas money.  I can personally assure you that money will sent to me will go for that purpose and any other emergency that arises during this special session.  You can use Act Blue to donate to Making Government Work.  Use the Tell Juanita button above to let me know you donated.  I am on the Board of Directors of this PAC so you know it will be carefully handled.  I’m having all kinds of trouble with my email today so let me publicly thank Barbara from California for the generous donation to the Making Government Work PAC.

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29 Comments to “Okay, Here’s The Deal, Sparky. LOTSA UPDATES”

  1. I’ll buy a tank of gas for someone in the D/FW area who is heading to Austin. Who do I contact?

  2. JJ,

    Perfectamundo – I just “stole it” for my Twitter pic – @Eykis – cannot be in Austin, but I will do what I can from Nashville~

    We are gonna win this fight – DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS WOMEN~

  3. Juanita Jean says:

    Sandy, I’m working on it right now. I’ll email you when I know something.

  4. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    I can’t take off work, but I too would like to donate gas money for those who can go.

  5. Sandridge says:

    Any chance they will offer those tee’s in Aggie maroon?

  6. SallieG says:

    I don’t supposed they have any for those of us over a certain age with the same graphic that say “Too Late. Missed Me, Sucker.”

  7. Barbara says:

    I’d like to help from California.

  8. Do you know what’s the fit of the t-shirts? Are they the stretchy kind or the standard straight cut?

  9. Charles Phillips says:

    Buy one and find out… I’m betting 50-50 cotton-poly blend, no stretch. I’m getting one, maybe two, just to frame.

  10. SomedayGirl says:

    Monday and Thursdays are the only days I have to go into my office (I work from home or wherever I like the rest of the week) but let me know where to send gas money or bottled water or frozen grapes.

  11. Chloe Bear says:

    Cheering everyone from DC! Wish I could join you. Happy to donate and purchase t-shirts for the interns to wear on the Hill.

  12. Honey, raise a ruckus for me. I just can’t get there from the Piney Woods for the Monday rally. But I’ll see if I can get down there a little later on when the nut-cuttin’ starts up again. (You know it will, girl.)

  13. I wouldn’t miss the Texas Legislature’s Further Misadventures in Womb Control for anything!

    I’m not on Facebook so if you’d do the honors to count me in, I’d appreciate it.

  14. sugarpie says:

    Have to work on Monday but would be happy to throw in a few dolores for gas to help those that can attend. Please do let us know where to toss our dinero. xosp

  15. Here’s the link to order the T-shirt or the tank top:


    Both are 100% cotton.

  16. im bringing some bottled water in case anyone needs some

  17. TexasEllen says:

    I’ll be there in my huge, orange mumu. I’m the one with the green walker, black crocs, and the gray hair. Will bring water, camera, and attitude.

  18. Spray bottles with water are a good way to keep cool. Sometimes you can find them with a little hand operated fan on them.

  19. carolyn harris says:

    JJ. We will donate a tank of gas is you can tell us the
    procedure, or what would be most helpful….Carolyn

  20. JJ and Customers,

    This has taken off like a Texas wildfire on Twitter. I’ve linked this article and added #StandWithTexasWomen.


  21. Juanita Jean says:

    UPDATE: Many of you have asked where to send gas money. I can personally assure you that money will sent to me will go for that purpose and any other emergency that arises during this special session. You can use Act Blue to donate to Making Government Work. I am on the Board of Directors of this PAC so you know it will be carefully handled.

  22. pk scott says:

    How do we get the main stream media to show up and take us seriously? They are already staring to belittle (UNRULYMOB, OCCUPY TACTICS) I guarantee the pictures, if there are any, will be of somebody with lots of tattoos, a nose ring, and a drum (not that there is anything wrong with that)and a bunch of talk about dirty hippies and promiscuity and lesbians (probably fat, angry, and bitter that they cannot get laid by a “real man”)it won’t matter that that is completely nonsense. This is how the will try to belittle and dismiss us. It worked with Occupy. No main stream coverage of military veterans in uniform with a US flag in one hand and the constitution in the other (literally) standing between the cops and the protestors while being tear gassed and beat down. Yea it was on the internet but never did you see THAT on the evening news. Just some “dirty hippy’ with a nose ring and a drum.
    We are late to the party women, we got complacent, we ignored the warnings. The fight will be LONG and HARD and discouraging but it is long past time to ROAR. Let’s roar so long and so loud we bring that freekin’ capitol dome crashing down on their patriarchal patronizing heads and they CANNOT dismiss us.

  23. Litlhorn says:

    So about 3 this Mornin, I bolted out of bed and realizes, all this is well and good, but there may be an easier solution. How about a few of ya’ll just stake out “the Landing Strip” tomorrow night and once over ten of those “Upright Rethuglican Texliban” senators walk inside to save the souls of those poor women at the poles, just Chain the door from the outside… less ten senators, no vote, and I’m pretty sure they won’t make too big a fuss, cause you know their constituents wouldn’t be too happy with them spending Taxpayer monies for this type of “Public Outreach” just a thought. If they are gonna break the law as “Dew Nothing” did with that time stamp thing and shake it off with an Oops, then fire should be met with fire….We are talking about Texas After all…..But seriously, good luck Monday folks, The eyes of the World are on you – if ya’ll can get this done, it will embolden folks all across the country and ALEC and the Koch sponsored Theocrats will begin to fall.

  24. OK, JJ! Way to go! Old experienced protester here. Hint. Have something budgeted for bail money and a lawyer.

    Will be thinking of all of you while I am at the doctor’s on Monday! Go get ’em!

  25. I’m with “maggie says”…bail money really might be needed. So JJ, start thinking about how we can funnel money to that cause if needed. I think JJ’s sweetheart is a lawyer, so that part is taken care of. I am hoping he will not be trying to lawyer from inside a jail cell ! I haven’t lived in Texas since 1970, but this is a fight I would love to take part in. Good luck and God Bless!

  26. I’d be there is there was any way. Bought a T shirt and stickers and donated some gas money to Act Blue instead.

    I want that logo on a flag! I have the pole, and it would go dandy with the “NRA Stand and Fight” sign a couple of little ranches down the FM from me.

  27. Aggieland liz says:

    Maggie! She’s got Bubba and Lil Bubba and Kyle and probably a host of others that post on this site for legal eagles! Best dang stable of lawyers in Texas I’ll bet! Bail might be a good idea, I would contribute to offset her cost! Bubba probably won’t charge her much… 😉

  28. Could they make one that says “From my cold dead hands”

    I already bought the shirt as is.

  29. Make sure you send one to DR GOSNELL.


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