Okay, Campers. I Know This Is Coming As a Shock to You, But …

March 28, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

… it appears that Sean Spicer lied, lied, lied at today’s press conference.

Spicer said the Washington Post story was untrue and that the White House did not try to put any roadblocks to Sally Yates’ testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

The Washington Post responds

Here ya go, Buddy.  The actual documents.

Also of note, I just love watching April Ryan get under Sean Spicer’s skin.  Today he told her not to shake her head.  Oh no, that’s not real wise.  She is going to get up out of that chair and slap that silly boy upside the head one day and I do not want to miss that!


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13 Comments to “Okay, Campers. I Know This Is Coming As a Shock to You, But …”

  1. Fran Seyer says:

    and why is sessions out because of his perjury before congress????????

  2. Is there a possibility of impeachment of the whole administration, from Trump Trump Trump, all the way down to Ryan, including Pence and the Trumpeter agency directors?

    Oh, be still my heart.

    I will, however, continue to invest in popcorn futures because the show is getting bigger and better.

  3. maryelle says:

    I truly believe that Spicey has left the real world and now dwells in the land of lies. Madness has overcome him.
    I cannot conceive how professional journalists sit through those sham press conferences without screaming and/or tearing their hair out. It certainly tests their endurance.

  4. I suggest something much better than screaming or tearing their hair out, and almost as much fun as slapping Spicer upside the head: laugh. Just laugh, journalists. And feel free to point. Laugh until you have to hold each other up, or lean against each other and slide to the floor, helplessly laughing.

    That’s also a great tactic with Donnie. One writer said that that’s about all you can do with extreme narcissists, because they can shrug off or distort any other response to themselves. But laugh like hell at their absurdity and they have no response except to stalk off fuming.

  5. If Spicer is out there denying something happened, you can certain that it did.

  6. Spicey has to be the worst press secretary ever! And Rhea, I will laugh until my head falls off as long as Trump walks off and keeps on damn walking!

  7. eyesoars says:

    maggie@6: I think you’re almost certainly right, which is amazing considering the competition: Ron Ziegler (Nixon), Tony Snow (W.) and Dana Perino (W.). Spicey seems well into Baghdad Bob territory.

  8. maryelle says:

    Eyesoars I had forgotten about Baghdad Bob. Thanks for the reminder and the laughs.

  9. I for one am all over the idea of Ms April having a go at Spicey’s noggin. To that end I’m offering a choice of any piece of lumber in my project shed: 1×2, 2×2, 2×4,6,8,10, or 4×4. I got post-retirement projects on the honey-do list but Spicey is well-past a wall-to-wall counseling session, so I’m happy to offer up a nice piece of oak.

  10. UmptyDump says:

    If Spicer talked to his wife the way he talks to the press, it would qualify as spousal abuse.

  11. Tilphousia says:

    Oh my! (Pearls clutched, hanky dabbing at eyes). Why I never dreamt (nightmare) that baby faced Sean would tell an untruth! This – urp – administration had set the standard for lying. If a member of it speaks, it’s a lie. If cockwomble tweets it’s a lie or worse.
    Please, Momma, start washing out mouths with soap!

  12. Y’now it occurs to me that the SNL writers prolly just leave a yuuuge hole in the plan, knowing they can fill it with the latest outrage by the Drumpf team. And because Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy are now semi-regulars on SNL the writers just go with the latest brouhaha. This stuff writes itself. I just wanna see Sherri Shepherd playing April Ryan. Or April Ryan. Either works well.

  13. Yeah, I kinds feel sorry for Sphincter too because he is in an impossible situation. However, no one is forcing him to stay there, holding a gun to his head. Or, is one of Putie’s assassins there?