Oh No. Sid Miller Has Been Hacked Again

November 01, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

That fine Christian man who is the Agriculture Commissioner of Texas (yeah, I’ve talked about him before) caught Donald Trump’s tweeting habit and up and posted this one this afternoon.



Miller’s office says —

“We’re trying to get to the bottom of it. We think we’ve been hacked,” said Mark Loeffler, communications director for the Texas Department of Agriculture, in an interview with mySA.com.

Then a few minutes later, Loeffler admited that they weren’t hacked.  He now blames it on a staff member.

An official statement from Miller’s office has no mention of hacking and says “the campaign was retweeting information on Twitter today and inadvertently retweeted a tweet that they were not aware contained a derogatory term.”

Yeah, he means “hacked” and “inadvertently retweeted” as in so drunk that he has to hold on to the grass to lean against the ground.

“We dealt with it. It was a simple mistake, an oversight,” Miller said. “It should have never happened.

I think he should have gone with drunk.  You can fix drunk.

Thanks to Rosemary for the heads up.

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32 Comments to “Oh No. Sid Miller Has Been Hacked Again”

  1. e platypus onion says:

    I just read this and I’m guessing the “C’ word wasn’t kristian.

  2. JAKvirginia says:

    And yet, somehow I still don’t believe him. Why is that?

  3. So a woman hating rePUKEian says he never tweeted what so many rePUKEians have done! Me thinks he protests to much!

  4. They “were not aware it contained a derogatory term.” Yeah. Sure. That’s because the term isn’t derogatory in their way of thinking. Just more “locker room” talk, eh, Sid?

  5. This is what one should expect from a member of the Racist Republican Party.
    Blame a staffer for what? not warning Sid strongly enough that this misogynistic tweet might offend some of the dupes that still believe that todays Racist Republican Party of deadbeats has any interest good of the American people.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    Sid Miller @MillerForTexas
    #CrookedHillary needs a dozen people to check her tweets. My thoughts are my own. Healthy as a bull here. #wikileaks

  7. This guy’s using Donnie’s tactics too. Say something repugnant, and then claim he didn’t. Maybe he got another Jesus shot. Cause that does sound like wonna Jesus’s quips. You know, Jesus the lawn guy. And say that reminds me, when the hell did the guy from Dire Straits quit doing music and go to work for the Texas Department of Agriculture? 🙂

  8. I mean really, is he gonna change the the song to Sultans of Swine? Apologies to pork.

  9. Primo Encarnación says:

    They found the orig tweet it was c/p from. Some racist jerk from PA Publius something

  10. Sam in San Antonio says:

    If this wasn’t an ongoing pattern for Sid, he might be believable. A public flogging on the Capitol steps is appropriate.

  11. Not only is it locker room talk, scum like him means it because that’s exactly how him and his trumpian vermin pals regard women. I’d like to kick him in the balls, buy I don’t have a microscope.

  12. If Drumpf somehow pulls out a win, God forbid, it will empower these misogynist pigs to spew their hatefulness and venom along with their bigotry and racism without fear of consequences. We can’t let that happen.

  13. That was not a retweet. That was stolen content, something Republicans have a lot of experience doing.

  14. UmptyDump says:

    Does Texas have a law forbidding the expenditure of official government resources and staff time in engaging in partisan political activity?

  15. Sandridge says:

    Sam in San Antonio, “…A public flogging…”.
    Not near good enough for this ‘Puke (and a barrel of others). Concrete filled boots and a swim in Town Lake; or better, Lake Travis, it’s ten times deeper…

  16. Sandridge says:

    UmptyDump, Bwahahaha…
    OIYAD- Only if you’re a Democrat.

  17. To paraphrase Molly Ivins, the only trouble with Texas Republicans, when they baptised them, they didn’t hold them under long enough.

  18. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Lying Sid now caught lying TWICE about his tweets.

    I’m sure he used the C word. Look at that mouth he’s got. Shaped just right for it.

  19. Beststash says:

    Two words – Family Values

  20. I understand that big shots like Clinton and Trump have staffers who do most of their social media, but the Ag Commish? Anybody on his office staff shouldn’t be using his private account, they should be using a state account for official business.

  21. two crows says:

    For the past 8 years, numerous members of Congress has acted in ways they never had before — in over 230 years. Like calling the president a liar. Like absolutely refusing to cooperate with him — even on legislation that had been their idea in the first place. Like refusing to even meet with his nominee for the Supreme Court. The list goes on. They did it because they figured they could get away with it.

    And now this happened. We’re in for 8 more years of the same — because they figure they can get away with it.

  22. He is a disgusting pig. If he is that lax in his tweets, what are his work habits like?
    The people of Texas should hold him acountable.
    The ‘person’ that tweeted this should be fired. Nothing less.

    If we are going to support the first woman POTUS, then this talk is TOTALLY Unacceptable.

  23. TrulyTexan says:

    People don’t realize that there is a finite amount of breathable air on the planet (as the population grows and biosphere shrinks). Why are we still letting guys like this waste it?

  24. Color me not surprised with this out of control elbow bender!

  25. I saw this on the Ag Morning report put out by Politico on line. Old Sid hasn’t a crooked leg to stand on!

  26. Momma avert your eyes please…

    I grew up around and have worked around a number of crude, loud-mouthed, often vulgar men. I have sometimes willingly shared in their crudity and their loud-mouthed vulgarity.

    I have never heard before this election some of these words and phrases used by these men.

    I think the difference is none of these men, my relatives, my co-workers, my teammates, none of them hated women. As I’ve said here before we/I had a mother, sisters, girlfriends and eventually wives and daughters and daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law. Hating women is not an option. It is not a longed for desire.

    Sid Miller hates women.

    Donald Trump hates women.

    Too many Republicans hate women. Including more than a few Republican women.

    In general I opine that anyone who claims the Republican Party needs professional help to get on with their lives. The women-haters need more. But they do not need pity. We need to separate them from the herd for the herd’s health.

  27. The website of the Cowboy Church of Erath County – where Sid Miller is an elder – has a page devoted to prayer requests. How about a prayer request for Elder Miller to clean up his dirty mouth.

  28. e platypus onion says:

    See you next Tuesday is the newest euphemism for that particular “C” word. Have seen this used twice today and I don’t know who came up with it.

  29. e platypus onion says:

    ps Sid Miller is still a prick.

  30. Lunargent says:

    Yeah, ole Sid finally made the national stage with this one. I saw it in the AP national news roundup in the Denver Post. Then Chris Hayes reported it last night. It was a cut and paste lifted from one of the Class A Deplorables who’ve crawled out from under every rock this year, and whose Twitter account has since been cancelled. The question now is whether Sid’s “staff” (yeah, right) was too careless to catch this, too stupid to read it, or too damned disgusting to care. I’m guessing it was supposed to be an internally shared email, because you know this is the kind of witty repartee these guys thrive on. And the AG’s office level of incompetence took care of the rest.

    BTW, the word’s not blacked out on the copy at the top of the page. It’s pretty jarring, and should be redacted. We don’t want to cause Momma to have one of her spells.

  31. e platypus onion says:

    Umpty- how about a call for a single lightning strike?

  32. Linda Phipps says:

    The difference between Trumps “loving women” and Bill Clinton’s “liking women” is that Clinton enjoys women and Trump uses them.


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