Oh My Goodness

June 29, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Y’all, the Tea Party is coming to our rally at the capitol to stop us “Fascist Pro-Choice Mobsters.”

Tea Party

My goodness.

Up until this very minute I thought I was a fourth generation Texan little old lady in tennis shoes.  Fascist Pro-Choice Mobster is a steep hill in one weekend but I will do my best.

The Tea Party explains their plan:

We practice Gandhi-style tactics here folks; IRON-CLAD self-discipline, PEACEFUL, CALM, INSISTENT! Let the other side show their lunacy. Come informed about the bill; read it over the weekend.

Well, almost like Gandhi, you know, except for the fact that they will be armed.

Thanks to Kathleen for the heads up.

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44 Comments to “Oh My Goodness”

  1. UmptyDump says:

    Fascist and Pro-Choice at the same time? That would be quite an achievement, since the two are utter contradictions in terms! Fascists revere totalitarianism and worship the superiority of the state over individual, democratic dissent. Fascists? Fascists are as close as their mirror.

  2. Once again, one word: CRIMINY.

  3. Your tag lines need to be etched somewhere in stone. ;o)

  4. Oh, bleep! The Flat Earth Society has decided to have a meeting in Austin at the same time and place as the Wendy-ites! You might want to pray for rain cuz then they will be able to serve applesauce along with their tea.

    Still searching for a pair of Wendy shoes. Have red western boots but I save them for line dancin’. Must have Wendy shoes!

  5. Had to further comment. Wish I could be there and will be sending good thoughts and white light. Be careful!

    I read the suggested points and believe that everyone should really be watchful.

    Unfortunately, the Texas Rangers’ rep has suffered somewhat and hopefully someone with a level head will be dealing with the people who will be showing up for this special session. There will be agitators, no doubt about it.

  6. Grace Newton says:

    You’d think the Tea-baggers necks would be looped up in sheepshank knots with all the twisting and sharp turns they practice. Armed nonviolent protesters. I wonder if they might have confused Gandhi- and Gangnam-style?

  7. Good luck and God bless to every woman/man who will be attending to stand strong for women’s rights!

    Every resident has a right to voice their thoughts on what how their representative votes on items.

  8. did the coke brothers pay for the busses for the tea baggers????

  9. UmptyDump beat me to it.

    Why do these morons throw out these terms, when they have no idea what they mean? Hitler was a fascist. Right-wingers are fascists, not liberals.

    It’s like the mumbo-jumbo, contradictory terms they use for the President.

  10. Braxton Braggart says:

    Cheryl says,

    “Why do these morons throw out these terms, when they have no idea what they mean? Hitler was a fascist.”

    This sort of rhetoric is really common with those folks. Even when the writer knows the difference (which should not be assumed), many in the angry, resentful, low-information audience don’t. As a result, pretty much any reference to Very Bad People is interchangeable with any other, so long as it’s immediately recognizable. Communist, Marxist, fascist, socialist, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, whatever, they all get rolled into one.

  11. I’m reading that ‘freedom works’ is getting worried about Texas
    and is sending $8 million.

    Also – All ladies must read the awesome bill which has been written by Senator Tina Turner’

    It is the ‘Men’s erectile dysfunction bill’
    Can you get one for Texas?

    I think the women of the US are going to be hard to beat!

  12. donquijoterocket says:

    The baggers might be somewhat aware of the tactics and strategy of Gandhi,but they have no clue about the issues he applied those things to.

  13. Aggieland liz says:

    That would be a great name for a band…

  14. Maggie- I just bought a pair of Wendy’s shoes. (Have to admit- this Yankee ordered them before she even knew who Wendy was.) The tag says “Designed and manufactured for the sport running.” Other use invalidates the warrantee. So I hope you ladies will be running circles around the real fascists.

  15. maryelle says:

    Tea Partiers are not known for their Ghandi-like composure. Contrarily, they are the screamers and shouters of absurdities and vindictive personal insults and downright aggressive behavior. Hope some of it is caught on camera, but not at the expense of your safety. With you in spirit.

  16. Corinne Sabo says:

    First time I’ve been called that.

  17. The Tea Party following the ideas of Gandhi? Maybe they thought, Tea=India=Gandhi, so that’s got to make logical sense.

  18. I don’t think Ghandi ever thought it necessary, in a peaceful protest….to carry a concealed hand gun.

    But, the tpublicans aren’t going to let facts get in the way of all this hype.

    I’m thinking I’m glad some of these folks I know that are going to carry the banner high for women’s rights….. know some pretty good lawyers.

  19. It’s high time we started a campaign to improve history education in our public schools if the Teabaggers think we’re the fascists. The fascists want to limit women’s reproductive rights (and pretty much all their other rights) just like the Tea Party does. And that doesn’t get into the racism — something the fascists take to a high level even when you’re not including Hitler’s Germany — and there’s another obvious Tea Party connection. Fascists should not be calling progressives fascist.

  20. Please be careful. I really believe that those people live at the edge of the abyss beyond rationality.

    With you in spirit.

    The fascist nonsense is just more of the only thing they are good at — projection.

  21. shortpeople says:

    Tea Peeple are like the kids who tell campfire stories that end with “and when she woke up, there, beside her bed, was the headless body of Scruffy with a note ‘Homicidal maniacs lick hands too.'” They want to be terrified, so they must characterize the opposition as something horrid beyond belief while portraying themselves as the virtuous and heroic stalwarts standing bravely against the evil. I wish I could be there. I’d have spent last night swigging agave juice. The sight of a hungover cranky old lady with worms hanging from the corner of he mouth would probably scare the poogies out of them.

  22. Dave in Austin says:


    Think again….


  23. Sandridge says:

    Since the teabaggers might be ‘reading’ up on that last TX Senate bill SB 5 (no doubt with the same degree of comprehension they exhibit on the US Constitutions they carry around), y’all might want to look it over too.

    This link will give you a choice of several formats of the ‘old’ SB 5 (it will likely have a different HB/SB number in session 83(2) ): http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/Text.aspx?LegSess=831&Bill=SB5 .

    The whole Lege info, TLO website, is here: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/ , have it handy on your phones, laptops, etc., at Austin or home.

    Meanwhile, the clerks of the Lege have finally updated the “Actions” tab for session 83(1), SB 5 today (info has been missing for days (???)); it’s now yielding the votes and journal pages for our perusal: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/Actions.aspx?LegSess=831&Bill=SB5 .

    And the official Senate Journal transcript can be read here (pdf). The good stuff, Campbell’s third point of order motion and on, begins at around journal page 301, however the whole thing is most interesting: http://www.journals.senate.state.tx.us/sjrnl/831/pdf/83S106-25-F.PDF#page=21 .

    I would c&p a big chunk of transcript but JJ probably wouldn’t like that, so go ahead and read it.
    You can also download most of the stuff to your smartphones or tablets for reference against the ‘baggers.

  24. I’m sure the teabaggers think Hitler was pro-abortion (he was very anti-) and an atheist (he considered himself a good Catholic and the Pope agreed).

    I get very tired of right-wing opponents who have no knowledge of history, science, or their own religion. Lefties are almost invariably better informed. Best of luck to y’all, and remember that a good education is a real asset when you’re being offensive.

  25. Jenna, got me some pink Wendy shoes! They are sooo comfortable and sooo pink! I feel bad that I cannot be there in Austin on Monday. It was way hard enough to be able to get the doctor’s appointment that I have. Gosh! How I wish I had a flying Batmobile! I could be there when the doctor finally gets through with me!

  26. Sam in Kyle says:

    I assume Ghandi Style means they will be drinking their own urine like he did?

  27. The dictatorship “promises results” this time:
    Dewhurst: Texas abortion bill won’t fail again


    He has declared that the gallery will be cleared for the vote. I guess we have no transparency in this state when it comes to legislation.

  28. If the TPers show up on Monday and act in any other way than in their usual angry, sniveling, rabid, authoritarian manner, I will be very surprised. One cannot be what one is not, and besides, they’re known for their disruptive style of doing business.

  29. Shelby Morrison says:

    All the way from Florida, I wish you the best with your rally. We’re also up to our necks in alligators, as they like to say, the THE Trial of the Century after the Casey Anthony miscarriage of justice and the hanging chads.

  30. Straus: Perry Crossed Line on Davis Comments


    This ought to be interesting. If the TP shows-up and tries to disrupt the right of citizens discourse then we have a Constitutional issue.

  31. Remember to get there early, because if you have a concealed handgun permit, you don’t have to go through security-go figure!

  32. Texas Proud says:

    Hitler was a socialist. What do think NAZI means?

  33. Mary in Austin says:

    @TexasProud: “National Socialist” means fascist. Hitler was a proud fascist. So was his old friend Mussolini. The “Socialist” in that name does not mean what you think it means. Please read some history.

  34. Texas Proud, HITLER LIED!
    Ok? He WAS a fascist, pretending to be socialist.

  35. Well, the NorthTexasTeaParty site is encouraging their follower(s) to show up Tuesday in Austin.
    I love the blog encourages everyone to wear blue-such delightful irony.

  36. RepubAnon says:

    So let me understand this correctly – the Tea Party folks are going to protest fascism by supporting the efforts of the Texas government to impose burdensome government regulations on businesses located in Texas, and additional regulations that interpose a politician’s judgment in between that of a woman and her doctor.

    Funny, I always thought that using the power of government to interfere in how people live their lives was something the Tea Party folks opposed. I guess the real rule is that it’s only fascism to use the power of government to allow people to do things that the Tea Party folks feel folks shouldn’t be doing. It’s probably a meaningless coincidence that every totalitarian government felt the same way.

  37. RepubAnon, remember when during WW II the allies “bombed” certain areas with flyers and leaflets and pamphlets? Wonder if this would work with t he TP-ers in Austin only this time with dictionaries! Mark the page with the definition of fascism with a colorful tag. They won’t be able to overcome their curiosity. Comprehending what they read is up to them.

  38. maggie you might be on to something…big heavy dictionaries might just work.

  39. donquijoterocket says:

    @ Texas Proud- the Socialist label was an attempt to co-opt some real socialist sentiments then abroad in Germany. It was also political camouflage in the way the compassionate part of “compassionate conservatism”was political camouflage. His being socialist is probably why the SA and SS spent so much time hunting them down and confining them in concentration, work,and death camps that is when they weren’t too busy just beating them in the streets and killing them outright.

  40. austinhatlady says:

    I also must be content to be there in spirit. With some of my siblings sorting through the stored belongings of our recently deceased Mother. Will wear orange tomorrow in support!

  41. The SA was purged (“Night of the Long Knives”) for taking that whole “socialist” thing too seriously, and scaring off the party’s big-business backers.

  42. TexasEllen says:

    Perhaps we should say, “Thank you for helping turn Texas Blue” to the counter protesters. It might be unfair to play mind games with half-wits.

  43. Look what happened to some Tea Party armed Christian fundamentalists who showed up with their “Come to Jesus and be Born Again” signs and their holstered loaded side arms to a Gay Pride rally in Albuquerque NM.

    They had to get rescued from the noisy, rude but otherwise non-threatening crowd by the local cops. Aw…poor little intimidated religious fanatics who’ve probably been abusing and bullying LGBTs for decades.


    I’ll bet the right wing counter protestors start whining about how put upon and oppressed they are. The Sarah Palin playbook on Victimization Whining 101.