Oh Jeffrey, Take To Your Fainting Couch Because Miss Scarlett is Here To Tell You, “No Damn Wall, Child.”

April 25, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

United States Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is standing by his man.  Jeffrey says that if Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall, the United States can start investigating Mexicans’ taxes.

Oh yeah, that sounds real constitutional.

Jeffrey is following his man by echoing Trump’s promise to get the money from Mexico “one way or another,” including kneecapping your grandmother for payment if she ever ate a tamale.

Bottom line: You have to have congressional approval to build the damn wall.  You’re not gonna get it. Every elected official along the Texas border – both Democratic and Republican – are opposed to it.

It’s dumb idea. It’s always been a dumb idea. And, thanks to Jeffrey, it’s getting dumber every day.


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24 Comments to “Oh Jeffrey, Take To Your Fainting Couch Because Miss Scarlett is Here To Tell You, “No Damn Wall, Child.””

  1. Were it Hillary or Barack who perjurized themselves during a congressional hearing, the right-wingers would not have allowed the sun of that day to set before they got their hot little hands on an indictment.

    Who prosecutes the prosecutor when he’s fired them all?

    I believe Tom Perez needs to get hisownself off the campaign trail stumping for the Independent and assign himself to organizing some concerted effort toward stirring up some interest in busting the Trump Organized Crime Family.

  2. Ranger Jay says:

    This diminutive AG is a stone-cold racist pig. No wonder he was rejected by the Keebler folks at the Hollow Tree factory.

    Evidently, he hasn’t gotten over that rejection.

  3. How about That rich guy Trump pays for the wall up front, and gets Mexico to pay him back. And his Low IQ, 5 star bigot, AG. can do the collecting for him. Just an Idea.

  4. Sandridge says:

    That’s “Jefferson”, named in ‘honor’ of CSA’s Jefferson Davis, not “Jeffrey”.
    Don’t let the slimy, sordid little weasel get a picometer away from his vaunted ‘heritage’.

  5. Give this one the merit badge for ignorance and bigotry.

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    Jefferson. The one individual in that administration who may be more demented than Donnie. Albeit there are many other contenders in the demented department surrounding Donnie. Who knew totes cray cray was an asset?

  7. Hey, let’s go easy on Jefferson Beauregard today. He’s still recovering from his Confederate Memorial Day celebrations yesterday (Loser!). And you know how hard that’s gotta be after singing that drunken chorus over and over:

    Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1859

  8. Now we all know what “Government for the Idiots by the Idiots” looks like. Or is it more “Government for the Idiots by the Corrupt.”

  9. Also, too bad “Insane Clown Posse” is already taken because that is the perfect name for this yahoo administration and their followers.

  10. Sandridge says:

    It’s worse than y’all might think. Some recent polls indicate that >96% of Rescumlicans just luv their Humpty Trumpty, still, even, also, too; and others are showing some significant numbers of voters who DID NOT vote for Humpty now regret that and would vote for his sorry ass today!
    I might last around here to Nov 2018 (US, +-, as I venture further away on the deep blue), but unless there are major changes coming I’m gonna be out of here.

  11. This is way past DUMB! Back in 1970 the U.S. and Mexico signed an agreement that stated both countries would have to be in favor of anything built BETWEEN them. That one agreement could take Trump into an international court. But he doesn’t know this like he doesn’t much of any damn thing. And his Cabinet is just was brainless, including the troll from under the bridge.

  12. Pancho Sanza says:

    Derp Dwarf

  13. Eugene Robinson is the best of several columnists in today’s WashPost on why Donnie’s wall is not going to happen:


  14. Now here’s an idea, get trump to pay for the wall. Then have his billionaire friends “adopt” a section of wall and pay for the add space! Why not, just a silly as making Mexico pay for the stupid wall…

  15. I’ve read from several sources that if Orange Whore shuts down the government over his wall, the snacilbupeR will take it in the shorts. It will be all laid at their feet because they own the government. snacilbupeR cannot govern. They can only hate and wreck things and manipulate poor, low IQ, frightened and or similarly hateful people.

  16. Tilphousia says:

    Poor little bitty Jeffy. He not only wants to check into Me I am taxes which is one of his stupider ideas, but get this, he’s against forensic evidence used in trials. That’s right folks, none of this matching bite marks, or blood stuff. Wonder if he’s going to use his crystal ball. The one with the confederate battle flag under it.

  17. Tilphousia says:

    Oops. That should be Mexican taxes. Drat that spell check!

  18. Jane & PKM says:

    Cinco de Mayo May 5th! So many Donnie administration faces and so few piñatas to display all of that gallery of rogues.

  19. I don’t get the controversy here. We built the wall around Mar- a- Loco and only licensed vendors can retrieve golf balls from the water hazards. Nature has a capitalist bias.

  20. “investigating Mexican’s taxes”?

    which taxes in particular? those filed in Mexico, by Mexican citizens? or those filed in the US, by citizens of Mexican extraction? the former would be, I expect, impossible, the latter unlawful, as the Nixon administration discovered.

    Christ, talk about the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight”, these idiots keep pointing it at themselves.

  21. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was born in 1946, some 81 years after the rebels surrendered at Appomattox. Long enough to have absolutely no connection to the so-called Great Cause. He may be the current Attorney General, but he is as well a racist and Depraved Leprechaun.

  22. Nancy Pelosi pointed out that since the Repubs control the House, Senate and Presidency, then it is their responsibility to fund the wall if they want it.

    She’s right, but should have gone further. It is also their responsibility to fully fund the ACA as long as it is the law of the land.

    If they don’t want to fund it, they are in a position to change the law. Yeah. That’ll happen.

    Who would’ve thought that massive incompetence in government would have an upside.

  23. Poor Jefferson Beauregard Sessions! His work sure does pile up! He’s trying to get rid of sanctuary cities by threatening them only to have them fight back using the ruling of Antonin Scalia from back in the ’90s. Scalia read the Constitution to mean thou (the federal government) shall not coerce state and local governments! Poor baby! There is now not just a solid monkey wrench in his machinations but a hammer as well. Since he did not know that the SCOTUS had already spoken on this subject and also did not know that the Affordable Health Care Act is law and it may be illegal to do what he is trying to do to it, why the hell is he Attorney General? And to that the 1970 agreement between this country and Mexico about first agreeing to a planned build before it is built or even planned. What a marooon!

  24. Hmmm

    Thanks Eric Burdon, for Spill the Wine

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, “overfed … leaping gnome”