Oh, How Times Have Changed

September 26, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Tweeto Jesus and his squawking heads made Hillary’s use of a private email server a central issue in last year’s election.  Every single rally included chants of, “Lock her up!” for her email “scandal”.  Oh, how times have changed.  At least six current and former WH staffers have been caught using private email accounts for official business, and, in fact, Jared Kushner and Ivanka have actually set up their own server, dubbed Javanka, exactly like Hillary and Bill did, with the exception that the Clinton server was actually set up by the Secret Service.

Conservative media and Trump himself immediately reacted to the news of the innappropriate use of these accounts with the following response:

Hypocrisy! Table for one!

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13 Comments to “Oh, How Times Have Changed”

  1. Repugnants bring a whole new meaning to hypocrisy. Such arrogance, or is it stupidity.

  2. Parents always say: Do as I say, don’t do as I do.

  3. Frankly, I don’t personally know the quality of the geeks that Secret Service recruits and hires, but I do know one or two which other agencies, ones with a huge stake in the server wars hired. Genius savants they are in any crowd. And in particular no such agency uses the otherwise security porous as Swiss cheese Micro$oft Windows on its public facing servers, seemingly daring the 2600 Cap’n Crunch crowd to spend some of their hobby time poking these servers. If I was hiding in plain sight I’d get one of those guys to set up my servers and my firewalls and etc etc.

  4. Nevada, land of showrooms, arenas and banquet halls could not provide enough seating for snacilbupeR hypocrisy under the Dolt45 maladministration.

  5. Ray in Jerrytown says:

    Ok, this retired geek enjoys a good Trump bashing as much as most folks but a private/personal email ADDRESS is not the same as a private email SERVER.

  6. Always knew this. Government servers, such as at State, were worthless during Hillary’s tenure. They leaked like you know what. Her predecessors in that job also knew it. I stand by my contention that Trey Gowdy was in a past life a Witchsmeller Persuivant and enjoyed torturing women he accused. Especially if they were not of his political bent. He was determined to resurrect the Age of the Inquisition all by his own meager sin struck self.

  7. What did we expect from traitor trump and the sycophants? He has no acquantence with truth and neither do his family or servants (trump has no friends). And he is picnicing on fellow rethugs as well. Their pathetic attempt to bribe Senators to vote for them fell flat on its ass. Now there’s the added problem of the private servers. Traitor trump has tried without success to hide all his wrong doing. The more he sweeps under the rug, the more pops out the other side. Trump becomes more pathetic each day. His ignorance and arrogance are intolerable. And his hypocrisy is legion. As my Daddy would say “throw the bastards out”.

  8. JAKvirginia says:

    Isn’t this the 11th Commandment: IOKIYAR?

  9. Annabelle Lee says:

    Please also point out that this WAS NOT ILLEGAL when Mrs Clinton did it. Ill-advised, but legal.

    It is, however, illegal NOW. So, you know.

  10. The sound is a cricket, but the photo is a grasshopper.

  11. Grasshoppers got even less to say than crickets, or Rinos.

  12. Sec. Clinton’s predecessor, Colin Powell, used a private server too. What about Condi Rice? Does anyone know? Or Sec. Albright?

  13. JAKvirginia:
    I think you’re right, but when Mel Brooks dropped and broke the tablet with commandments 11 thru 15 on Mt. Sinai, it became impossible to verify the order of the last 5. I’d sincerely like to share the content of the other 4, but I can’t bring myself to do the requisite prayin to figger ’em out.