Oh Goodie! They’re Hair Pullin’

May 28, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


The Republican Party of Texas is fighting among themselves —- again.

“I think they’ve moved from taking a leak on each other’s boots to hair pullin’ and wedgie makin’,” Juanita suspects.

“It started when a constant candidate for Party Chairman, Tom Melcher, accused the current chair, Cathie Adams, of playing hanky with the party’s money.  Money is very important to Republicans and Lord knows they’re experts at creative bookkeeping so you can hardly blame them for pointing fingers,” Juanita admits.

Sarah and Cathie

Cathie is a big buddy of Sarah Palin, but Tom Melcher was born in Wasilla, which kinda lets you know that neither one is exactly open minded and thinking kind thoughts about the President of the United States.

“Anyway,” Juanita continues while packing for a long weekend in Gulfport before there is not Gulfport, “Tom says that Cathie isn’t being honest.”

The Quorum Report has a front row seat.

This afternoon, Republican Party of Texas chairman candidate Tom Mechler issued a scathing press release accusing interim Chair Cathie Adams of diverting dollars raised for the state convention next month to pay down the Party debt.

Mechler said: “It appeared that Adams has been misrepresenting the Party’s cash on hand by treating money raised for the convention as though it were operating money. Of the $230,000 the Party has raised for the convention, only $110,000 has been paid out; the rest is already obligated, but Adams’ is acting like it isn’t. Furthermore, the convention is expected to cost nearly $600,000, and Adams has raised only $230,000.

“Cathy ain’t taking that crapola off nobody, especially some backwater hillbilly from Alaska … er, except for Sarah Palin,” Juanita laughs.  “So, Cathie, in a less than proper Republican ladylike manner called Tom a name or two.”

“Everything in that release is a lie. Mechler does not have the access to the books to be able to make those claims. It’s Russ Duerstine (an SREC member) who is running his campaign and feeding him this information.”

“Well, damn, where did Russ come from?”  Juanita wonders.

Russ Duerstine is a nincompoop from San Angelo, who thinks that Barack Obama is just this side of Beelzebub.  He wrote in the newspaper —-

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Is there any question that much of our current political angst stems from resisting President Obama’s agenda of destroying the foundation of traditional American values and principles and replacing them with his leftist vision?

“So, we’ve got Cathie who loves Sarah, Tom who loves God and Guns but absolutely not Gays, and Russ who loves nobody, especially open government,” Juanita sums it up.

“So, we have all the branches of the GOP represented:  the mean, the dumb and the crazy,” Juanita says.  “All we need is one of those guys in a tin foil hat and we’ll be set!”

“I can get you one!” Thelma offers.  “It’s Texas, Hon, find a car with a Republican bumper sticker and odds are two to one that there’s a tin foil hat inside.”

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