Off the Rails – Obama Leading “Satanic Sedition”

February 08, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Steeple People

Rick Wiles, one of those RWNJ radio hosts, recently said that President Obama is orchestrating, and George Soros is funding, the nationwide protests that have been occurring since Dat Guy was inaugurated as the 45th, uh…urp, president of the US.  Wiles is one of those Alex Jones style super-delux-off-the-rails-nuts conspiracy theorists that have really gained traction with the nice super-Christian-white-hooded crowd.  In his ranting, Wiles said

“My gut feeling says Barack Obama is on the phone day and night and he is directing the protests, he is organizing, he is giving clear instructions to the people what to do and how to carry it out.”

and that,

“You wanna get God worked up? You know what sedition reminds Him of?” Wiles asked. “Lucifer. It all goes back to Lucifer because what Lucifer did in heaven was commit sedition … So all acts of sedition are inspired by Lucifer.”

I’m super confused.  Obama is leading sedition with Lucifer’s help?  I thought he has been kite surfing with Richard Branson:

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18 Comments to “Off the Rails – Obama Leading “Satanic Sedition””

  1. Linda Phipps says:

    Got up early this morning, turned on the TeeVee, which was still tuned to the local PBS station. What’s on? A very interesting program about the DWGriffith film. “Birth Of A Nation”. (after he changed the name from “The Klansman) I feel we are headed that way again, a feeling reinforced on the local early news with a discussion of bullying. So, I get up, and within a half hour, I am exhausted.

  2. As a friend commented…Trump aint stoopid…he is doing silly stoopid stuff up front to divert the attention of the ‘merican sheeple from the really nasty fascist stuff his Kakistocracy is really doing!

  3. Tilphousia says:

    The RWNJs need to stay on their meds. Really. And increase the dose. Guess cognitive thinking is against the laws of their god too. Don’t much like their idea of God as an old geezer in a nightshirt (hooded) pointing a gnarled finger and saying ‘Gotcha!” Some theory have a bit of credence but most are out near Pluto. There is a demented psychopath in the White House ruled by a worse demented psychopath and the super religious (gag) call my wonderful Obama Lucifer! Those so-called preachers do immederable damage. Say, why not enforce the Johnson Law. You know, the LAW that forbids preaching politics from a pulpit. Thanks Lyndon, you got that one right.

  4. TrulyTexan says:

    Well now everyone knows that kite surfing is a gateway activity to Satanism. Won’t somebody please think of the children! We will need them later for the sacrifices.

  5. WA Skeptic says:

    Someone rebaptise that fool and hold his head under until he repents.

  6. I still love Barack Obama.

    Tilphousia, the right-wing churches have been ignoring that law for a long time, and the party of Greed Over People is delighted to have them doing it. Like the electoral college (which has dissolved into a form of national gerrymandering), that ain’t gonna change any time soon. The electoral college is how the Greed Over People party wins, and preaching from the pulpit helps. (If progressives try to stop it, the GOP will go back to “Congress shall make no law,” so it’s probably not worth the effort…)

  7. Sandridge says:

    Over the last forty years some kind of biological agent has done irreparable brain damage to about 100 Million ‘Muricans (hell, we all know what that brain-wasting vector is, RWR, FuxNooz, and hordes of despicable pulpitpricks).

    Prepare for war, good friends.

    A chore I’ve put on my list for this week (and next, heheh) is organizing and cleaning up my arms and munitions, renewing my stocks of certain…errr…raw materials, topping up fuel, etc. Dayum, I’m getting like those crazee ‘preppers’ now.
    Thanks a crapload, Donnei.

  8. Just look at Obama actually enjoying life after eight years of 24/7 public service. Wow! I smell jealousy from the right wing all the way to my house! And thats all it is. they couldn’t undercut the man’s popularity so now they take aim at his private life. Hey RWNJ’s!. What goes around comes around and that is a damn law of physics!

  9. JAKvirginia says:

    Sandridge: I’m thinking it was cheap beer.

  10. IF ONLY! I am hopeful that the former Prez does exacly that, and soon. Until then, the rightwing nutjobs will obsess over Satan ad infinitum and drive their blood pressure sky high, perhaps leading to strokes and heart attacks. Meantime, a very real Spawn of Satan occupies the White House along with his evil minions, wreaking havoc in America.
    We need a first-rate exorcist to banish them from existence.

  11. Larry from Colorado says:

    snacilbupeR are in search of someone with a brain. Anyone have a suggestion?

  12. Zachary Mann says:

    The Twitler is spinning up fear faster than Carter can build houses. He has yet to tell the truth about ANYTHING yet his most rabid followers blindly step to the beat of hate, fear , and xenophobia. The truth is, these people’s lives are as empty as their heads and they actually WANT a world war. If ever there was am argument for the antichrist being REAL, paint him ORANGE.

  13. If the snacilbupeR are in search of someone with a brain it would only be so they can consume it, zombie style.

  14. They have to believe that, because they can’t understand that we think on our own. Look at Trump – he didn’t even know he had put Bannon on the committee until someone told him.

  15. I’m sorry, is this the same Obama who Republicans called “ineffective” “feckless” etc etc for the last 8 years?

    Now, he’s on the phone day & night organizing, giving clear instructions?

    Must be “Make Your Own Obama” day again at the Conservative Asylum For The Walking Deranged. (the only type of asylum for which Republicans approve)

  16. Nucking futzing. Completely. Top to bottom. End to end.

    Obviously Barack is having a wonderful time. I’m sure Michelle and the girls are too. Good for them!!!

  17. Your Princess says:

    Hello, Howdy Doody, and Ain’t We Go Dome Trouble In River City!!

    Trying to be cute on my first post. I’m a lurker of several years from your work here and the other sites. I live in the BVI and just had to weigh-in on this one because we are so proud that the leader of the free world chose our humble little island as his first holiday destination after a fab 8 years governing and improving America. 🙂 He and the fab FLOTUS are lovely people and very down to earth … Our is small and they are enjoying all the best nature has to offer; beaches, sailing, kite boarding, tennis lessons

  18. Your Princess says:

    and much more.

    The crazies will always rally around this beautiful black man and his family because they have been trained to hate people of color. It is a pathology, it is a disease, and only through education can we eradicate this illness.

    On another note, we are loving his beautiful smile that is filled with pure joy (if you notice). As a resident of the BVI I can tell you, we smile like this because we live in paradise.

    Thank you again for your wonderful work and keep posting, because it keeps me laughing from crying. Fascism is real and I’m scared.