No One Deserved It More

February 28, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Chris Christie is a nincompoop.  He’s Donald Trump is a cheap suit.

So, it was with a round of applause that I saw Tump send Christie scampering in drenched humiliation after he got used.


“Go home.  Get on a plane and go home.  It’s over there.”

Voters will be told the same thing the day after the election.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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16 Comments to “No One Deserved It More”

  1. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Donnie still has PTSD from the $carah endorsement, when she grabbed the mic for some serious endless babble on salad. He wasn’t about to allow the Outlaw Jersey Whale swallow the mic.

  2. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Oh …. and your cab fare is on the dresser …

  3. And don’t call me. I’ll call you (not).

  4. Somebody else who’s been used and thrown away like a Kleenex.

  5. stevethereturned says:

    Check out today’s article in the Daily Beast about what a high-dollar prima donna Christie was with the Romney campaign—private planes, limos, entourages, classy food(!), 5-star hotels, the works. I hope he’s an equal drain on Trump.

  6. screecherguy says:

    Boy, Krispy Kream really bent over backwards for Trump (or was it forwards?).

  7. I heard Trump say that to Christie on a news clip. In fact, it almost looked like he pushed Christie away from the mic. Very revealing little scene there.

  8. They both belong to the NJ mob.

  9. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I don’t want this election campaign to ever end. It is just too much fun!

  10. That Other Jean says:

    Poor Chris Christie. All he has left to do is to go home and govern New Jersey, and nobody likes him there, either.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    I think on the day after electiion day 2016 (Nov. 9), this comment can be revived:

    “Our long national nightmare is over.”

  12. PKM, oh, that really hurts. I believe Ted just recieved a swift kick in the balls when Jeff Sessions endorsed tRump. that hurts too.

  13. I suspect that if Trump were to win (unlikely and unthinkable) this is about how he would treat the GOP.

    Hey, GOP. Are you at all sorry that you’ve taught your base to blindly hate government?

  14. Christie. He’s deteriorated into being Trump’s whore.

  15. Tilphousia says:

    What goes around comes back around and oh boy, those claws and fangs! When they bang into the butt! Anyway, the rethuglicans have always enjoyed dining on one another but no one could ever consider tRump or Christie prime anything.

  16. Zyxomma says:

    Christie’s lost six points from his already low approval rating, and NJ voters are calling on him to resign. Pardon my schadenfreude.