No. No, He’s Not.

December 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Republican congressvarmint Steve King has it all figured out.  He saw what Steve Scalise did but King has an explanation.

The congressman suggested Scalise was following the example of Jesus by appearing at the racist event.

“Jesus dined with tax collectors and sinners,” King explained. “It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, it’s the sick. Given that piece of Scripture, and understanding that Scalise probably wasn’t staffed thoroughly, I could understand how something like this happened. But I know his heart, I’ve painted houses with him post-Katrina, and I know he is a good man.”

Yep.  Just like Jesus.

Y’all, he’s serious.  He thinks a white guy who voted against making MLK’s birthday a state holiday was trying to lead the sinners to racial harmony.  You know, just exactly like Jesus.

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24 Comments to “No. No, He’s Not.”

  1. You know his heart. Yeah, Dubya looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul — something that no one else has ever seen.

    I wish Jesus were here to listen to all these people talk about how they’re acting like he did. I just want to see his reaction. (I’m getting another of those “moneylenders in the temple” visions. Dang, they’re coming faster all the time.)

  2. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Muahahaha … Steve King as character witness for Scalise. Orange Bunnie said some kind words about him, too.

    Any bets on Rep. Pelosi having the final word?

    “Whip Scalise’s involvement with a group classified by the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group is deeply troubling for a top Republican leader in the House.

    “However, actions speak louder than whatever Steve Scalise said to that group in 2002. Just this year, House Republicans have refused to restore the Voting Rights Act or pass comprehensive immigration reform, and leading Republican members are now actively supporting in the federal courts efforts by another known extremist group, the American Center for Law and Justice, which is seeking to overturn the President’s immigration executive actions.

    “Speaker Boehner’s silence on this matter is yet another example of his consistent failure to stand up to the most extreme elements of his party.”

  3. They’re hangin’ themselves, but are the American voters taking note?

  4. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Sure, he just went there to save souls. And when he goes to Hades he will give the same story.

  5. I don’t know about you, but this time I’m rootin’ for David Duke to tell us what he knows!

  6. Fred Farklestone says:

    Steve King is a flag waving, patriot’s patriot!

  7. Steve King is a flag waving patriot’s patooty.

    There, fixed it for you.

  8. I believe that when Jesus dined with sinners, he criticized them. I very much doubt that Jesus told the sinners: “I agree with your positions…”

  9. “Steve Scalise = Jesus”
    I think I just threw up in mouth a little. Again.

  10. Wow! That just shows how deeply the GOP is in the ditch on this one. They’re wrapping it in the flag with a bow on top that looks just like Jesus.

  11. If Scalise was using the speech as a teaching opportunity then that should have been reflected in the content of his speech. Since he wasn’t booed, tarred and feathered I expect he said nothing to offend his racist audience.

  12. Scalise may not be as extreme as Duke (who is?), but like most Republicans, he is a whore for votes, and he will nod his head in approval and laugh at their jokes, and of course, he will deny that he knew what they were about.
    King? There are no good words to describe him. He makes as much sense as Louie Gohmert.

  13. AlanInAustin says:

    So I suppose if Scalise is caught with gamblers, hookers, and boy prostitutes that we can all assume he’s “ministering” to them?

  14. When Steve King starts to explain something you’d best plug up your ears because you’re about to hear something insane or stupid or ridiculous.

  15. Uh-uh. Just nope.

  16. Look out for a charge from the GOP that Harry Truman once had truck with them Klans whatever. Actually since Harry had a temper he told them where to go. And in spades. That may have been why his haberdashery business failed.

    And as for a GOP audience even understanding word one, here’s a good example. They actually had Stephen Colbert speak at one of their black tie functions with the misunderstanding that he is one of them. He is a satirist and really laid it on them. They were damn confused. The story in the Washington Post truly revealed the length, breadth and depth of their collective brain pans. Can’t wait for their reaction to Colbert as he takes over the David Letterman show in the spring!

  17. I thought he was taking over the Tonight Show on NBC. Understanding Louisiana politics is difficult enough. My wife has described it as at least two distinct states in one if not three. I imagine you gotta be pretty darn duplicitous to garner the votes in that environment.

  18. so can’t the same be said about POTUS Obama?
    Having to mix with the socialists and the Kenyans to show them freedom and the American Way

  19. Diane, I suspect it’s difficult for Obama to find a whole lot of socialists and Kenyans to mix with, especially in the Capitol. Sadly, racists are in more plentiful supply.

  20. Racism is rampant on the Hill. Southern White Rs have a derth of non-white staffers. It is the rare office that has a staffer of color unless s/he has just returned from the tanning bed.

  21. chloe bear, right you are. Have often wondered about this myself. I know of a few House offices who have employed Asian and Indian staffers. There is even at least one House office with a Native America on staff. Otherwise, it all looks like a garden of lilies.

  22. Linda Phipps says:

    Diane, I surely hope you are joking, if not we might have to come the take you off to the FEMA camp.

  23. Mary in San Antonio says:

    In the comments on one of the stories about this congresscritter on the Washington Post, someone posted a link to a story on one of the New Orleans newspapers website. This story says that Scalise’s neighbor, Kenny Knight, who worked for David Duke, is now saying that Scalise didn’t speak to the EURO group, but to a tax advisory committee before the main event. Uh huh. If you say so. Then why did Scalise, his spokesperson, and the EURO group itself ALL say he spoke to the group. I guess they just forgot and only Kenny is right. Uh huh.