No, He Just Wishes He Was

July 31, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


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14 Comments to “No, He Just Wishes He Was”

  1. John Oliver reporting on Scaramucci’s recent on-the-record remarks, with emphasis on his description of Steve Bannon, ending with a montage of newscasters trying (mostly) not to say what he said, and Bob Schieffer laughing immoderately:

    Mama, do not under any circumstances click on that. You will clutch your pearls so hard the string will break.

  2. I’m not certain what kind of person can alienate their 8+ months pregnant wife to such an extent that she files for divorce less than a week from giving birth but I’m thinking it’s not a good one. This speaks to Kelly’s empowerment, Trump had no problems with what the appropriately named Mooch said. No word yet on whether Mooch’s former corporate masters will take him back or whether he’ll have to write a tell all in order to get on Fox. As my Grandmother always said, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. Chloe Bear says:

    Seems kind of prescient to me! Don’t know about historians, but comedians have enough material already to keep them happy for years.

  4. This was the laugh I needed all day!

  5. Deb, I read that she gave birth on a Monday and he texted her (yes, texted) “Congratulations”. There were issues with the baby, who had to be in an intensive-care baby area. The Mooch stayed with his orange idol, finally getting around to visit the baby that Friday, 4 days later. I would say his wife did the right thing in filing.

  6. Darned straight Cheryl, Grandmother’s advice stands for Mrs Mooch as well as for America!

  7. Bwahahahahahahaha! Gawd the massive incompetence of everyone who gets too near Orange Whore. It’s like a horrid, highly contagious, putrifying infection.

  8. Tilphousia says:

    LOL At least one piece of garbage from the traitor trump putrefaction pile has been removed. And provided a light moment. Now onward and upward! Drain that cesspool!

  9. The media’s reaction to Mooch’s disappearing act was brutal:
    Peter Baker on Twitter: “Turns out neither Cain nor Abel made it…”
    Jennifer Palmieri on the 10pm edition of “The Lead:” “I thought he was a more sincere representation of Donald Trump than Sean Spicer was…”
    Rachel Maddow on Twitter: “Finally, Mike Flynn has someone to trash talk about his longevity…”

  10. Lunargent says:

    Well, from a career standpoint, I’d say the report was accurate.

    Oh, dear. However will he qualify for that tax break now?

  11. The real deep down giggle for me was when I learned that Kelly kicked his ass out before lunch! Imagine! Office-less and hungry! Couldn’t happen to a more useless wad of DNA!

  12. Scaramucci has done the Fandango

  13. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:


  14. maryelle says:

    Trump is Chaos Patient Zero and does infect anyone who works in his White House. He should be quarantined and treated with powerful psychotropic drugs.