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November 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Hellfire, the sun wasn’t even up good and all Louie broke loose.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) went on a rant against his party leaders for “not leading” when it comes to cutting government spending, and warned that if they don’t prevail in extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone, including the wealthy, then rich people will leave the country.

To start with, I’d like to point out that rich people ain’t paying their fair share of taxes, always have their hand out for corporate welfare, and already have most of their money out of the country so, all in all,  we’d probably be better off without them.

But the downside is that Gohmert will be staying.

From the Lone Star state to Capitol Hill, a list of the richest and poorest members of Congress from Texas has been released. Topping the charts as the “poorest” Texan in Congress is East Texas Representative Louie Gohmert.

Congressman Gohmert has a negative net worth of $150,000.

So here’s a grown man, making $174,000 a year, and who is $150,000 in the hole, telling me that he’s some kind of financial wizard who can solve the country’s problems.

So, if Louie could amend that to “rich people and crazy Republicans,” I’d vote for it.

Thanks to Texas Ellen for the heads up.

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23 Comments to “New and Improved Daily Louie”

  1. Aggieland liz says:

    Campaign loans? A nice big McMansion for Mrs Louie comensurate w his self importance? Geez Louise Louie,put the checkbook down and slowly back away!

  2. You make this stuff up……… Right?????

    Nah! Nobody could make this stuff up.

    Is nobody throwing millions at Louie, as campaign contributions, to keep him in Congress???

    Guess not.

    Is he one of them new white guys in charge of something?

    Lawd, please…….. no….

  3. Fortunately, Louie is NOT one of the grumpy old white guys chairing committees in the House.

  4. And Screwie Louie was overwhelmingly re-elected again from his Congressional District with something around 70% of the vote. No wonder people across the US are rooting for Texas to secede. Our Congressional delegation is chock full of nuts.

  5. Will someone who knows the “real Louie” reveal whether he is really that looney or is he a charlatan, pandering to the, idiot fringe who buy that hokum.

  6. This really should not come as a surprise – I wonder how many others in US House share this inability to manage personal finances – remember the GREAT US HOUSE CHECK-KITING SCANDAL? I have not been in Tyler in many long years, but it used to be a nice place and relatively SANE~

  7. First off, if rich U.S. citizens leave the country, they still have to pay U.S. taxes unless they relinquish their citizenship. Does Louie really think the Koch brothers will give us their U.S. citizenship just to pay less taxes? Especially since there is an expatriation tax when they do relinquish citizenship.

    But hey, let the rich folk leave and pay the expatriation tax and give the country a quick influx of capital. Even after relinshing citizenship, they’d still have to pay tax on any income earned in the U.S.

  8. Lorraine in Spring says:

    $150K in debt on a $174K salary? Well, it is nice to know I am smarter than at least 1 US Congressman. Even if it is Crazzzy Louie.

  9. Where exactly does Louie expect them to go? Will they please take Louie with them?

  10. I think we should forgive some of that expatriation tax if they take Louie or Bill-O or Glenn Beck or anyone from that crowd with them. And I don’t really care where they go as long as they stay away.

  11. Sorry for the double comment but it looks like you will have to skip past the Daily Louie and go directly to the hourly Louie–

  12. Sam in Kyle says:

    He certainly didn’t go broke by indulging in higher (or lower) education.

  13. Bud Malone says:

    Hello Juanita. Louie ” ‘aint fooling anyone” or a song to that effect.

  14. Karla Furr says:

    Part of the reason I moved away from Rusk County after more than 40 years,was I had to get away from Louie Gohmert’s district or die trying.Where I am now,I have one of the Stealth Rightwingers for a US Rep,one who mostly stays quiet…and my county went for Obama!I think the people of Rusk County would vote for a turd if someone would engrave an “R” on it.

  15. Juanita Jean says:

    We’ve been missing you, Bud. Welcome home!

  16. Terry Smith says:

    I am not a Texan so maybe I don’t understand, but how did they manage to create a congressional district that would re-elect this guy?

  17. About Louie’s necktie in his portrait photo. Did he actually tie it himself or is it a clip-on?

  18. Terry: Gerrymandering. Under Bush, Texas was gerrymandered nigh to extinction, but we Dems know how to hide in the cracks and bite ankles until we can work up to the good stuff.

  19. I didn’t have a good day today, but all of you and JJ make me feel better, along with Chris Matthews, who also laughed at Louie today. Feeling better already.

  20. Don’t blame rural East Texas for Gohmert. It was redistricted to get rid of a Democrat, Max Sandlin.

    See the Wikipedia page on the 1st District, which says it better than I can. “For most of its history, the district was based in Texarkana. However, in a controversial 2003 redistricting orchestrated by then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Texarkana was drawn out of the district and moved to the neighboring Fourth congressional district. Lufkin, Tyler and Longview were added in its place.
    The district was predominantly rural for much of its history, and thus was far friendlier to electing Democrats to Congress even as most of Texas swung toward the Republicans. The district’s four-term Democratic incumbent, Max Sandlin, was a particularly severe critic of the DeLay-led redistricting effort, claiming that lumping rural areas with urban ones stifled the voice of rural voters. Indeed, the 2003 redistricting made the district more urban and Republican, especially with the addition of the Republican strongholds of Tyler and Longview. Sandlin was heavily defeated in November 2004 by Republican Louie Gohmert, a longtime judge in the Tyler area. Gohmert is the first Republican to represent the district since Reconstruction.”
    I wish Republicans would offer an alternative to Gohmert, because around here Democrats don’t stand a chance. (It used to be just the opposite when we moved here in the mid ’70s.) But Gohmert was a deacon at the Tyler Green Acres Baptish megachurch, which just about guarantees in win in the primary, so no one runs against him. Voila! Perpetual paranoia. And now we have Cruz for a Senator…

  21. Juanita Jean says:

    Kitti – As I’ve often pointed out, East Texas is home to some of the greatest liberals that Texas has ever produced – Archer Fullingim, Bill Moyers, Ralph Yarborough, Wright Pattman, Charlie Wilson, just to name a few.

    I remember East Texas when being a religious person meant you cared about other people. The neo-Baptists changed all that.

    Tom DeLay’s redistricting effort had one goal: to get rid of every white Democrat in Texas’s delegation. DeLay’s goal was to make the Democratic Party the party of only minorities. It worked for ten years. Tom DeLay is going to hell.

  22. VintageMomma says:

    Gouie Gohmert has a negative net worth WAAAAAAAAAAY more than any amount of money. Does “negative net worth” mean that a person is less than worthless?

  23. lightning says:

    Yeah. Right. All those Rich Folks are gonna pack up and leave. For where? Most places with a lower tax rate, you have to pay for a small private army. Taxes are cheaper.