Move Over Louie Gohmert, Sid Miller Is Taking The Spotlight

December 09, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, is all about Facebook.  Okay, maybe not all. And I say that because he makes a fool of himself in person, too.

sidmillerSid’s latest tongue tangle is with The Texas Tribune over a story they did researching all the false information and fake news on Sid’s Facebook page.  The problem Sid was facing is that Tribune documented it all with real screen shots.

But Sid has a response anyway!  He phoned a call-in radio show in Austin and explained why their was so much false and made-up information on his Facebook site.

“I’m not a news organization,” Miller told reporter Nathan Bernier. “Y’all are holding me to the same standards as you would a news organization, and it’s just Facebook.”

On his Facebook page, according to the Tribune article, Miller has warned that terrorists are preparing “for their jihad against the state and our nation” in a compound outside Houston. Another post claimed President Obama had held up a T-shirt printed with a likeness of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara during a trip to Cuba.

He said much of what he posted on Facebook was “satire, or comedy” and that his Facebook page wasn’t a reliable source for “factual news.”

“I shouldn’t be held to that standard,” he said. “It’s like Fox News: I report, you decide if it’s true or not.”

I’m sure that Fox News is thrilled to hear that Sid changed their motto.

Sid Miller: More Unreliable Than Fox News.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “Move Over Louie Gohmert, Sid Miller Is Taking The Spotlight”

  1. Please. Ya’ll keep him Texas. We have enough trouble in New Mexico

  2. Sid states…“It’s like Fox News: I report, you decide if it’s true or not.”

    OK, I have decided, “everything you say, whether is it made as a public official or a private citizen is a lie, regardless of the consequences”.

    Maybe he should consider a new Facebook account with the name….Screwed in counterclockwise.

  3. bud malone says:

    Sid, being a truth scofflaw, should review his bible.

  4. We can’t expect to hold Sid to the standards of a news organization. He’s already proved to us we can’t expect to hold him to the standards of Texas Agriculture Commissioner. Which he even gets paid to do.

  5. Linda Phipps says:

    The Jesus shot didn’t work.

  6. Ralph Wiggam says:

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”

    At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  7. JAKvirginia says:

    Sid Miller on Facebook. “THE Place for Bullshit.” New tagline/slogan.

    Ralph? Is that from their Bible? Maybe you should redline that and send them a copy. /snark.

  8. I propose that Sid Miller be awarded the Louie Gohmert Prize for the dumbest statement from someone who is not Louie Gohmert. And to be fair, for the next time Louie opens his yap he will be eligible for The Sid Miller Prize to be awarded for the dumbest statement from someone who is not Sid Miller.

    With luck they will be too busy accepting their prizes to do any more harm.

  9. Sigh. Part of my grad work was with alcoholics. Lordy! Could they come up with defensive crap! Sid sounds just like them!

  10. Steve The Returned says:

    I think Sid is a prime candidate for Trump’s cabinet. Immediately. Like, this afternoon. ASAP.

  11. Larry from Colorado says:

    “It’s just Facebook” got a pizza restaurant in D.C. shot up. “It’s just Facebook” got 13 people killed while attending a Bible study, because Rouf read that 100 white women are raped by blacks every day. Sid Miller is in a tight race with Louie to be the dumbest man in America.

  12. Well, he did nail one thing; he’s pretty much up to Fox standards. He could probably land a commentator gig there, except that when they tried to put him on camera, the damn hat wouldn’t fit into the frame.

  13. Every time I see a post with a photo of that damn idiot, I think to myself, “Oh good grief. What stoopid ass crapola is he up to now?” And I groan, because it’s always stoopider than the time before. He goes to stoopider when I can’t imagine there is any stoopider left.

  14. Debbo, my current scientific hypothesis, well supported by the data, is: Republicans have no asymptote of awfulness. (Goes down with no sign of leveling off from Nixon to Reagan to Bush the Lesser to flop-topped flimflammer.) The corollary, as evidenced by Louie and Sid, is that there is also no ceiling on stupidity.

  15. Republican’s favorite hobby: Saying, “I’m not a . . . but . . . .” while doing whatever it is they claim they’re not qualified to do.

    Like “I’m not a scientist but . . . .” while gutting any program that has to do with science.

    “I’m not a teacher but . . . .” while pulling all funding to schools AND making fun of science AND using terrible grammar to do it.

    And now, “I’m not a news organization [because he doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘journalist] but Obama did something terrible. As to proof? I don’t need no stinkin’ proof! I’m not a news organization.”

    The circular logic – it burns.