Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sells Out – One Singer Says No

December 30, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

The Church of Latter Day Saints announced last week that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will sing at the, uh…urp, inauguration of Cheeto Jesus.  The announcement touched off a huge debate amongst the faithful, and 19,000 have signed a petition demanding the church rescind its decision.  One singer, though, Jan Chamberlin, has gone further and is standing her moral ground and publicly resigned from the choir saying that if she stayed a member after the appearance in DC by the choir.  In a letter she posted on Facebook, she said if she stayed, she “could never look at herself in the mirror again”, and that she “wouldn’t throw roses to Hitler, and could never sing to him.”

Good for her.

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16 Comments to “Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sells Out – One Singer Says No”

  1. Sam in San Antonio says:

    I grew up in Utah and Colorado and found that while most Mormons are wonderful people, those running the church/corporation are corrupt and devious with the only goal of keeping power in Utah and forcing their beliefs on others. It’s not surprising that a state that has an official state gun would support the GOP.

  2. Wow! A Mormon woman who is feisty and independent of mind, heart and soul! She should get a medal!

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Not that they need it, but the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have our full support for exercising their rights to be where they want to be.

    We have bigger concerns for the young lady faced with a major choice at a young age. She puts the exclamation point on the sorry hot mess of this election. It should be an honor for her to sing. It should. Should a, could a, would a … and pretty much at a loss on this. We’ve tried the hypothetical filter of “what if Jackie was our daughter” to sift through this dilemma. Whichever her choice (and we hope it is her choice) please support her, America.

  4. You go girl!

  5. You can bet that there’s plenty of Do, Re, Mi changing hands between the Trump Circus and the entertainment management.
    Not so much the performers. They’re pawns being forced to sing for their suppers. Given Jackie Evancho’s family dynamic (trans sister trying to get the right to use the women’s bathroom) no way should they be connected to the ultra right inauguration shame show.

  6. It’s over 21,000 signatures now and growing. Amazing that only one woman is taking a stand. She is to be admired.

  7. Marcia in CO says:

    Is Jackie Evancho even connected to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? I don’t think so …

  8. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @maggie#2- I suspect this woman will get her comeuppance, from her husband, and from the “president” of the stake she belongs to. Then she’ll probably hear also from the “bishop” who has power over her “stake”. I find it helps to remember a long-time friend of mine calls that organization the “moanin rod and tackle choir.

  9. Jackie Evancho has been booked as a solo singer to perform.
    She is not a member of the Mormon Tabernacle choir.

  10. Linda Phipps says:

    Jackie won a talent contest (don’t remember which, the “voice?” and this might be her road to stardom. Hopefully she can shake the onus of performing for the hellbeast.

  11. Utah Mormons (majority, not all) voted for him. They own it. Let their brands be ever associated. Wonderful choir, tarnished image. Good for this lady. It can’t have been an easy decision. I hope she has family and friends that support her.

  12. Jackie started singing publicly when she was very young. Her voice is simply astonishing, with a level of maturity and quality one would never expect. I think her family is quite religious because she’s been singing a lot of church music.

    I’ve heard that a minority of the 100 members of the Rockettes have agreed to perform. None of the full-time union Rockettes are performing, but the vulnerable, non union part timers are. Management has given all the Rockettes permission to make their choice, but the part timers are worried it will cost them so nearly all that group will be there.

  13. elise from CA says:

    More along the lines of an installation than inauguration, methinks.


  14. Elsie – or coronation. 🙁

  15. Q: What’s brown, has 400 mouths, wears funny underwear, has seeds, and sings?

    A: The Morman Pumpernickel Choir!

  16. Mister Lee says:

    I feel for those devout Mormon Tabernacle Choir members who had strong reservations about voting for that man, but who will be performing on Inauguration Day anyway. I may have some sympathy for them, but this is not the Choir’s finest hour as a group.