Miss Me Yet?

May 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Comey Firing, Sumbitches, Trump

This morning, as I listen to all the MoJo talking heads recounting the stream of lies spewing out of the White House I am actually physically revulsed. Since the night of November 8th, my emotions have ranged from anger to despair.  My anger was directed at virtually everyone – those who supported Hillary’s nomination when her flaws were obvious to those not devoted to her (I know, I know), those who didn’t bother to vote, those who voted for third parties, and especially those who were so stupid as to vote for the worst presidential candidate in US history.  Those people were overcome with Trump’s celebrity, his crass word salad, his tacky gold-plated lifestyle, his obvious mental instability, and his absolutely undeniable immoral existence.  After he took office, despair overwhelmed me as my worst fears were realized.  Not only was Trump as bad as I feared, he surrounded himself with the worst WH staff imaginable.  It seemed his priority was to pick the absolute worst nominee you could imagine for each role, from an education secretary who opposes education, a housing secretary who knows nothing of housing, to a strategist who is a known bigot.

Trump also tightened his grip on power with the judiciary in his pocket and a cowed legislature.  I had hoped that the career professionals around him could at least hold him in check, but he’s now fired an acting attorney general, every single ambassador around the world, 46 US attorneys including Preet Bharara, the head of the Census Bureau, and now the head of the FBI who was investigating his corruption and ties to Russia.

Just this week, after firing Comey, Trump mustered his merry band of liars to go in front of the cameras and blatantly spin tales, not bothering to even try to square those tales with actual timelines or even with each other.  The only consistent lie that night was that Cheeto Jesus took “swift and decisive action”, and that was most certainly one of the worst lies after he later admitted to Lester Holt that he had decided long ago to fire Comey.  I sat and watched Holt try to get Trump to answer for his lies, and the result was the most concentrated collection of falsehood that has ever been emitted on national television.

As I watch this rolling disaster, I’m nostalgic for past days where we had a president who was precisely the opposite of  this creature now infesting OUR White House.  Barack Obama was known for his steadiness, his caution (some would say too cautious), his ability to speak to the nation’s heart at times of tragedy.  He occupied this very same house for a scandal-free 8 years, leading the country through some of its toughest times.

So I have to ask: Do you miss him yet?

As for me, I answer, you’re damned right I do, every single day.


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20 Comments to “Miss Me Yet?”

  1. Miss him! Painfully miss him. He is actually young enough to run again but I bet he chooses private life. Must think of something good, happy and uplifting right now.

  2. Sharon Camfield says:

    This is exactly what I would have written if I had the talent to do so…and wasn’t so depressed, angry and worried about the state of our country. Thank you.

  3. Marcia in CO says:

    Yes, I sorely miss MY President and First Lady, Grandma and the two girls!!
    I don’t often agree with El Jefe, however, on this one I do! 100%
    I refuse to refer to that cretin fouling OUR White House as pres… I just can’t do it!! Nor can I acknowledge the swamp sludge that make up this administration … such as THAT is!!

  4. No Drama Obama.

    The Trump voter wants drama. They wanted a president that will DO SOMETHING and not just wrangle with politics all the time. That’s what Trump promised he would do. He does stuff and it seems exciting and dramatic, just like reality TV.

    And her e-mails.

  5. maryelle says:

    I supported the most qualified candidate, Secretary Clinton, who was beset upon by not only the Republicans, but Comey, the Russians, Julian Assange and his trial by Wikileaks, Republican gerrymandering & voter suppression and millions of misogynists who could not bear the thought of a woman in the Oval Office. And who, despite the aforementioned, won the popular vote. Trump’s deplorable performance makes me miss Hillary, who could have had our country in a much better and less precarious place had she won.
    I miss her!

  6. maryelle says:

    Anybody think Hillary’s emails and private server are important now?

  7. That Other Jean says:

    Yes, I miss Obama; I miss all the Obamas. I miss the intelligence, competence, and eloquence that has been replaced by idiocy and lies and Trumpspeak. And everything that maryelle wrote.

  8. treehugger says:

    To answer your question, @maryelle, yes, there are plenty of Republicans, notably Ted Cruz during his recent interrogation of Sally Yates, and Trump supporters who still bring them up at every opportunity.

  9. You damn right I miss him! Every day, in every way. We’re all imperfect, but President Obama had few imperfections than most of us. While I was never a great fan of Hillary’s, I admired how hard she worked as Secretary of State and felt she would be the best president by far. Being right on that is no comfort. The emails/private server matter was a big nothing; the hackers have accessed many governmental offices.

    We’re now facing new national “nightmares” every day, and I’m not sure how many more I can take.

  10. 1. Yes. I’m also nostalgic for a competent Secretary of State: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    2. “I know, I know” – if you KNOW it, why do you keep DOING it? Looks like kicking this particular woman is just too much fun.

  11. @el Jefe

    Another difficult post to which to respond.

    I see Obama’s administration mostly as a series of opportunities missed, aside from ACA. Of course the 2010 election tainted his first term and made his re-election more difficult than it should have been. BUT it wasn’t just Obama’s enemies that made his eight years blah. The Dems had a workable advantage from the beginning of Obama’s first term through the 2010 midterms. And nothing comes to mind about which to congratulate them. Then from this favorable Congress the bottom dropped out and anything on his legislative agenda was high-jacked by this majority pack of drooling snacilbupeR, include dozens of Federal Judges and a Supreme. This Judge situation cuts progressives twice. Once because SCOTUS has a conservative replacement for old dead Scalia and once because since no progressive lawyers wound up on Federal benches, they are not being groomed as Supremes.

    He coulda been a contendah. But due to hisownself, the Dems, and later the snacilbupeR, I suspect historians will not treat Obama’s administration kindly.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Traitor donald j trump! I refuse to cap the name. Shit (sorry Momma) doesn’t require caps. Republicans, yes you, you own this. You collaborated with ever underhanded thing you could lie, cheat or steal to find to elect a steaming pile of feces called trump. You knew that he is a psychopath, a megalomaniac, bigot, conman, mysoginst. You knew that he is utterly unqualified for any government position of any level. You knew that he is unfit. And yet you supported him. Like lemmings you ran to the edge. You vilified a surperb woman. Who btw did exactly what her republican predecessors did with their servers. Now we the people must try to repair the horrendous damage YOU REPUBLICANS have allowed. The depths of Tartarus is too good for most of you.

  13. SteveTheReturned says:

    I miss Obama every day, every hour, every minute. I have cut off contact with the Trump supporters I know; life is too short to waste any time on stupid people. And I wonder what, if anything, will be left of this country once the White House madman is a thing of the past.

  14. I was remarking to my husband just this morning what a colossal difference there was between Drumpf and Obama in terms of intellect, probity, and an understanding of how the world and our democracy works.

    “The people” have chosen someone as president who speaks the things they would like to say but can’t. And when Drumpf is attacked, it is an attack on them. This is what we’re up against. Drumpf could truly stand in the middle of 5th Ave. and shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose these supporters. To them, the Comey firing is no biggie. They’re used to seeing Drumpf “fire” people on the electric TV and this is no different. Except in reality he hates to fire folks and instead sent his bodyguard to personally deliver the letter to Comey at the FBI—when he was on the West Coast. If this weren’t so tragic, it would all be laughable.

  15. What I miss (and what I now realize I had become used to) is a generally gracious approach by both Obamas, whether the words used, or the warmth of gestures, or the respect for the arts, or the outreach to the less fortunate…

  16. Zyxomma says:

    Yes. I miss President Obama, a competent administration, and most of all, sanity and decency.

  17. Marguerite says:

    Quite naturally, I miss President Obama, his lovely, intelligent, charming wife, First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, therir beautiful daughters, and their gracious matriarch, Mrs. Robinson. One or two people insist on being negative about him and his legacy, but I am confident his tenure will be positively remembered and given high marks. I agree that Pres Obama was cautious; have you not heard, “Better SAFE than sorry?” Now that a loose cannon has been installed in the White House, the comparison could not be clearer, and the better man could not be more apparent. Pres Obama was presidential – thoughtful, rational, reasonable, intellectual, athletic, moderate, clear-sighted, personable, slow to anger, quick to empathize, a feminist, a reader, a listener, a devoted husband and father, and a genuine patriot. The one fact that I absolutely adored about “My Forever President” is that he could live in the same house with Michelle AND Marian and the love, respect, and admiration they shared obviously grew day by day. Haters will hate, but who cannot genuinely a man capable of inspiring such emotions in two women who tolerate/accept no BS. The easily maddened bull is in the China shop wreaking havoc, destroying the prestige of the presidency while devastating our democracy. Since one or two of you aren’t completely sold on Barack Obama, please do enjoy these latter days of spring with 45*.

  18. BigBlueNation says:

    These are very strange times. People I thought I knew well, otherwise kind and decent people, still support Trump and their vote for him. And still demonize Obama. It makes me question everything I thought I understood about people.

    For my money, Obama was a truly great President and one of the best examples of grace under pressure (and constant attack) I’ve ever seen. What we have today, 100+ days later, is unfathomable.

    The only ray of hope I see is that Trump is self destructing even faster than I could have hoped. His mental and emotional instability is on full display, and soon there will be enough evidence for even the weakest of investigations to take action. Keep tweeting, CJ.

  19. Yes, I miss the Obamas, especially Michelle. They’re both cool, daughters are gorgeous and they’re all just the best. Sigh.

  20. Oh, boy, do I!

    Every. Single. Day.