Mike Flynn’s Misogynist Fashion Advice to Women

November 20, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

Oh, FFS! (Sorry Momma) –  A presentation given to women employees of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Cheeto Jesus’ new National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, has surfaced mandating makeup, high heels, and skirts.  Yeah, you heard it right.  Here’s just one example:


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18 Comments to “Mike Flynn’s Misogynist Fashion Advice to Women”

  1. again, how did this douchebag make general? I realize it’s the Army, but still, even they are supposed to have reasonably high standards for their staff officers. unless being a total dick is one of them (which Flynn clearly exceeded the mark), he should never have been wearing stars.

  2. Are the men required to wear makeup, heels and skirts? If so, then IOKIYAR

  3. screecherguy says:

    God, I hate these stupid people and they’re not even in office yet.

  4. Well, this explains why I didn’t go far when interviewing for that nice secure government job. I can’t wear heels (back and knees) and my skin doesn’t tolerate makeup for more than an hour or two.

    It is frustrating to the level of infinity that I was judged on my appearance and not my skills. I always dressed professionally mind you, but no one said I was ‘pretty’.

    Fred Astaire got to dance forward in pants and flat shoes. Ginger Rogers had to dance backwards, in long flowing dresses, and high heels.

    I don’t like to ‘should’ on myself, but I shoulda known.

  5. 1smartcanerican says:

    I’m guessing he only wants pretty women also, too. An women in only subservient positions, definitely not in the executive team! What a nasty man, I truly do mean nasty in this case.

  6. I am alternating between jaw dropping, eye popping rage and uncontrollable screaming. I hope every woman employee there gives him a big FU and quits their jobs.

  7. Okay, I made several snarky comments, but then I read to the bottom of the linked article:

    Flynn quickly backtracked from the controversial presentation on women, according to an email also obtained by MuckRock.
    “I apologize to the entire workforce for the unnecessary and serious distraction of this ‘Dress for Success’ briefing,” he wrote, claiming that he had only recently learned of its existence. “I’ve now seen it and I too find it highly offensive.”

    Assuming he was telling the truth, I have to say that we’re splattering muck where it doesn’t belong. There are plenty of reasons to deplore the incoming crowd without accusing them of things their underlings did.

  8. JAKvirginia says:

    Rhea: That’s called “Civil Service (OPM?) rang me up and ripped me a new butthole about lawsuits.” Y’see, only uniformed personnel have a dress code. There’s alot of civilian workers in the DoD. What maroon comes up with this crap? Heavy sigh.

  9. Rhea – the underlings take their cue from those up above. Flynn may have walked back this specific example but I believe the presentation reflects his exact mindset.

    And yes I agree with you that this is a distraction.

    The coming administration makes me tremble with horror for several reasons – specifically that there are this many of my fellow citizens who believe to their core I don’t deserve the same rights and protections that they enjoy. What happened to if there isn’t equality for all there is equality for none?

  10. IOKIYR? what’s it mean?

    Well, Flynn and Trump seem tonagree women’s looks are more important than their brains. Gotta look sexy working in a pentagon cubicle.

    Here’s a thought. Does small fingers = small dicks =small brains?
    Always thought men carry their brains in their dicks.

  11. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    JAKvirginia, the military is still wtf in the area of their dress code for women. Prescribing things like skirt length for women. Oh yeah, like I was about to crawl around the flight line with a ruler and tell a woman her skirt was too short, if one could find a woman in a skirt on the flight line that wasn’t a guest.

    Too bad Mike retracted. That “accentuate your features” part could have been fun. Did he mean shapely ladies should wear tassels? Out of respect for Mama, won’t ask what Mike had in mind for the ladies with stellar gluts.

  12. Old Quaker, IOKIYAR means “It’s okay if you’re a Republican.” Applies to many cases of d***brained and ugly behavior.

  13. Sooooo!!! OPM does have some clout! Hallaluya for that much! They are about to be overworked!

  14. @Old Quaker

    All this only proves God’s sense of humor. God Creates “man”. God Creates “man” with a “brain”, of sorts. God Creates “man” with a penis. The joke you ask? God only supplies sufficient blood to effectively operate one at a time.

  15. Gotta say I got pretty far in my chosen profession (academia) with very little of any of those. In the case of make up I saved a ton of $$$ too.

  16. Tilphousia says:

    Flynn has been characterized by fellow officers as suffering from dementia. Or Alzheimer’s. Or both

  17. Aggieland Liz says:

    And then God created H. sapiens 2.0…she was an upgrade! ;*

  18. I’d like to mandate some dress rules for Fluck Flynn. (Shirt tail relative to Huck Finn.) I’ll skip all the details and go directly to a Cast Iron Chastity Belt and Extremely Tight Bolo Tie. Extremely Tight.