Message From A Box Of Gravel

August 31, 2012 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Bob Mac

Today, my father-in-law received a Romney solicitation which begins:

“I am running for President of the United States and because you are one of America’s most notable Republicans, I want to personally let you know why.”

They have a very bad mailing list. Poppy died in January. He voted a straight Democratic ticket starting in 1934. He had a PhD and expected
civilized people to use earned honorifics.

If they really wanted either a contribution or a correction, postage would have been a nice touch. Further proof that this outfit doesn’t have the sense God gave gravel, but they are spending all that money the Koch’s are sending.

Good. I hope they spend it all. I’ll recycle all their mailings.

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13 Comments to “Message From A Box Of Gravel”

  1. No. Write return to sender.

  2. I have received four mailings from Romney and as a life long democrat it offends me that trees were killed to send out the swill.

  3. Still AMAZED at how inept the republicans and their campaign are/can be…

  4. I got a letter, which I mailed back with the terse message, “I’ll vote for mitt Romney…..WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER” Doggone that felt good!

  5. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Well, I’ve been finding such strange stuff in my mailbox – maybe you have provided an answer. Started about maybe a year ago when (out of the blue!!) I got a solicitation from Jim Demint, that Teabag guy. 2 wks later it was another to ask me to buy his book. Since then I’ve been regularly getting crap from the Rep Party, Mitt, latest one from Ann Romney.

    Thought maybe some friend was playing a joke, since I’m a staunch Dem. Now I think they just bought some Dem. mailing list. I just recycle too, keeps the USPS in business & they can keep wasting Koch money.

    My postal carrier must be scratching his head seeing this poop come in alongside all my Dem. donation thank you cards.

  6. I am a registered Democrat too and I am getting Romney calls too.
    See my previous post about my 3 dollar call

  7. aggieland liz says:

    Too bad that stuff is to rough to wipe with before recycling…maybe you could use the mailings to pick up after the dog (hear, hear, Seamus) before composting?

  8. Ya need to start replying and posting it on the web – “If Romney’s camp can’t figure out who’s republican then who the hell is going to help him run the country”

  9. Is there any way to check if your father-in-law is registered to vote? Save the evidence you received in the mail; Wouldn’t put it past this desperate & determined bunch. I pounded on doors for Kerry and after “W” settled in the White House, I received a “thank you for voting for me” photo. After the shock, I got mad and tore it up, regretting it ever since for not framing it! Next election, I was told I couldn’t vote as I was not a registered Democrat and I made so much noise about the thank you I got from George they decided to let me vote after all…or, I think my vote counted…I think…Clinton, Iowa 52732 You know,the place where these gals were up in the middle of the night on CNN determining the spring caucus??

  10. Just chuck the junk in the recyclables. They probably sent it by “standard mail.” They’ll never get it back. The post office recycles a LOT of “standard mail” aka “junk mail” that is undeliverable.

  11. TexasEllen says:

    In Texas, the death records from the state are forwarded to the County Clerk for removal from the voter rolls. I was a judge in the primary and checked to make sure Poppy had been removed.

  12. Went to the postoffice yesterday (first time in a week or so since I have been sick) – we don’t have mail delivery here only boxes at the PO. By the door is a large 30 gallon trash can. I noted it was overflowing with twit romoney crapola. I briefly pawed thru it and none was mailed to “box holder” or “occupant”. It all had proper names. Looked as though most of the people in this rather small spot in the road got buried with the garbage. So far I have been lucky.

  13. I usually shred the enclosed crap, being careful to delouse the shredder afterwords, and then if, the return envelope is prepaid postage, I mail it back to them. Sometimes I just write my opinion on the junk and mail it back.