Make Racists Scared Again

February 03, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


I live in one of the most racially diverse counties in America. On purpose. I am going to a small political planning meeting on Monday night and, counting just off the top of my head, there will be naturalized immigrants or first generation Americans from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada (seriously!). There will also be blacks, Hispanic Texians (they didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them), and some guys from Minnesota which counts as a foreign country in Texas. We will come up with some excellent ideas because we are diverse, not in spite of it. I love that.

I love my county and my neighbors. Until this.

This letter was left on the front porch of an Asian family in my county.



Hey, dude, you left out the Hindus and Buddhists.  Probably couldn’t spell it, right?

What a sick little wimpy coward.  Leaving anonymous notes on someone’s front porch under cover of darkness.

I feel pretty damn certain that white sheets were involved.

Now here’s the “Ignorant Sumbitch” part of this. In my county the 628,000 residents are a mix of 36 percent Anglo, 21 percent black, 24 percent Latino and 20 percent Asian or other.  Do you really think the 36% of you can take on the rest of us?  Good luck with that math, guys.



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38 Comments to “Make Racists Scared Again”

  1. Jesus wept.

  2. On second reading – I notice there are no misspellings and only one grammar error: “race” instead of “races.” JJ, you are dealing with a SMART racist. The worst kind.

  3. Kinda explains Betsy De Vos.
    Ignorant and uneducated people and bad spellers are, after all, the Republican base. She would help keep them that way.

  4. This same letter was left around a neighborhood in McKinney in November of last year.–402788526.html

  5. austinhatlady says:

    @Marlarkey: “Foregieners”?

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    No thanks, Donnie and Bannon for those you have emboldened to unleash their cretinous inner selves.

    We’re waiting SkullAnus Wrongway. What’s the WH and FBI position on seeking out this individual with obvious criminal intent? If he/she never lifts a gun or a ball bat, harassment and intimidation are hate crimes.

    Free speech vs hate speech is a discussion wing nuts need to have. Similar to what Justice Potter Stewart said about porn, we sane folks know hate speech when we observe it.

  7. The worst kind of low IQ bigot, One with spell check. OMG you may not be able to fix stupid, but you can spell check it.

  8. e platypus onion says:

    I’m betting Minnesota’s state bird (mosquito) is a helluva lot bigger than them wimpy Texas longhorn skeeters. I has also personally witnessed iowa skeeters flying around in January when I was icefishing on frozen pond. How many Texas skeeters can claim to fly around frozen ponds in January in Texas?

    Let’s make nice and put a bounty on wingnuts.

  9. Something about the letter leads me to suspect a troll. These days it is hard to tell and even harder to decide which would be more despicable. The sincere bigot or the thinks-it-is-hilarous prankster.

  10. That Other Jean says:

    Both the sincere bigot and the thinks-it-is-hilarious prankster could use a serious smackdown, in my opinion. I hope the good citizens of Fort Bend County rise up in support of the family targeted by the troll to the extent that said troll will be afraid to crawl out from under his rock again. If the writer is an idiot prankster, that goes double for him. There is nothing funny about intimidation.

  11. Linda Phipps says:

    I need to take issue with people who write this: what high paying jobs are the “foregieners” stealing? Are those the ones you don’t have any training for in the tech industry? Are those the ones in the medical field you also are not trained for? North Dakota, bless its backward direction of late, depends on the expertise of doctors from other countries because nobody else would go there. Or are these grumbling anonymous peckerwoods angry because Jose took his coveted career level position on the graveyard shift at the local McDonalds because good old BobbyJoe was too drunk?

  12. During the run up to the election, the husband of a member of our local Democratic club caught a guy trying to leave an “anonymous” letter on their doorstep. The letter basically told them they were sadly misinformed about their support for Hillary because of “emails.” It went on to say they should see the error of their ways and vote for Trump. When confronted, the guy looked like a deer in the headlights and scuttled away. They’re all cowards, just like Yertle the Turtle McConnell and Spineless Invertebrate Ryan.

  13. Linda Phipps says:

    I would like to add a note of comfort to the disgruntled letter-sneaker: there are a huuuuuuge number of job openings in the salvation market. Just put on a clean suit, rent a pulpit and preach salvation through hatred to the gullible. He would clean up bigly in no time. A snazzy little website and favorable mention on InfoWars or somewhat would put him into Bakker and Osteen class.

  14. Meanwhile, down the road it’s ‘Heil Trump Day’:

    “Cypress Ranch High School in Houston, Texas had their senior students picture taken the other day and according to local news station KPRC, things got very disturbing and strange, very quickly.

    In an email to KPRC Channel 2, a student who witnessed the incident but asked to remain anonymous said students were shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump. The student also said it was at least 70 or so people and, “It was pretty terrifying.””

    Willkommen im Vierten Reich!
    Sieg Heil, Heil Trump!
    GOP Űber Alles!

    Hard to keep up with the Domestic Blitzkrieg, ain’t it?
    WS foxes in the henhouse, gutting financial regs, the EPA, energy issues, drumming up our next major war/FU, etc., etc. Show us tRump’s taxes, debts, cozy furrin friends…

  15. TrulyTexan says:

    I’ll throw in that along with the minority majority, there is a nice portion of the 36% Anglo group that don’t tolerate this crap either, so our odds just got better.
    I am armed, PO’d and ready to fight these racists whenever they are ready. We stand together united. Resist.

  16. When the KKK sympathizing bible thumping scum crawled from under their rock and voted Drumpf president, I suspected these people would be emboldened and our lives would come to this. So here’s the bottom line: Not all my kids married whites. So my grandkids don’t fall into the fully white demographic. But if the author of this missive or his buds directly threaten one of my kids or grandkids, as long as I can draw a breath, I will find them and kill them.

  17. Cowardice is as cowardice does…

  18. Beyond the common response of being sickened and angry, let me add:

    “We have our members in the law enforcement and government….” Used to be true. I hope it isn’t now.

    By “Indians” and “go back where you came from,” does this jackwagon mean people from India, or Native Americans who could very well tell all the rest of us to go back where we came from?

    Sad, pathetic, cowardly little POS. I just hope he doesn’t frighten any real human beings.

  19. And only a small percentage of that “36% Anglo”, too.

  20. Tilphousia says:

    Trump/bannon are hatching (actually rehachng a Hitler plan) to have people write letters outlining immigrant ‘crime’ and send in the letters. Hitler used the same plan against the Jews. We must rid ourselves of this malignancy sooner rather than later. IMPEACH

  21. Opinionated Hussy says:

    Thanks Linda Phipps for saying what I was thinking….

    > what high paying jobs are the “foregieners” stealing? Are those the ones you don’t have any training for in the tech industry? Are those the ones in the medical field you also are not trained for?

    ‘course, half of my husband is ‘foregiener’….the other half is Native American. Not sure where he’d go, if told to leave….I’d have to split myself up all over Europe to ‘go home’.

  22. The most effective bigots are not the one with the gun rack in window of his pickup truck that sports a rebel flag decal, Nor does he wear a bed sheet over his dunce cap. He does not use the ” N Word “. The effective bigot wears a three piece suit and is more than willing to employ minorities in menial positions, even allowing them to rise to minor management.
    In the past they have denied business loans and home loans, red lined neighborhoods and supported segregation de jure. They blackballed applications to the seats of power, in their clubs, and civic committees.
    Today they keep power by race baiting. Keep those from of the white working class in fear of losing what small gains they have made by blaming immigrants and minorities for undermining wages. All the while hourly productivity and profits rise as wages stagnate.

    Spell Check, Thank God and some computer guru for it. Suffering from lexdexia spell check has kept me from appearing as complete blithering idiot in writing. Correct spelling, sorry my mind just work that way.

  23. How do you get so drunk that you can’t set off a motion sensor? Minnesota minds want to know!

  24. Unfortunately, those 36%-ers probably own 80-90% of the guns.

  25. Opinionated Hussy- I just met my new Asian grandchild today; my other two are Jewish. I’m a white Christian (the real kind) woman, my brother has Native grandkids, my sister has African American grandkids, my cousin has Indian grandkids. All these grandkids, their parents, their grandparents and most of their great-grandparents were born here. Not sure where we’d all go, this is home.

  26. JAKvirginia says:

    Opinionated Hussy: Being told to “leave”, your husband’s response should be “NO! You leave! My ancestors were here first!”

    (Hate those bastards. I really do.)

  27. Juanita, I live in your neck of the woods. My kids’ elementary school was pretty much all white, but by the time they got to high school, it was basically the same demographic as the county as a whole. As young adults now, I think it was a huge advantage for them to have gone to a diverse school, and to be comfortable with people of all races, religions, and national origins. Perhaps not surprisingly, both have turned out to be flaming liberals. (Proud mom)

  28. JAKvirginia says:

    Y’know, I just “love” that “go back to where you came from” line. Right, you go say that to an African-American whose ancestors were taken, abducted, kidnapped from their land, put in chains, brought to a foreign country and sold into slavery. The ones who survived the sea passage, that is. Go on, big man. Tell them they aren’t wanted here. But don’t be surprised if they tell you if your ancestors hadn’t enslaved them they wouldn’t be here! In fact, I’d like to take that note of yours and shove it so far up your butt you’d taste my fingers.

  29. I definitely hate those guys.

  30. 1smartcanerican says:

    I live in a small city just south of Seattle WA and we are considered the most diverse school system as something like 60 languages are spoken and we are also a refugee city, so we have people from every country that has been through tough times/war in the last couple of decades. My kids, now in their mid-30s, always say they were thankful to be in a community where they met and studied with kids from all over the world and that they learned how lucky they are to live here. They are also flaming liberals and I’m very proud of them.

    The city and the school district is hosting a huge meeting for all immigrants in the city to meet with immigration lawyers for assistance they may require and to ensure that these people know that they are valued community members and are supported by the community.

    This makes me proud – and very upset with all that NMP is doing and the fact that the GOP critters are supporting his hateful and likely illegal actions. I WILL RESIST!

  31. Mother Jones' cat says:

    The part that upset me the most was the mention of sympathizers within the police force and local government. I sleep better nights when I pretend that this isn’t so but in the bright morning light I know that it is so.

  32. Hell, there aren’t many born American citizens who can do my job or would even want to! And there isn’t anyone making a dangerous southern border crossing who could walk in and take my seat either! Of course, the nut job anonys who leave such litter on the porch wouldn’t know what i was talking about! Tell ya much?

  33. This is exactly the message Trump & Co rode to the W.H. and the Rethugs are soaked in it as well. Along with trade wars, the Hater-in-Chief is dragging us toward a Race War which well may rival what went on before and during the Civil Rights era.

  34. Sanborne Addison says:

    If foregieners ar takin there jerbs, mabee it’s cos they spel beter.

  35. They’re too stupid to be scared or they wouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump. He sure scares the rest of us.

  36. Lunargent says:

    Sandridge –

    I only wish that there were clearer images of all those students “jokingly” throwing up the Nazi salute. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to post them all on social media, with all the kids’ names? Then watch them try to explain it on their college applications? Hilarious!

    Though it might actually expedite applications to some schools – Texas A&M and such, I imagine.

  37. Sandridge says:

    Heeey Lunargent,
    Take it easy on Texas A&M, several of my kids are Aggies (from CS and CC (Islanders) branches).
    I happened to be working across U Dr. and down a few blocks (@ChurchSt&NagleAv) from the Aggie Bonfire disaster too, not a good time that Thursday early morning.

  38. Lunargent says:


    Sorry, just using TA&M as an example. It is Rick Perry’s alma mater, after all.

    And the only direct experience I’ve had with an Aggie was the one I had as a Tenant From Hell. Shoulda known I was in for trouble when he brought his Mamma along to pay the deposit. Followed by:

    Several noise complaints.

    A Big Bambu rolling papers crescent moon painted 4 feet across on a wall. Lost count of how many coats of Killz it took to cover up.

    Despite the No Pets agreement, I went over to find a large iguana cage on the stove. No iguana in there, though.
    Q. How do you get the smell of iguana pee out of carpet and padding?
    A. You don’t; you replace it.

    So though I’m sure that there are many good, decent Aggies out there, I haven’t encountered ’em. And I figure a bunch of redneck, arm-thrusting Nazi wannabes would fit right in.