Lucky Lady

December 30, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I am on Rick Perry’s mailing list.  I put myself on it because watching guys who are too big for their britches is entertaining.

I think things ain’t going too well at the Perry household, and it ain’t like that’s virgin territory.

I got a letter from Anita Perry this morning.  You know the drill – click the little one to get the big one.

Okay, let me start by translating here.  You know where she says, “hearing from so many Americans who just want their country back?”  That means “white people.”

But look at Anita.  She’s got one of those “I’m gonna hose you down and set you in a draft” looks on her face.  Damn, I know that his whole campaign in Iowa – which, as you recall, was ordained by God because Anita said so – has been about as cheerful as a coroner’s inquest, but Holy Smokes! that woman looks like she’s about to drop a pound of fire ants in his pants.

If you see Rick Perry the day after the Iowa primary, it’s only because he can run faster than she can.

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8 Comments to “Lucky Lady”

  1. And his campaign sent that out…so it has to be the BEST she looked all day. That is really scary.

  2. No mention of Texas.

    And if she wants her country back, where did it go?
    Canada, U becky becky stan stan stan, or the country of Solyndra?

    They all say the same stupid stuff. Do they really believe that if they say it enough times, it becomes true??

  3. She’s been asking him why the hell are we in Iowa….Newt took Calista on a cruise to the Greek Isles.

  4. LOL! You are brave, ma’am, to want to actually receive these kind “mailings”. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us, though!

  5. Who else wants to be there when Rick hangs up his spurs? That woman is POed. Not only has he drug her all over creation chasing a target he couldn’t pronounce, he’s gone and blow the only good cover he ever had: politician. I’d pay good money to see the chancletazo goin’ down at the rental palace. Rick better hope he’s got all the coyotes run off cuz Anita might feed him to a stray after she gets done with him.

  6. Poor Anita. She’s thinking that whoever burnt down the mansion could have at least given Ole Rick a hot foot. Then he could have limped while he campaigned and said he got wounded in service to Texas.

    Then, half a second after the photo was taken she pushed him
    and headed off to an expensive restaurant with his security team in tow–laughing.

  7. Anita always looks as if she could use a good bath and scrubbing. She never seems well-groomed, but being married to Icky may do that to do woman.

  8. Gee, I’m an American who wants my country back…from the weasels, scorpions, and other low-lifes that’ve been sucking it dry for the past decade or so. Including Rick Perry.

    Anita…well. I met her the first time the Perrys ran the Texas Book Fair and had a reception for writers, which let me tell you was a far cry from the receptions the Bushes used to have at the Governor’s Mansion. Much as I’m not a Bush fan, I will say they knew how to entertain and there was no stinting on the food, even though they had to know a lot of us were there for nothing but the goodies. The then-Governor met us at the door, shook everybody’s hand, and Laura Bush circulated, being pleasant and making sure the food on the tables was piled high.

    The Perrys ran us out of the governor’s mansion into a dead-end hall somewhere in the Capitol building, and instead of the goodies provided before, it was stale cookies, and Anita Perry standing there stiff and brittle, with the look on her face of a teacher about to slap any child who took more than one cookie. There was no place to sit down, and we were strongly encouraged to get our cookie and our one cup of coffee and get out.

    Oddly enough, I haven’t been back to any writers’ reception (if there is one) since. I’m willing to suck back comments I might make for a half hour of chatting with Texas writers I don’t see any other time of the year plus some of those delicious pastries the Bushes provided, but it just ain’t worth it for a stale cookie and being glared at.