Louie Pitchin’ A Fit

May 18, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, Louie Gohmert went on Fox and Friends to remind us that Mueller caused “invaluable damage to the FBI” and he’s “an egomaniac and a problem.”  And that he spends too much money.  (Yeah, yeah, let me know when he spends $20 million.)

Louie is also very concerned that Clinton and Obama didn’t get a special prosecutor “after all they did.”

And that Donald Trump can’t spell counsel.  Or council.


Thanks to Sharon for the heads up.

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23 Comments to “Louie Pitchin’ A Fit”

  1. Not listening to Louie. I don’t want my brain cells to jump shrieking out of my ears and run away. I’m getting too old to chase them down.

  2. Louie doing his best to keep Texas the #1 laughing stock of our nation. If you have to give him credit for something.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    With Donnie, Louie is filling a niche that doesn’t need filling. Shaddup Louie! The Bozo quota is overflowing.

  4. Down through the years I have collected a few comments made by law enforcement, military, and local government raters during annual reviews. Here are a few that might apply to Louie, assuming you, dear reader, agree that a rating is due, aside from voting…

    “Did not get arrested on or off post during this rating period.”

    “Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together.”

    “Would best serve the United States Army by resigning his Commission”

    “Has the ability to deceive by never being where he is expected.”

    “Couldn’t lead flies to sh*t.”

    “Louie is dumb, but he’s the best Texas got.”

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, in that frame of ratings, “Louie walks on water”

    (albeit ignoring all signs posted – wet floor)

  6. @Jane&PKM

    Louie walks on water IF he knows where the stumps are, otherwise he’s in over his head in a parking lot puddle.

  7. maryelle says:

    Too bad the special counsel can’t include investigating Gohmert for not registering as an idiot while taking up air and space in this country.

  8. @maryelle

    Louie, by exhaling without intense supervision, assists green plants in the immediate area.

  9. My little bride contributed this comment: Bet he’s able to maintain a constant temperature in whatever chair he finds himself occupying.

  10. Self-watering.

  11. dbtexas says:

    Always hear these cranks stating the Obama and Clinton should have had a special prosecutor. Never hear them say why. Funny that!

  12. The Fox & Friends woman said to Louie during the interview, “that’s a good point.”

    Do you think she reads Juanita Jean’s? She must be referring to the picture you use from time to time with Louie in the dunce cap, because that’s the only good point…

  13. Sandridge says:

    And if Loony Loouie, Donnei Trumpov, Lyin’ Ryan, McTurdle, KellyAnne Conjob (where she be?), Squealer Spicer, all the rest of the Republicommies, et al ad infin don’t induce enough of a retching response:
    Word is that Joe Effen LIEberman is at the top of the short list for FBI director! (honest to friggin’ gawd).

  14. Why yabbut wuttabout . . . yabbut wuttabout . . . yabbut wuttabout . . .

    That’s what the idiots always say when they’ve got nothing. They know they’re in very big trouble.

  15. charles phillips says:


  16. Tilphousia says:

    Looney Louie says it all. Does he live in a district where cows vote?

  17. They had their chance to do damage to POTUS Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    As they constantly remind us, Trump is POTUS now.
    Let the games begin!!

  18. Micr:
    Here’s a few more. “Can be outwitted by a potted plant.” “Has reached rock bottom and started to dig.” And my fave, “He brings great joy whenever he leaves the room.”

  19. Bob Boland says:

    What the h**l? (Sorry Momma) Was that a bad dream or didn’t Bill Clinton get investigated to a fair-thee-well by Ken (what a jerk) Starr?
    Or was he referring to Hillary, who spent weeks testifying before Trey (what a doofus) Goudy’s subcommittee? Yeah, no special prosecutor there, but only because nobody could stretch the non-existent evidence far enough to justify one.

  20. Conservatives have tried in the past to advance their policies through reasonable debate. And every time they succeed, it’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that that free market capitalism without regulations is a disaster. No matter how many times they fail, they simply refuse to acknowledge that it only works for the rich folks. So over time, the only actions left to take are attacks, both personal and repugnant on anyone not them. They’ve adopted douchebagery as a political platform. People like Louie are the perfect mouthpieces.

  21. Apologies to people.

  22. Sandridge says:

    In Loony Loouie’s neck of the East Texas woods, the cows and heifers get real scared and try to hide behind their bull when they see a Repub coming (IYKWIM).

  23. $20 million??? Pffft. That’s nothing.

    Ken Starr, in 4 1/2 years, spent $39.3 million investigating a bogus from the git-go land transaction and a blue dress and came up with bupkis.

    Add to that the $6 million previously spent by the DoJ, and add in the money spent by five other independent counsels, the combined expenditures came to $79.3 million.