Let’s Raise a Cup Of Blue!

December 31, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


Thanks to John Kwitkoski for the very cool graphic.

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19 Comments to “Let’s Raise a Cup Of Blue!”

  1. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Kool – 2014 – the year for Texas to regain its dignity.

    Happy New Year everyone! Can’t wait to hear the peal of the bells, when Wendy Davis becomes your governor.

  2. Marge Wood says:


  3. Blue that glows a huge light of hope everyone can see! Happy New Year!

  4. 1toughlady says:

    Happy Blue Year to all, and to all, a good night!

  5. Grace Newton says:

    Happy New Year, Susan! Here’s to turning it Bright Blue!!

  6. Happy Blue Year from Pennsylvania!! Thanks for all the stories and laughs this year. Here’s to another!

  7. Lisbeth Echeandia says:

    Let’s work for a true blue New Year in Texas! Go Wendy!

  8. From your lips to God’s ears. “Happy Blue Year”

  9. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    My refrigerator letters say, “go wendy!” They’ve been saying that since the last Battleground TX meeting at my house.

    Great graphic, John…. and great concept.

    Happy Blue Year everyone!

  10. fenway fran says:

    Fabulous graphic!!! Go BLUE!

  11. Sadly, my blue state is trying to turn red. We desperately need a “Happy Blue Year” here in CT. Keep fighting the fight. It can turn on you in a second!

  12. What a great graphic — Happy New Year to all!

  13. Happy New Year! Let’s all get our states BLUE and get rid of the bigots and idiots.

  14. Elise Von Holten says:

    Happy new Year!
    I have gratitude in abundance–my humor is coming back–my friends used to say that their faces were hurting, because of the grinning and laughter that always went on…
    I wish you joy and ” a peace that passes all understanding”
    Love and “enough”, enough of life’s experiences that will allow you to become amazing beings.
    Thank you all for this fount of wisdom–especially (JJ) Susan!

  15. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
    We saw the new year in with many friends last night, ate well and had a few drinks.

    May all of here have joy, health and peace in 2014!!!!!

  16. Marcia in CO says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR from Colorado … I suspect this state will be happier then most since both medical and recreational marijuana is now legal in this state. Stoned RWNJs … what could possibly go wrong?

  17. gabberflasted says:

    I wish all a Happy 2014. We ushered the new year in when was somewhere in the Atlantic! 10:30 is pretty late for us!

    Corned beef and cabbage today! YAHOO! Dearly B makes the best you ever cut with fork. (Uhm, Dearly B is otherwise known as Dearly Beloved.) Fifty two years and holding on.

  18. UmptyDump says:

    All well and good, but let’s start off the new year with a quick cold shower of reality. Don’t watch this unless you’re recovered from last night’s hangover!


  19. Elise Von Holten says:

    Okay, my monthly contribution to Wendy’s takeover is in place, my next question, because my medical bills are no cheaper and take 3/4 of my monthly income, is what and where the next bit should go…to Conn, because it’s struggling, to the national party, I’m just not sure…at this rate, I’m supplying pens for a week, or name tags, but I am sure every bit helps!
    I have never given money anywhere before, but the midterms and governors races are too important to ignore.
    This is heady stuff for me, I am hopeful (from Ca and NY) that Texas goes Blue in a big way!