Ladylike? You Want Ladylike, Jim Bob? Well, Watch Right Here While I Hike Up My Leg and Wizz on Your Boot. But, Real Ladylike.

September 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Todd Akin is just a shiver lookin’ for a spine to run up.

He found mine.

Good Golly Miss Molly, if there is an ounce of justice in this world, when Todd Akins loses this election, women all over the world will knock on his front door and point and giggle at him.  Or, write on bathroom walls, “For a really bad time, call Todd Akin at 1-800-GOT-DUMB.”

He’s now complaining that Clare McCaskill was not “ladylike” in the debate. He compared her to a wildcat, you know, like that’s a bad thing.  A day later, he up and decided to use the “L” word.

On Thursday, Akin suggested McCaskill had acted more “ladylike” when she first ran for the Senate six years ago, according to the Kansas City Star.

Ladylike, that’s testosterone-speak for “shuddup and get me some more coffee.”

Now, since Mitt Romney and the GOP are embracing Todd Akin, their silence on this matter tells me one thing — they agree with the whole ladylike standard for women.  After all …

A lady would never want equal pay for equal work.

A lady would never want birth control on her health insurance.

So, either Clare should put her apron on and act like a lady or the GOP needs to let Todd Akin drown in his own spit.

And, dammit, I mean it.

Thanks to Cheryl for the heads up.

A lady would not want bother the men folks by getting health care at Planned Parenthood.

A lady would never want to frighten a rapist with the pesky problem of getting pregnant.

A lady would never publicly disagree with a man.

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17 Comments to “Ladylike? You Want Ladylike, Jim Bob? Well, Watch Right Here While I Hike Up My Leg and Wizz on Your Boot. But, Real Ladylike.”

  1. No female, lady or otherwise, should agree with Todd Akins. What a creep.

  2. I can’t imagine any lady would sleep with him, either. Mrs. Akins must be a real piece of work.

  3. Kate oDubhagain says:

    *Lady* is a word that comes with shackles.

  4. Sam in Kyle says:

    Turns out all the leaders agreed with Akin, they just wanted to make sure he was staying in the race. Gingrich, who is almost as much of an expert as Rush Limbaugh on mistreatment of women, held a fundraiser. Santorum is frothing about supporting Akin. All the usual misanthropes are on board. Let’s hope he goes down in flames.

  5. Kay Carrasco says:

    My Aunt Kathryn, for whom I am named, was a very special person. College professor, political activist (JJ, you’d’ve loved her), art collector, feminist, camper & hiker extraordinaire, gourmet cook, just… my hero. Well, one time when I was visiting my mom and aunt, we were sitting around the table talking after lunch; happened to be about women’s issues and specifically, how did one define “woman” and “lady,” what were the differences, what were the commonalities. My daughter, about 5 at the time, piped up and asked, “Mom, when I grow up, should I be a woman or a lady?” I told her, “Well, honey, why don’t you grow up to be like your Great Aunt Kathryn–be *both*.”

    My aunt looked quite startled for a moment, then she began to smile wider and wider and laugh that great, ringing laugh of hers and exclaimed, “What a wonderful compliment. Thank you!”

    I told that story at her funeral service some years later. I think everyone there was nodding in agreement, because that was indeed the epitome of Dr. Kathryn Bauer Ewbank: Both a woman *and* a lady.

    If Todd Akin, or anyone else, wants to try to sully those words, make them less than they mean, than what they stand for, than the great and graceful and brilliant and strong and passionate and compassionate women they describe, well…. Frankly, I think even Aunt Kay would tell that dratsab to Kiss. Our. Fannies. So THERE!

  6. Kay, I already love your Aunt Kathryn! And it was – and is – a fantastic compliment. It’s a worthy and challenging goal, and it’s my fondest dream that my granddaughters are able to live up to that standard.

    And, as one who lives in Missouri, thank heavens Claire is *not* being Akin’s idea of a “lady.” (She *is* a lady, just not by his definition, thank gawd.)

  7. Totally agree with all of the above. Living in MO and being a Yellow Dog Dem is sometimes hard but this time we have a winner in Claire. The race is tight so I am supporting her all I can but is some of y”all feel so inclined I know she appreciates help from anyone who agrees with her policies or REALLY doesn’t want to see that dirtbag in the Senate again.

  8. Put me in a stalled elevator with that puling troglodyte for five minutes. Just 5 minutes……

  9. The thought that came to mind when I heard this was “Perhaps her opponent when she was running before was more gentlemanly”. There’s a time to be polite and respectful and a time to make rude noises and throw things.

  10. Less ladylike? He should worry less about what Clare McCaskill says, and more about his own comments. They continue to reinforce the impression that he can’t seem to get any less stupid, or more stupid for that matter.

  11. Well, I couldn’t pee on his boot, but i did send two checks to Claire. Hope Y’all will join in.

  12. Elise Von Holden says:

    Well Kay, I named one of my own daughters Kathryn, and found out that one of it’s meanings is “pure”. My daughter is that, pure love, pure anger, pure generous–so I can see why you would be proud of being like your Aunt, my Kat sounds like her! I think Ms. McCaskill is more than a lady, because I would have punched his lights out by now, and I am considered gentle by most who know me…his denigrating comments (because there are so many designed to keep women/ladies in our place) have to be addressed, cash to Claire is a good way to go!!

  13. Poor Todd. Let’s all chip in and buy him some more real-looking hair.

  14. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Claire McCaskill is a soldier. A veteran. She doesn’t have to be a lady to anyone’s satisfaction but her own.

    And since Akin’s definition of ladyhood seems to come down to “lick my boots and pour my coffee,” something that soldiers don’t typically do, whatever he thinks is irrelevant.

  15. Good reminder to contribute to ladies with moxy! So I went online & contributed – much easier than sending cks!

    I donated this morning to these 3 GREAT WOMEN & LADIES:

    Claire McCaskill – Senator in Missouri (
    Tammy Duckworth -Representative in Illinois (
    Elizabeth Warren – Senator in Massachusetts (

  16. Btw… thanks to Pres. Obama & Elizabeth Warren for revamping consumer credit protection. Because of them I refinanced my mortgage @ 3.7% (30-yr Fixed). With the savings I contributed to Obama’s re-election campaign & now to the campaigns of C. McCaskill, E. Warren & T. Duckworth.

    Since the origination fee & closing attorney makes money off the refinancing, at closing I plan to ask them to contribute some of their earnings to these 3 LADIES!

  17. It’s too much to hope that Mr. Akins is beginning to feel a tad bit of shame for his comments, since he’s unlikely to notice any pee-spotting on his boots. So, I just hope he’s feeling shivers up his spineless spine… or maybe just a wee bit of tingles up his leg.