Just Because It’s Halloween

October 31, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Let’s see if you can smile.  Or identify.

Beware of old people for we have scooters to run you over, oxygen hoses to tie you up, teeth we can take out and bite you on the butt without even leaning over, canes to whack you with, and you haven’t even considered all the possibilities of what we can do walkers and Beach Boy music.  We invented this damn protesting stuff.  We’re back and we’re pissed off again.

Thanks to Emily for the picture.

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10 Comments to “Just Because It’s Halloween”

  1. Great answer to the tea party/”class warfare” whiners!

  2. She’s my hero!

  3. You can tell she’s not a teabagger as there are no misspelled words on her sign. I appreciate her efforts.

  4. Austinhatlady says:

    Excellent! And I second why June says.

  5. Absolutely! You go girl!

  6. I just love those biker babes.

  7. Go, Granny, you rock on and inspire us….!

  8. As a Granny myself, I just had to share this one with the world on Facebook!

  9. Grace Newton says:

    I’m sharing it too, Gramiam, for the same reason. I’m not riding a cart yet, but my knees tell me there will come a day. Love this lady and the manifesto Juanita wrote for her.

  10. Porlock Junior says:


    (We oldsters also learned grammar in school; even foreign grammars. Well, some of us.)