Judicial Branch Removed from whitehouse.gov

January 30, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alternative Facts, Judiciary

Charles Johnson of the conservative website Little Green Footballs pointed out yesterday another alarming move by Cheeto Jesus’s administration – the removal of the judicial branch from the official website, whitehouse.gov.  Here’s the tweet from Johnson:

Steve Bannon, avowed racist and Cheeto’s extreme right hand man, is a big fan of Andrew Jackson, another white supremacist who defied the courts to maintain racist policies.  Looks like the ghost of Old Hickory is back; there’s even a portrait of Jackson now hanging in the Oval Office.  The removal of reference to the judicial branch on the website is not an oversight; it’s intentional and likely the first shot in a constitutional crisis that Bannon is trying to incite.  Here’s the web address so you can see for yourself.

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16 Comments to “Judicial Branch Removed from whitehouse.gov”

  1. LGF used to be a conservative website, but I think it was the Cheney administration that helped Mr. Johnson find his way to the light…

  2. According to Robert Reich Facebook: January 27 8:13 pm
    ALEC is pushing for a Constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution to reduce the power of the people and give more power to corporations. It takes 34 states to convene a convention and 28 states have alrady done that.

    Another site suggests that a ruse to convene a convention is to insert a balanced budget amendment, but once a convention is convened all bets are off. The entire Constitution could be scrapped and rewritten.

  3. Just a note. LGF is not a conservative site. Johnson had an epiphany early in Obama’s presidency that the people who were commenting on his site about how much they hated President Obama were not talking about his policies—they were racists. He wrote a big mea culpa and changed.

    Now there is a Charles “Chuck” Johnson who is a lunatic right winger who has constantly been kicked off of twitter for saying racist and misogynistic things.

    Great find by him.

  4. Trying to find actual text on executive orders I discovered that WhiteHouse.gov is no longer a government site, it is a blatant political & promotional site that wants you to sign up before allowing you to proceed. Many links are broken in that they don’t go where they say they will but they all seem to take you back to the sign up screen.

  5. Sandridge says:

    https://www.whitehouse.gov/ is still an actual .gov domain, it is the real thing.
    That “Judicial” link is gone, along with the “Resources” link.

    However, every link I looked at so far does have ‘marketing hooks’ like the worst commercial websites, littered with “sign-up” boxes before you get to your next, actually desired page. Then, large portions of the pages have boxes trying to get you to BUY Trump-related crap, like fancy vehicle TRUMP LICENSE PLATES, ferchristsake. I wish I could insert some pictures here, go see for yourselves:
    “Commemorative License Plate
    Grab your piece of inaugural history. Supplies are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Get yours today!
    I want one” (a servlet button, no chit! Wonder how much?**)

    What should be a dignified “Presidential” website has been turned into a focking Ron Popiel TV gadget hawking-style ‘buy-this-crap-while-supplies-last’ crapfest. Incredible!

    BTW, under the section:
    President Donald J. Trump
    Vice President Mike Pence
    First Lady Melania Trump
    Mrs. Karen Pence
    The Cabinet”

    Are the spouses actually part of OUR government now? Perhaps they were listed under other admins, don’t know.
    They haven’t added the evil spawn and s-i-l JK, yet.

    It’s barely 9AM, I need a drink… (only had a few beers in the last month…need to remind myself to get a couple bottles of 150proof rum).
    FYI: my Opera browser vpn’s through foreign, possibly untraceable, non-locating routes.

    **OMFG, Oh Hell–
    A Trumpov licence plate is $50:
    “Commemorative License Plate
    The Official 58th Presidential Inaugural License Plate
    $50.00 Qty. 1

    Plate Description
    The perfect piece of inaugural memorabilia, our exclusive, limited edition commemorative license plate is a perfect collector’s item, and a great way to celebrate President-elect Trump and his commitment to Make America Great Again!
    Contribute Now (button)

    (fine print boxes:)
    Contributions to the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee is organized as a 501(C)(4) organization. The Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended, requires the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee to publicly report the name, address, and amount of contribution of all donors whose contributions to the Inaugural Committee aggregate $200 or more. Contributions from foreign nationals, including foreign corporations are prohibited.

    All funds solicited in connection with this event are by the Presidential Inaugural Committee and not by any federal candidates or officeholders.

    Paid for by the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee”

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    Incoming! Donnie sure has been busy wreaking havoc on our international relations and decimating the social safety nets in which those who voted for him swing. He has the media chasing shiny objects and their own tails. Rachel Maddow fell down a cold war rabbit hole. Meanwhile average guys like me are watching all of this with the affect of a ping pong match on an out of control DVD. That’s when I turn off the Tee Vee, hug my wife and sons. Then the four of us take a nice head clearing walk.

    After which time permitting I read. Often I find a much needed anchor effect with Ms JJ, daChipster, Primo, El Jefe and the comments here. Thank you all.

    Another place I look for floating logs of sanity in the sea of insanity before @KellyannePolls or Reince come out to gaslight us about what just happened is CounterPunch.

    Caught a rope in the stream thrown by Charles R Larson. He concludes: “By that time, however, the misery quotient for virtually all Americans—excluding, of course, the top one present—and for too many people abroad may be almost impossible to alleviate. So, yes, I blame Republicans in Congress as much as I blame Donald Trump for the wave after wave of endless misery that has already begun to devastate the lives of countless American citizens (including plenty who voted for him) and citizens around the world.”

    Definitely worth reading his entire article for hints on how to stay focused and survive Donnie. http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/01/30/trumps-wrecking-ball/

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    In the effort of “heading Donnie off at the pass” or at a minimum not being on the wrong end of his game of crack the whip, it’s important to pay attention to what he doesn’t say.

    Hear his twitter crickets about his phone contact with pal Vlad this weekend? Nyet.

    But then there was this: “Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 18h18 hours ago

    …Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.”

    That’s his next misdirect and campaign to gaslight us and anyone in his way. He stole that from Karl Rove. Remember the “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”? This is the Donnie and Kellyanne show version. Stand in the way of his bromance with Putie and Rexxon Tillerson, the charge will be: “looking to start World War III.” Catchy. Like “lock her up.” Only this time it’s “lock ’em all up, if they resist.”

  8. True Blue in Texas says:

    It looks like the link to the judicial branch has been restored to the whitehouse.gov site.

  9. Susan Dress says:

    I followed the link, refreshed the page, and the judicial branch link was there. Did they put it back after getting flack, or was it just a fluke?

  10. When Andrew Jackson wanted to force all the Native Americans to move west of the Mississippi, the Supreme Court ruled that he couldn’t do that. He said, Let them try to enforce it, I’ve got the Army, and so we got the Trail of Tears as a permanent blot on our country.

    What comes next, I wonder.

    Whoops, just checked whitehouse.gov and The Judicial Branch IS back under the “Our Government” heading. But that crap about Melania and Pence’s wife as part of the Administration is still there. Maybe they get to sit in on NSC meetings too.

    Under “1600 Penn >> Presidents,” the writeup of Obama (and Michelle under First Ladies) is so nice that the Trumpets must not have gotten their fingers on those pages yet.

    The “We the People Petitions” have some good ones you might want to sign, along with a few loopers like “Arrest Madonna for terrorist threats.” Of course Trump won’t pay any attention to the ones urging him to release his tax returns and divest his financial assets, but we can still run up the numbers. If you haven’t signed there before, asking you to register and then click on an email verification was the procedure under Obama too.

  11. Seems like Trump now has his own personal Rasputin in the form of Steve Bannon. That worked out really well for the Czar and his family the first time around. And I find it somewhat ironic that the last five letters in Rasputin’s name spells another person who seems to have great influence on our current American Czar.

  12. Texas Expat in CA says:

    Listing Melania Trump and Karen Pence under “The Administration, People” is just weird! There’s also an odd link to “First Ladies” under “1600 Penn, History & Grounds.”
    And under “Speical Events” and the link to the inauguration they’re selling a “Commemorative License Plate. Grab your piece of inaugural history. Supplies are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Get yours today!” About as crass as it gets.

  13. I followed the link and the judicial branch does seem to be back.
    I took advantage of being there and used the ‘contact us’ page and made some contact. Being that I cannot get thru on the 202 number, this was a good start to the day.
    Will the license plates be made by prison-labor with the proceeds to pay for the wall?

  14. Of course I can see why the Judiciary was removed from the WH website. Thats where Trump and his ilk will wind up, n court and most likely on criminal charges!

    I thought it was illegal to use a government funded website for personal commercial purposes. As I said above . . .

  15. Little Green Footballs” is “a conservative website”?

    A rather mild description.

  16. (God I hate those guys.)