Jason Chaffetz

April 20, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, what just happened?

Rumors running wild.  He’s obviously worried about something.


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19 Comments to “Jason Chaffetz”

  1. charles phillips says:

    Getting out of congress won’t keep him from an indictment, so that’s out.

    Cheating on your wife is bad, but he’d wait until they pressured him to resign.

    t may just be that he’s a better person than we think, and can’t stand even the idea of Trump in the same town.

  2. maryelle says:

    What with all the investigations going on right now and hints that FBI revelations or indictments are on the horizon, could our boy Chaffedbutt (stole that from one of the patrons) be in fear of being exposed or caught up in some way? Gee I sure hope so.

  3. Ask any veteran sailor, military or civilian, and they will tell you unequivocally that rats always know when a ship is doomed, and will bail before it sails. One has to look at Batboy to see what kind of life form he is and figure out there is something really cool coming down the pike. I’m mixing metaphors, but I think Batboy has seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is headed right at him.

  4. Running for governor.

  5. Faux & Foes just called.
    There’s an opening.
    Benghazi fervor, Bungled verbiage & Batboy could be
    the new Face. Utah has many followers…

  6. Normally I would just follow the money and assume he was going to find a private sector job that would pay him big time for his government contacts.

    But the timing seems off. And the wording of the announcement isn’t convincing.

    We can hope.

    I wonder if some of the Repubs in the government may come to regret how they made prisons for-profit.

  7. Lynn, I hope your wondering about the prisons come into play for this snacilbupeR rat’s nest.

  8. two crows says:

    Hmmm. Lessee.
    He’s been in the House for 8 years. Now, less than 100 days after being sworn in for his 5th time, he’s suddenly bailing.

    I can think of numerous reasons for such a scenario — all of which look grim for the kid.


    And all I can say is, I’m betting whatever charges he’s expecting to be filed have a whale of a lot more merit than the hobby he cultivated over the past 2+ years in regards to a certain First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State/Presidential Candidate.

  9. Speculation is he’s running for governor. Having said that there have been multiple complaints filed against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics but that’s probably too much to hope for!

  10. Then there’s this, “Fox’s next contributor? Retiring House member Jason Chaffetz says he’d ‘be thrilled to have a television relationship…'”

  11. e platypus onion says:

    Chafedbuttz great great grandparents were Russkie immigrants. Deport him and them. Prolly a spy for Putin.

  12. He just found out jhericurl is an actionable offense.

  13. Its juist not so much fun any more. He’s made an ass of himself so many times he’s lost count and now darn it there doesn’t seem to be a woman he can kick around. The boy always needed a whopping challenge to get out of bed in the morning. No Hillary. No chap-ass.

  14. Annabelle Lee says:

    It feels like he’s being pushed out, maybe ahead of a breaking scandal or one of those ongoing investigations turning up something unsavory. It’s hard to imagine what that might be, though, if he’s contemplating running for office again.

    Unless he could be called upon to testify, in which case a change in status might serve him well.

  15. Sandridge says:

    If only a few of the possible allegations made in this article (limk below) are valid, Lil’ Jason is looking at a long trip down Hardtime Road.
    The article lists about every kind of financial and political chicanery imaginable, a couple of possibly treasonous transactions, and even hints at an affair (I know, damned hard to believe that any ‘other’ woman would hook w/Chaffass).
    Payoffs, mega-bucks Russian money laundering, tRump-Russkie deals, on and on, etc.
    This weasel is probably burnt toast tout suite.
    And there’s enough juice in there on Lyin’ Ryan and Cash McTurdle to send them down the river too.

    “Spend more time with my family”- bwahahahaha…let’s hope his soon-to-be ex cleans him out like a filleted catfish.


  16. FWIW, Chaffetz is facing multiple Ethics Complaints:
    FEC—for illegal campaign spending
    FBI—for illegal email server use
    House Ethics—for being unethical (WH visit to tell Trump, the subject of the investigation, what he’d found out before he told his own committee….)

  17. So do the problems Deb outlines above make him the front runner to replace Bill O’Reily on Fox News??

  18. Marge Wood says:

    Kin I say IMPEACH TRUMP here? Can we impeach Jason? I wanna impeach somebody. Prolly have a low grade fever….