Jared? Jared is a Spy?

May 30, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so this deal with Jared and what conservatives are calling “a back channel” and I am calling “the Rat Phone”.

Why in goodness sake does Jared need a phone line straight to the Prelim from the Russian Embassy?  So he doesn’t care if the Russians hear what he says but he care a helluva lot if we hear?

And you know that fight that Jared and Steve Bannon had?  You know it was over who got to go talk in the Rat Phone.

Y’all, I think maybe Trump is a goner and Jared is the president.


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18 Comments to “Jared? Jared is a Spy?”

  1. What was it Trump said, ah yes, “You don’t need a lawyer if you aren’t guilty!”

    Ipso post facto….

  2. I’ve thought that for some time.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    There are several places on his anatomy that Jared should be encouraged to plant his “shoe phone.” Maybe that little punter from Bang ’em Young, Chaffetz, would be so kind as to assist Jared in planting the phone deeper within his anatomy.

  4. Wyatt_Earl says:


    Thanks for your quotes on the term. A backchannel is going thru Finland or Ghana or someplace to talk to North Korea or Iran, or some other entity in the Axis of Evil with whom we have no direct communication.

    Jared’s talking about a secret phone.

  5. RE: Back channels

    The Soviet Russkys approached Robert Kennedy during December 1960, when it was to their advantage to do so. It is said his phone log clearly shows these contacts.

    Jared allegedly approached the Russkys off the record in order to talk with them about a secure communication link to the Kremlin that could not be heard by NSA/CIA/FBI and other agencies with three-letter abbreviations.

    The question on the table has to be what talking points did the Drumpf administration have for the Russkys that they did not want the rest of us to know about?

    @Mz JJ
    Perfect: Rat Phone it is!

  6. Back channel – it’s at the far end of the swamp, you know, in the area where you start the draining.

  7. maryelle says:

    We all know it wasn’t Jared who wanted the rat phone, it was Dumbo. Jared was/is the messenger who did/does the Liar-in-Chief’s bidding and he wanted to deal without those pesky American intelligence agencies listening in. If that doesn’t show us Dump’s traitorous intentions, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for you.

  8. Maymoon says:

    Wyatt, that is what I thought a backchannel was too. Not a secret way to talk to Russia so no US Intel service would know about the conversation. This was also done BEFORE trump was actually president! This is so wrong and yet he, Jared is being defended as a ‘good person’. We ( unfortunately) will have along wait for all this to come to anything, because there will be some you say ‘not such a big deal’. It is a big deal!

  9. Jared K. and RAT PHONING, is that like Donald Segretti’s Rat Phunning (or something like that) back in the Nixon Era. Only instead of doing it to just Democrats Jared is trying to do the entire nation.

  10. treehugger says:

    Is he in bed with SPECTRE OR SMERSH?

  11. slipstream says:

    treehugger, neither SPECTRE nor SMERSH would bother talking to that smirking nitwit. He’s with KAOS.

  12. We used to have a very large poster with all the Nixonites who had been indicted- Mitchell, Haldeman, Colson, etc. It took a big poster to hold all the pictures. Maybe we’ll get an updated version for Christmas.

  13. Rat phone or linkage ping ponging through various countries in order to keep anyone from listening in, dammit, for me that is really not the topmost point of all this. Jared is not a sworn in authorized genuine member of the U.S. of A. government. He does not have the background, talent or cojones for what he has been asked to do by Daddy Dearest. This is nepotism run amok to the nth degree. Impeach the Bastard now!

  14. The Twitterverse has been awash with “He went to Jared” memes the past few days. My favorite is an image of Putie giving a sly wink below below the quote.

  15. Tilphousia says:

    Kushner is an evil slimy slumlord. He has NO place in government. Can’t understand why NY hasn’t got him firmly in prison for the outrages he perpetrates on poor families living in his overpriced hovels. One poor tenant had raw sewage coming out of her sink and maggots in the rug. When she left his company charged her for the rug and repairs. Why not sentence him and his spawn to life in one of his own filthy apartments? Looks as if his dealings in the White House are on par with his real estate dealings. He thinks that he is above any law. Kushner is colluding with a hostile foreign power. That’s treason, not a ‘deal’. Guess Jared and mangled apricot hellbeast don’t know the difference. So show them!

  16. Linda Phipps says:

    Cole: “Phunning (or something like that) back in the Nixon Era. Only instead of doing it to just Democrats Jared is trying to do the entire nation.” Brings to mind an old joke about an old lady who called the police to report that two democrats were having sex in her back yard. Asked how she knew they were democrats, she said that democrats just do it to each other, republicans do it to the whole country. My mother (!) told me that.

  17. e platypus onion says:

    Kushner was also private citizen acting as a government representative. This is supposed to be a no-no. He had zero approval from the Obama administration to meet with Russians.

    Similar to Flynn’s conversations with Russians about lessening sanctions unde rDrumpf. Drumpf was not sworn in yet and Flynn could not be a government official until then.

  18. JAKvirginia says:

    Thank you for pointing that out epo. Why isn’t our “liberal” press harping on that? These people were talking government business to the Russians BEFORE they were authorized members of the gov!

    A friend pointed out why: they were setting up the script they would follow after the swearing in. We’ll get rid of sanctions if you offer in return to do what we want which benefits Trump and his family. With the scene already written, they just had to act it out. Sweet routine, eh?