Jake Tapper On Conspiracy Theories and Actual Facts

February 16, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Last night, Jake Tapper of CNN finally got enough of SCROTUS’s insults and “fake news” twitter attacks on the media.  He let loose with a comparison of conspiracy theories and actual facts.  It’s pretty entertaining.

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14 Comments to “Jake Tapper On Conspiracy Theories and Actual Facts”

  1. I’m going to start watching Jake Tapper regularly – I like him!

  2. austinhatlady says:

    That was a vood segment. Haven’t watched CNN for awhile but will start recording Jake Tapper.

  3. JAKvirginia says:

    And the media grows a spine and some balls. I hope it continues.

    (Where are those tax returns?!!!!)

  4. Don the Con. Just running another game. And another, And another. Sheep were made to be sheared.
    He is the weakest POTUS ever.

  5. Hey, there’s a real journalist working at CNN! Whoda thunk?

  6. Incidental and accidental journalism from CNN in the body of Jake Tapper is both unexpected and rare. For what’s really going on, there’s Samantha Bee.

    *** Mama please don’t watch the video ***


  7. Frump is finding that his autocratic business style of operating clashes so very stridently with governing, which takes a modicum of consensus, diplomacy, intelligence and knowledge of the Constitution. He has surrounded himself with like-minded sycophants who have the same defects, so they are no help at all. As they crash and burn, our country becomes more vulnerable. Impeachment cannot come too soon.

  8. OK, which Congresscritter from either side of the Hill do you all think should be dragged out from under the desk or out of whatever binding hole and deputized to go the WH and tell Trump he’s crazy and he’s had it? Buh bye, Hair Trump!

  9. Actually, SCROTUS didn’t promise to defeat ISIS in 30 days. He promised to make “the generals” tell him how they’d do it in 30 days. So, if that “secret plan” from his campaign doesn’t pan out, he can blame it on someone else. Natch.

  10. Linda Phipps says:

    Trump is proud to “stir things up”, it’s his goal in Washington. His supporters are thrilled, they idolize the bully because they couldn’t do it themselves. Sadly, anyone who cooks, or works with paint, knows if you stir too much and don’t pay attention to what you are stir in you get inedible food, or a paint color that you wouldn’t slop on the doghouse.

  11. Great report, but it’s not going to change any minds. 35-40% of the country is behind Trump no matter what they’re treading in while they follow him or how high the cliff he leads them off of.

    ExTex, didn’t Donnie say he knew more about ISIS than the generals…?

  12. In order for the leaks to be criminal, they have to have have actually come from someone on the inside releasing classified information to the press. Which would invalidate his claim that it is “fake news”. Which is it, Donnie? Are the reports true and criminal, or false and a conspiracy?

  13. I have a new hero, Jake Tapper. I’ll add him to the short list of Rachel Maddow, Chris Hays, Dan Rather and a few others.

  14. Tilphousia says:

    Well said. Gee whiz, so the cockwomble in chief is also a hypocrite. Who knew? Trump sounds more delusional each time he opens his puffy little mouth. He cannot utter a coherent sentence.
    Please put him on some meds before he starts a very large war. And then says ‘the fake media did it!’