Ivanka Sitting in for Daddy at G20

July 08, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Apparently, Cheeto Jesus had more important business than the G20 in Hamburg, Germany.  So he sent Ivanka to represent the United States of America at the summit.  Just to review – Ivanka is unelected, unvetted, unappointed, and unapproved to represent the US in ANY matter, much less the G20.  Here she is sitting among world leaders while Daddy – tweets?

Oh, and Daddy tweeted this yesterday.  I guess “fighting” only applied to one day.

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29 Comments to “Ivanka Sitting in for Daddy at G20”

  1. Robert McClellan says:

    A case of Trump saying “I am not going there anymore I am sick of this boring crap they don’t even have a TV. By the way did you see Trump’s staff forgot to get hotel rooms; “what they don’t provide that”?

  2. Opinionated Hussy says:

    He’d actually stepped away for ‘bi-lateral discussions’ with the Indonesian leader about trade, according to Reuters, but it’s still wildly inappropriate for Ivanka to sit in, for all the reasons El Jefe pointed out.

  3. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    Does Cheeto have any grasp of what it means to be president? “No one ever knew how complicated it is to be president”; including the current occupant. Ivanka? Really? Guess she outranks Jared. We need a hierarchy chart of clan trump.
    Does he have a right to send a totally unqualified sit in to important meetings? When it’s Daddy’s turn to address the UN will he send Ivanka? Or maybe Baron?

  4. slipstream says:

    Merkel, Xi, and May look sooooooo impressed.

  5. Trump probably realized how out of his league he looks when sitting with real world leaders – so pretended it was ‘Take Your Daughter To Work Day,’ & sent Ivanka while he skipped out.

    I don’t object to sending a woman to these events. I just wish it was Hillary, who would have taken her duties seriously.

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    Under the heading “don’t ask” what could be more embarrassing than sending the Orange Donkey to the G-20? Orange Donkey abdicates and sends in the Cheetos Fluff.

    My humiliation is now complete. Thanks Ivanka.

  7. oldymoldy says:

    There’s really just nothing to say about this mess!
    Well, of course there is, I mean ‘nothing’ in a sort of rhetorical way.
    Where’s that scary face emoji thing when you need it?

  8. Picture this: Hillary won. She sends in Chelsea to sub for her at this meeting.

    How many Repug heads would explode?

  9. Jane & PKM says:

    Our pResident is a graduate of the PT Barnum school of selling. We all know what Donnie is selling, so there’s no need to offend Mama.

    *** warning *** here’s where Mama, those with little children in the room and those at work might not want to open the link. Trevor Noah describes Donnie’s method of sell and the voters who buy it: https://malialitman.com/2017/07/07/trevor-noah-explains-whatever-trump-is-selling-people-are-buying/

    Score 7 points for John Podesta. In 7 tweets he takes down Donnie and Vlad.

    This link is Mama safe. http://crooksandliars.com/2017/07/get-grip-man-john-podesta-fires-back-whack

    Tweet 7 of 7 is perfect for the Orange Donkey and a hint to the Cheetos Fluff: “7/7 Dude, get your head in the game. You’re representing the US at the G20.” Yes Ivanka, such as he is get the old boy back in the room. Millions of crazies and a crazier Electoral College selected him. You Ivanka on the other hand received nary a vote. We do not care that you are working for free. However we do care about what you are costing us, so please don’t ‘help.’

  10. I heard a rumor:
    On his way to the G20 meeting, Trump walked down the long stairway in his hotel lobby, exited through the front door where his limo waited outside, door open, directly in front of him – – at that moment he inexplicably swiveled, made a fast right turn, and was last seen strolling down the sidewalk before he disappeared into the crowd.

    Ivanka surveyed the situation and jumped in the limo.

  11. There is the fact she is smarter than CJ. But, then again a house plant is smarter and has some use.

  12. Cheryl, I was thinking just that– what if it were Chelsea Clinton representing her parent president? (Oh, how I wish she were!) And when Jimmy Carter said he’d asked his daughter Amy what she thought was the country’s biggest problem, the GOP screeched and flung their poop as if the world had exploded.

    But, as always, IOKIYAR. And she has to be smarter and more self-controlled than he is….

  13. Lunargent says:

    OH, HAY-YELL NO!!!

  14. What would happen if an employee were sent overseas for a big meeting and they substituted one of their children for a session or two? I think the boss would have two words for them. YOU’RE FIRED.

  15. Lunargent says:

    Indonesia, huh?

    Well I guess it’s possible. Can’t waste time on the future if the world economy when there’s real money to be made for the family business.

    I suspect that Donnie got too excited from yesterday’s lomg – awaited encounter with Putie, and is still recuperating.

    Or maybe it finally penetrated his giant yam of a head that he is totally out of his depth, and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. In which case, sending Ivanka was actually preferable.

    But seriously; this is one of the major international political events of the year. And our president is AWOL for most of it.

    We are swiftly declining, and probably about to fall.

  16. Rhea, I remember that incident.

    Carter responded that Amy worried about nuclear weapons. The response was immediate and fierce. Like the village idiot had just blasphemed. Confused me because my own kids, relatives and neighbor kids had the same worry.

    My kids hypothesized that GOP kids only worried about where they were going Saturday night and what were they going to wear.

  17. If Orange Whore hadn’t been so quick to yank us out of TPP with no back up plan, he wouldn’t need to be talking with Indonesia. BTW, Japan made a big trade deal a couple weeks ago that we’re not in thanks to OW’s pathetic negotiating skills.

  18. In business, it is common practice to send in an official rep if the head cheese is unavailable for any reason. Note that I said “official rep” as in on the damn payroll, etc. etc. Well, maybe what Ivanka heard will distract her from the lame-o paid parental leave thing. Would love to take a survey of the others in attendance to see what they thought of the sudden switch. Maybe they were actually relieved not to spend time in the same room with the Barking Yam.

  19. Jane & PKM says:

    When not busy looking for his ride, Donnie was busily finding other ways to humiliate us. It’s not ‘much’ but would someone please inform Dolt45 that China is the “People’s Republic of China” of which Mr. Xi is President. Specifically not the “Republic of China” which is Taiwan. One China, two China, meh … ask Rick Perry, Donnie. Maybe there’s three China.

  20. Jane & PKM says:

    And, speaking of Drumpf humiliations, Dumbwad Jr was given a huge twitter blistering by Ana Navarro.


    Ana Navarro

    Oh, no! I got under Little Boy Trump’s thin skin. Not his fault. It’s a hereditary condition.

    9:08 AM – 8 Jul 2017

  21. Jane & PKM says:

    We need a break. Figured y’all might enjoy one, too.


  22. He threw his daughter under the bus to create more diversions. And she is dumb enough to go along with it. They are all brainless idiots!!!

  23. Pollytiques says:

    Thank you Jane. I really did need that. Now for the first time in weeks I am smiling and with a full heart. I am so tired of dreading each day. Fearful, not of what the republicans want me to be afraid of. But because of what they are doing to my country.

  24. Oh my heart yearns for the Obama’s in the White House. Grace, dignity, beauty, intelligence.

  25. Linda Phippss says:

    His instructions to Ivanka were something like, “if anything comes up for a vote, just vote against it”.

  26. Tilphousia says:

    Not one word of rebuke from the miserable, immoral, evil rethugs. They are so blinded by hate and greed that no one sees or cares about the enormous damages to the United States by traitor trump. His demented approach to everything is not only sad but borders on criminal. And his entire damn clan are just as appalling. Everyone of them should be relieved of any connection with government, all business interested suspended. Then every one of his scam family of crooks can be shipped to an island. Somewhere. Traitor trump and all his cheating family must go.

  27. “And in other news, The Onion filed for bankruptcy today. ‘We just couldn’t keep up’.”

  28. Let your Congress people know how inappropriate this is.
    Really inappropriate.

  29. Trump Jr. now says his daddy didn’t know about the meeting. Why? Why wouldn’t he know four of his top goons were meeting with a Russian agent?
    There is no good answer. Jr already says it was to collude with Putin’s agent; and, if they didn’t tell Daddy because they didn’t think he should know because it would implicate him, then that means they knew it was wrong.

    Keep them away from sharp objects.