It’s The Daily Rick Perry Is A Brat Game. And Today’s Winner Is ….

June 30, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


It flat ain’t none of your bizwax what Rick Perry does with taxpayer money and where he’s going with it.

At a time Gov. Rick Perry has considerably stepped up his travel schedule, the Legislature on Tuesday amended a school finance bill to keep the details of the cost of his security team secret for 18 months.

At Perry’s urging, lawmakers inserted language into SB1 that will keep the details of travel vouchers submitted by his Department of Public Safety security team secret for 18 months after trips are completed. Both the Texas House and Senate passed the bill Tuesday.

The governor has argued that allowing public scrutiny of the travel expenses of his security team would compromise his safety.

Safety?  Did they say safety?  I’ll betcha they didn’t say it with a straight face.  Honey, he will tromple small children in large fields to get to a Fox News camera.  Where he goes is no secret.  The only safety issue here is poll numbers.

We don’t want details – we want totals.  We want to know what his Presidential ambitions are costing the taxpayers of Texas.  Well, not so much “we,” as much as children doing without health insurance and teachers without jobs.  We here at the beauty salon have jobs.  Unlike Rick Perry.

“Babe,” Juanita sighs, “we ought to gift wrap his paycheck.”

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1 Comments to “It’s The Daily Rick Perry Is A Brat Game. And Today’s Winner Is ….”

  1. I’m on Perry’s side on this one. If Texans knew how much of our money he spent towards his political ambitions, us poor villagers would certainly rise up and storm the castle. It’s clearly better this way. Ignorance is the only bliss we can achieve.