It Has Started

October 29, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Remember how Donald Trump got rich by not paying his vendors?  It was a business model for him to rip off small businesses and then tied them up in court if they tried to collect their money?

It’s happening again.

Trump hired pollster Tony Fabrizio, the Republican pollster and consultant Democrats fear and hate the most, is now stiffing him for $750,000 because Fabrizio gave Trump news that Trump didn’t want to hear.

According to one adviser, Kushner [Trump’s son-in-law and campaign manager] told pollster Tony Fabrizio during the convention that the campaign didn’t need to conduct focus groups. “ ‘I can tell from the applause what’s working,’ ” Kushner said, according to this source. Kushner, through a spokesperson, denied having said this, but it is in keeping with the go-with-your-gut approach of the Trump campaign. According to the adviser, Trump rejected television ads on Benghazi and the economy that tested the best with focus groups. “I know what works,” Trump told his team. (According to a source, Trump ad-maker Rick Reed quietly withdrew from the campaign in October.)

Here’s the deal:



So, Trump is going to stiff Fabrizio.  That right there makes a Democrat’s heart leap for joy!

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen for the heads up.

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24 Comments to “It Has Started”

  1. Anyone want to bet that Conway and the others do not get paid near the last?

  2. Anyone want to bet that Manafort is still working behind the scenes?

  3. What’s the old saying about lying down with dogs?

  4. Anyone want to bet that the number of C.O.D requests from Trump vendors skyrockets after the election?

  5. I have been having fun informing the gentle folks over at “The Blaze” about Drumpf’s proclivity toward stiffing common folks in direct contradiction to his “populist image”.
    Surprisingly, perhaps under the (appropriate) cover of the “never-Drumpfs”, the posts have been respectfully received (except by the paid trolls keeping the masses in line). It is wonderful to be able to post factual links that accurately describe history, and to perhaps help some to see a tiny light.
    What an effing creep.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    Old Fart- try that at C4P (conservatives for Palin-just the facts). I dare you. 🙂 It is like an entirely different universe over there.

  7. Jadedhaven says:

    Don’t sweat it, Clinton will win.

    I’m choosing to trust most of America won’t vote for this vulgar pig.

  8. Excuse me, y’all, please remember that “if” Donnie loses he doesn’t have to pay. I’m sure that’s somewhere in his one of his make-it-up-as-you-go rule books.

  9. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf spent $3 million on hats. Guess how his staff will be getting remunerated.

  10. @6 e platypus:
    Nah, I’m good.
    “The Blaze” is, apparently, becoming positively liberal these days.

  11. Lunargent says:

    O.F. –

    Yeah, Glenn Beck is positively lucid lately. I don’t know if he quit taking drugs, or started taking drugs. Whichever, it seems to be helping. Or maybe he’s just taking a break from scamming the rubes.

  12. Hate to see anybody get stiffed, but they had to know how he operates. It’s a switch on the old adage, “Buyer Beware.”
    With Trump it’s Everybody Beware.

  13. two crows says:

    Flummoxed again. That just keeps happening.

    Every time I think Trump might want to win, something like this comes to light:
    “According to the adviser, Trump rejected television ads on Benghazi and the economy that tested the best with focus groups.”
    And then I don’t think so any more.

    As much as I hate to admit it, using those teevee ads just might have worked.

    And Trump refused them.

    See why I’m confused?

  14. It’s just reminding me of how gullible and/or desperate the Trumpkins are. Or how racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and stoooooopid they are.

  15. JAKvirginia says:

    And so ends another chapter of “This is Why America is Screwed Up”. These “experts” trust Don the Con to pay them? And then tout themselves as knowing the public? Old rule of thumb in the marketing/pr biz: If you need a “focus group” you don’t know sh*t about the marketplace. Hang it up.

    Yet I’m getting a wee bit of satisfaction out of this story. The Whores for Trump getting screwed. What sweet, sweet irony. Bwahaha….

  16. Sandridge says:

    Good stuff, luv to see the hyenas ripping each other up.

    However, a few hours ago I saw my first reallyreallyreally good, excellent Trump TV commercial.
    The HRC folks had better take max notice and counter this coming ad blitz because it is that damned good. And I’m sure the ‘Pukes have others to roll out too.

    This spot had the voiceover and part of the visual by one of Trump’s daughters.
    The production values, and viewer impact of this spot are the absolute best you will see for anything.
    I say this as someone who sort of learned a lot about ad agency art direction and production (from a best bud).

    This spot is done in excellent HD, the compositions, images, color, theme, and script are superlative (even allowing for what they’re working with).
    It has the potential (with the certain to come others) in a total media blitz, of changing the race, IMO. It’s that damned effen good.

    Have any of y’all seen it yet?
    (go ahead, tell me I’m full of chit, I hope I am here with this, but…)

    Be scared, very very scared, GOTV. It’s going to be a squeaker…

  17. JAKvirginia says:

    And yet Sandridge, you neglect to tell us what the ad was about! What was the message? The point? Sounds like a lovely puff piece to me in spite of the top notch production values. But you are correct in that judging from what I have seen from Trumpsters in the news, they will lap this up. But at this late date who cares? Trump needs new votes. Is this to keep the votes he has? Not good news for him.

  18. I saw the ads. Basically your normal Hillary is a failure, Benghazi, and emails. Let’s keep in mind this an ad buy in Texas. Just the fact alone shows how much trouble he is in.

  19. JAKvirginia,
    Hi J, You’re right, I didn’t state anything about ‘message, or point’. Even ‘what it’s about’.
    All that is just the usual bull in any political ad today, almost meaningless actually (and anything else). Advertising is all about ‘the imaging’ today, content matters little (and this is a baaad comment on the ‘targets…;] ).

    You’re right, the faithful, deluded R’s will positively lap this up, pat themselves on their wormy backs, and clamor for more.
    But this spot is good enough to sway otherwise rational undecideds, third party leaners, even some weaker D’s (IMO). Given it’s overall intended impact, the under the consciousness ‘psych’ factor; where all ads want to be.
    ” Is this to keep the votes he has?” From what the ex and I saw at the polls Wednesday, I fear the R’s are determinedly coming out of the woodwork to ensure TRaunch wins.
    I was going to write the experience up here, early voting in our rural little TX county seat (75% R usually), but been busy. I really think a big chunk of the ev is “R”, not “D”. Hope I’m wrong.

    It worries me, sure don’t want this to slip away in the final two weeks (and D’s have a penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory).

    I’m not sure this is a Texas only ad, it’s way too good not to be national. And I suspect it’s not so much a desperation move as a careful plan to sprint in ‘bigly’.
    If HRC were really invincible, she’d be even more ahead in the poll aggregate. The email stuff, certainly more stuff to come, this is a carefully orchestrated battle from both sides. There is a whole lot going on under the surface…maybe the risks of this just scare the bejabbers outta me :[ .

  20. Shucks! this is how all megalomaniacs function. If anything, this election season has been a grad course in psych, especially about him! Every American following this on TV should get a damn master’s degree in the subject! It just might offset the constant headache for the past nearly two years!

  21. RA: I think you’re right. It only makes sense. If he looses, it’s because his people didn’t perform their jobs. Oh wait. The election was rigged. His people should of countered that. They didn’t perform their jobs. Breach of contract. Hell, he’ll probably sue them.

  22. P.P.: I’m expecting more twists and turns (of “logic”) than Cirque de Soleil has ever imagined.

  23. Sandridge says:

    @18- Scott, I saw the Trump “Hillary Fails” ad you’re probably referring to during Geo. Steppininit’s ‘This Week’ program this morning. That one is pretty generic negad, same as hundreds by many candidates. Deep-voiced announcer dramatically reads litany of all/imagined ‘crimes’, bold text swipes across screen, sharp, scare music, blahblah…mundane ‘throw it at the wall’ carp. It’s been running for weeks.

    The one I’m pointing out is new (at least here) and has far higher production quality and “impact”. Key voice and presence is one of his daughters (his older sons clearly don’t go over very well). Then ‘family man’ cuts of TRaunch with little B., etc. Reminiscent of Saddam H. with those hostages. But to an average viewer bear, pretty damn impressive.

  24. Linda Phipps says:

    EPO, not just hats in payment, but there a lot of copies of Trumps books to pass along as well. The autographed ones are worth $2.