Is Anybody Else Staying Up?

September 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Ole Bubba and I are staying up to watch Ted Cruz commit suicide on national television.  Too many he’s taking so many jobs with him.

Boehner looks like he swallowed a live bird.  He’s gonna cry, isn’t he?

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39 Comments to “Is Anybody Else Staying Up?”

  1. Kate Dungan says:

    “A government shutdown is “basically a paid vacation” — Blake Farenthold, Texas Republican from Corpus Christi”

  2. Kate Dungan says:

    Paid, yeah that’s something we ought to look into Blake. For an awful lot of people it will means misery, Mr. Ducky Pajamas.

  3. Braxton Braggart says:

    Blake Farenthold must be aware of the historic nature of this event; he brought all three chins to the Capitol with him tonight.

  4. Braxton Braggart says:

    Tweet from @seungminkim:

    “Louie Gohmert spotted on Senate side.”

    No, dear, he just got lost coming out of the men’s room. Again.

  5. Braxton Braggart says:

    Boehner’s under so much heat and pressure right now he just might turn into a diamond.

  6. AlanInAustin says:

    Boehner looks like a dog who can’t find his lost bone. You can almost read what’s going on in his mind: “You made me Speaker; doesn’t that automatically make me a leader?”

    Oh well, at least the Saints are spanking the Fins.

  7. Cubic Zirconia At best….
    I just wish Samantha Stephens would wiggle that cute nose of hers and make them all go away to some tundra with Dr Bombay!

  8. Cruz looks like he just told Boehner that he ate his dog. Boehner looks like he believes that happened.

    Making a freshman Senator the de facto Speaker of the House while humiliating the orange one they elected is probably the stupidest move they could have taken. The idea of appointing a conference committee at this hour may be even dumber.

  9. I’m up and watching. I doubt we’ll ever see such a naked display of stupidity again — at least until the debt ceiling fight in a couple of weeks.

  10. Hopefully, this will be like the instructor in the school for suicide bombers. “I’m only gonna show you how to do this once.”

    “between my finger and my thumb
    the squat pen rests
    snug as a gun” – Seamus Heaney

  11. I’m in. Half the people in my town work for the government or contractors. All the state politicians, from the gov. on down are on the news telling folks it won’t be so bad. Sorry to say the local news stations are letting them get away with it.

  12. sailboatslave says:

    Yeah we’re up too, streaming MSNBC for updates…with our box o’ wine running low…

  13. Those sons of bitches…we sent 3 budgets the Senate shot them down..we sent a clean bill to the house they won’t vote
    Listening to them is making me want to throw up–I just got home from having a multi-thousand dollar surgery, groggy and doped up and I can think more clearly than these house bozos
    The senate is not much better…they need to be hung as traitors–all of the tea partiers, and that 5 yr old tantrum thrower Ted Cruz and his pj wearing buddy(who will break the rope)
    I am begging for Texas to leave the union–you blue guys can move to Austin and stay…they are a hulimation to our place in the world.

  14. I switched from watching and listening to the Senate over to the House, and at this point, Pete Sessions is telling his lies about Obamacare taking money from the seniors, blah-blah-blah. I can’t take any more lies tonight. I’m going to bed. I will pray that a righteous God gives the bass turds in the House exactly what they so richly deserve, starting with the Canadian, Raphael Cruz.


  15. Juanita Jean says:

    I am happy that some of you are getting to meet the refined Texas Republican delegation. They are more excited than a hoedown at the nursing home.

  16. Yeah, I’m tired. Of course I realize after I wrote that the Canadian is “Senator” Raphael (The Teddie) Cruz.

  17. People seem to think that they are citizens of the Republican Party and that this is patriotism and sufficiently good patriotism. I prefer to be a citizen of the United States. — Mark Twain

    I can’t add anything to the master’s words.

  18. I’m still up. Looking at Boehner bloviate on the floor and mock the President makes me realize…

    Orange is the New Whack.

  19. The Senate is doing its job. The House is drunkenly pursuing its hobby.

  20. Who is running against Sessions next time–I want to send some money–creeped out so completely I won’t sleep tonight.
    Repugs are such true believers that it’s gone from compassion for their hardened , unloving brains, to “get out the bug spray!
    STAT!! Damn cockroaches!”
    Sorry momma, but I grew up with the BIG ones, and had the misfortune as a three year old to step on a swarm in the dark…yech, yech, yech and some throwing up–just need a bath and some brain bleach after watching the live feed…

  21. I’ve seen things like this in the movies before, but those movies were all farces. Intentionally so, unlike this mess.

  22. Okay, Rhea–
    It’s official–I love your mind!

  23. Okie Dokie says:

    Boner needs to retire. I’m sure he could find a bar/tanning salon for sale in Ohio.

    Will Newt Gingrich be making any appearances giving the any advice regarding government shutdowns? It went rather well when HE was speaker. (sarcasm)

  24. Mercifully, something blew in my neighborhood, at about 9:00 p.m., last night that caused me lose my electricity. From the sound, it was either a transformer, or a line fuse.

    Regardless, I missed all the political theater. However, I also missed seeing the Saints win, and the Rangers lose.

    All in all, not too bad.

    Maybe we Texans could send some adults to Washington next election cycle? Pretty please.

  25. When Newt Gingrich is vocally appalled by his own party, you know its over.

  26. OldMayfly says:

    GOP House members were in front of news cameras all day telling lies about “Obamacare.”

    I think they plan to use the footage for their re-election campaigns and to solicit funds from their ignorant supporters.

  27. OldMayfly, Obamacare supporters will be using the same footage when they run for re-election or election. The ones in the most trouble will be the Obamacare opponents. They will either use the footage in a very edited version or not at all. A government shutdown covers all anatomies. Obamacare is only a part of this. Those who see no paychecks as a result of the shutdown will vote against anyone who voted for the shutdown. Government contractors and allied subcontractors will also see diddly coming in. The extended effect will hit retail sales and services and so on. I see the House rolling over to a Democratic majority in the mid-term elections.

  28. e platypus onion says:

    … the right’s Reverend Boner cried, ” Kneel on the poor and let us prey,”

    Oh Masters reward us with Mercedes Benz,
    We have done your bidding,but Obamacare won’t end.
    We took away their foodstamps and gave you your due
    Reward us,dear Masters,with a Mercedes or two.

    Dear Masters help explain our transgressions to god
    We re-writ the bible so now it reads odd
    We ripped the poor,the old,the uninsured and mods
    Reward us fat bastards with Paul Ryan’s bod.

    We put all our askits in one last little beg
    There’s next year’s elections,we’re on our last legs
    Please keep the dough a-rolling is all that we say
    Do join us,dear Masters,kneel on the poor,let’s prey

    My humblest apologies to Janis and the onliest song to reach the top of the charts acapella?

  29. Hi!
    All of the images on your site now are on a server that is blocked for me. Will this change?

    I usually read you at work to make it through the day. The posts are still awesome and hilarious, but without pics some of the impact is gone.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Super Fan Me

  30. John Stewart gave the baggers the riot act on his show last night, complete with clips of the hypocritical Cruz et al. Worth a look.

  31. Cruz has stated he will give his salary to charity. Big deal. Still trying to be the good example. Have you noticed that Cornyn has been awfullly quiet. Is he in hiding?

  32. Juanita Jean says:

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  33. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    maryelle: that Daily News cover is truly amazing.

    JJ: Everything looks as normal to me as it ever does. Leopard side walls. Arches at the top of the Salon and photos on the articles – all coming in clear.

  34. No problems from my server, Firefox.

  35. Stayed up switching back and forth between the CSPANs. How do I go about trading my Texas congressman Johnson for Louise Slaughter without moving?

  36. gabberflasted says:

    Watching these Republican blowhards is akin to watching frog legs fry.
    All the twitching in the world will not stop the heat.

  37. I have the same problem — Internet Explorer