“Insurance for Everybody” Yeah. Just Like the Wall

January 16, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

As expected, the tsunami of lies pouring out of Cheeto Tower have reached Fukushima proportions.  After biting his lip over Alec Baldwin’s masterful SNL portrayal of him Saturday night, CJ exploded yesterday, ranting about Baldwin, insulting the director of the CIA, and, of course, Democrats.

But the most interesting lie, though, was the one he told during a telephone interview with the Washington Post on Saturday.  In that interview Trump declared that he’s close to a new healthcare plan that includes “insurance for everybody” and that the federal government was going to negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma.  What?

So, after railing for years about the evils of Obamacare, CJ is going to replace it with Hillarycare, rebranded as Cheetocare?  The chances of getting this through Congress?  Infinitesimal to zero.  But then he can blame them, right?  More chaos on Bullshit Mountain (sorry, Momma).

My head is spinning.

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47 Comments to ““Insurance for Everybody” Yeah. Just Like the Wall”

  1. Laughing myself into hiccups. This sounds like universal healthcare which means taxes at the rate Canadians pay for their national health care service. In a country like the US of A, where everything just has to be free, this is gonna go over like a lead balloon and it will be just one more incriminating item some R is putting down int he tracking book for CJ’s impeachment.

  2. The US is the only first world country that does not provide health care for all of it’s citizens…but we provide ” solid gold” healthcare to elected/appointed politicians who tout their Christian and family values, paid by the US tax payers.

  3. Larry from Colorado says:

    Papa: You’re behind the times. Congressvarmits no longer get free/solid gold healthcare, but you can bet there is a hidden value we don’t know about.

  4. Gee just what I wanted, The same Health Care my congressman gets. Will happen the day pigs fly and Don the con. tells the truth.

  5. Steve The Returned says:

    Bonus points for the cracker-and-peanut butter image. Inspired—if unappetizing…..

  6. Larry, If Congress pays for their ins, it because we the tax payer heavily subsidize ita and they pay much less. Given the amount of money they earn and the fact that most are quite wealthy, they have health ins. they can afford while most of the American public does not. And Larry, who are you to call me behind the times?

  7. Steve The Returned: “cracker-and-peanut butter image”, I was thinking that was something else, not peanut butter…Да, это фигня.

  8. flood of lies, more like chernobyl not fukushima

  9. Someone who knows how to change feature names on Google Maps needs to change the name of “Trump Tower” to “Drumpf Tower”. Or “Bull$hit Mountain”. I’m ok with either I just don’t know how to do the change.

  10. Jane & PKM says:

    Silly snacilbupeR. They don’t have a clue on how to undo the ACA. Nor do they have the remotest clue on a replacement. Yet, Donnie claims there are a few good features of the ACA he’d keep.


    How about keeping the ACA and fixing the things that are wrong about it?

  11. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, I have a better idea, good friend. There’s a feature in drone targeting that would not only accomplish the wanted name change on a map, but reduce the problem to rubble.

    Apologies for sounding so harsh this morning, Mama. But the eldest Stockholm Syndrome and abuse victim daughter of Donnie has been out and about talking programs. Again, my apologies Mama. But in my defense, can I be a little cranky when the snacilbupeR have no cognitive nuance between program and pogrom?

  12. @Sandridge—Да, я понимаю. Мне нравится слово “дерьмо” лучше. 🙂

  13. Elizabeth2 says:

    Well, he’s going to get the Mexicans to pay for it, of course.

  14. Unfortunately for Trump, his role as Fearless Leader doesn’t let him blame Congress for not doing what he says. Boris and Natasha can blame moose and squirel, but the Dominant Alpha Male cannot fail without losing his alpha status.

    However, there’s an answer: anyone who wants to can buy insurance – it just won’t cover anything. I recall working at a temp agency that offered health insurance in the pre-ObamaCare era – it had a $1,000/year cap, a $500/year deductible, and cost $50/month. So, for $600/year ($50×12 months), one could purchase $500/year maximum coverage. Sweet! Until one does the math, or course.

    The other possible scam is the “buy insurance across state lines” scam. California experimented with this for workers compensation insurance in an attempt to lower premiums. It lowered premiums successfully – but they found that the out-of-state providers often would wrongfully deny claims, then file for bankruptcy.

    Here’s my plan for universal health insurance for all – send the unregulated insurer $100/month, and if you get sick… they’ll send you some Christian Science pamphlets.

  15. Here’s a simple solution to the Republican’s health care dilemma. On January 21st pass a bill that keeps all of the provisions of the ACA but re-titles the law ‘The Republican Health Care Freedom Act of 2017’. This way all of the idiots who think The Affordable Care Act is not ‘Obama Care’, will be happy that Obama Care is dead, and the Republicans in Congress can congratulate themselves for so quickly driving a stake through the Obama Care heart.

  16. e platypus onion says:

    OT Monica “I plagiarize when I want” creepy Crawley won’t be a Drumpf spokesliar after all.

  17. Jeff A,
    Sure, they can bring it full-circle, since O’care is basically “Romneycare” anyway.
    Won’t matter, when sporadically watching-listening to tv-radio news (95% PBS-NPR) ‘man-in-the-street type’ interviews, I’m just dumbstruck every time at the depth of ignorance and obliviousness to facts of those interviewees ID’ed as Rethugs.
    Total propaganda sponges without a cognitive pair of brain cells to rub together.
    Дерьмо для мозгов! Позвольте мне отсюда!

  18. Jeff A, that’s a sadly plausible solution. Saw a feature the other day with some fool exulting that Obamacare would soon be dead, but because his insurance was through the ACA he’d be okay. Or not, as many people immediately pointed out to him.

    Actually Donnie saying that the feds will negotiate lower prices for drugs is one of the very few sensible ideas he’s voiced. The GOP SOBs passed a bill that made it impossible for the feds to do that, because they’d rather Americans die for want of life-saving drugs than that Big Pharma puts fewer dollars in their bottomless pockets.

  19. TTPT,
    Может также начать общение на русском (или Trumpese) и идти с программой.

  20. I am so disappointed that my computer doesn’t type Russia text.
    Seems like something we’ll need under Drumpinski.

  21. @Jane & PKM

    Hear ya. Collateral damage. Some in the vicinity are innocent. i’m a “bullet with your name on it” as opposed to a “to whom it may concern” kinda guy. I prefer 671 Grains Of Diplomacy.

  22. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, totally agree. “Occupant” is a lousy form of warfare, especially as regards innocents. But really, drones can be accurate, when programmed/operated properly. Or, it could be done the old way with 671 directed to Donnie, Mikey and Lyin’ Ryan with little tag notes attached to keep others safe. I’d be more than cool with a ‘simple’ warning message to the offending 3 and no one injured.

  23. Sandridge says:

    Not sure if you’re seeing the Russian comments rendered in your browser correctly or not. If not, your machine simply needs to get a Russian-Cyrillic font installed from Microsoft (or Apple, et al., depending on what you use).
    I think a browser (IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari– I highly recommend “Opera”), when it encounters a ‘foreign’ font typeface will prompt you to install that font, a simple one-click op. Then it’s just C&P. Once you have non-English fonts even printing to a printer will ‘translate’, since a printer just renders bitmaps.

    At any rate, in addition to being a sarcastic SOB, I’ve been trying to coax y’all into commenting on one (or more) of these TMDBS topic threads entirely in Russian-Cyrillic. I think it would be neat to see the whole page that way. ;]
    Maybe one of the ‘authors’ would even write a whole column in Russkie, get with the program…Vladimir would be pleased.

    Translators (Вы не думаете, что я знаю, что ты Русский?); use two tabs, one for each direction:
    (Using the Google, which I avoid, often translates some stuff differently)

  24. @maryelle—It’s not too late. The website DuoLingo has a Russian course, which I’ve been taking. I hope to be semi-fluent in time for Vladimir Putin’s U.S. coronation in 2020.

  25. Health Insurance For Everybody is the easy part. Anybody can provide health insurance for everybody. I could, you could. The question is, at what cost?

    Patient: I need followup surgery on a previously treated condition, will you cover it?
    Insurance Company: Sure! By the way, you’ll receive an updated monthly premium rate starting next month. Good luck!

  26. @Sandridge–Блестящая идея!

  27. The cracker image is beautiful. I can’t help thinking it should be a Ritz cracker, though…

    Still. It’s excellent.

  28. I have an app with the catchy name, “Translate.” I copy from the comment and paste in Translate. Tah-dah! Very slick and it includes lots of languages to translate to or from. So . . .

    Моя любимая часть клянется минус мыло!

  29. I love the cracker image too. Very well done. Somebody makes a small, square orange cracker, similar in color to goldfish. That would be perfect!

  30. two crows says:

    The more things change the more they stay the same. It’s deja vu all over again.

    FDR’s speech about exactly this – – – in 1936:

  31. two crows says:

    Oh, and one more thing:
    OF COURSE Trumpelthinskin floated HillaryCare out to the WaPo.
    After all, plagiarism: it’s what they do. We’re not supposed to notice that it’s something the Democrats already tried to get past Congress. We’re supposed to be too dumb to figure that one out
    [whisper it softly] Trump IS too dumb to figure it out.

  32. Jane & PKM says:

    Rick, the snacilbupeR are terrified by health CARE. To make that work, we’d actually need to educate Americans to become doctors. The insurance shortfall is nothing compared to the doctor shortage.

    Donnie wants to ‘create’ jobs. Maybe he should give a thought to education and making Americans eligible for existing jobs. May his next prostate exam be given by a North Korean doctor with loyalty to Kim …

  33. Jane & PKM, don’t know about your area, but many if not most of the doctors in the MD suburbs are immigrants. This probably adds to a doctor shortage in the countries of their births.

  34. Jane & PKM says:

    We’re rural with less than 1 gastroenterologist per 300,000 people and other more serious medical shortages. We have no problems with doctors who are immigrants other than what you point out, that it may contribute to shortages in other countries.

    Point is we have jobs that need filled. Good paying professional jobs that with some debt free college assistance could be filled with Americans in need of a job.

    😀 The jab about a North Korean doctor. Unless they are defectors who may very well love us, most people from the DPRK hate us and would make suitable doctors for Donnie.

  35. I had heard DT say on the campaign trail that all Americans ought to be insured (but he said so many things, most of them ridiculous, that I waved that 1 off), and then I heard that he told the WaPo that he had a plan ready to go. I hadn’t heard that it was Hillary care until just now; I just figured it was written in crayon on a Big Chief tablet. (Jane & PKM, you’re too young to remember those…)

    And my second thought was that he has no idea how the US government works…

  36. “…written in crayon on a Big Chief tablet…”. That’s a knee-slapper, djw. And there was probably peanut butter an jelly smeared all over it.

  37. @Sandridge

    tlhIngan jatlh maH neH joH.

  38. e platypus onion says:

    Debbo. my dear-it’s got forked antlers- they are called Cheez-its.


  39. @Micr—What is that? Klingon?

  40. Yup, epo, that’s them. Gracias.

  41. Annabelle Lee says:

    My favorite part was Spicer stepping out from behind Trump to say, “When he said ‘everyone would have coverage’, that was not to be taken literally. We good here?”

  42. Trump won’t blame Congress for not passing it. He’ll blame Obama.

  43. @TTPT

    Yes. Marc Okrand rocks!

  44. elise from CA says:

    The peanut butter is particularly appropriate because if made from rotten peanuts you get aflatoxin (just as nasty as it sounds).

  45. TTPT

  46. TTPT
    chaq Hoch puqlI’ law’ loD