In Texas?

July 30, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Childress, Texas, is out in west Texas between Wichita Falls and Amarillo and is only in Texas due to a geographic formality.

Customer Richard was spending the night in a Comfort Inn in Childress and was a little surprised to see this on top of the Gideon Bible.



Wait until the first Baptist Church finds out!  And they will because they are the ones renting hotel rooms by the hour.

Thanks to Richard for the heads up.

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16 Comments to “In Texas?”

  1. Elise Von Holten says:

    I have seen them in hotel rooms across the country–we often stay in smaller family run motels and quite a few are Hindu…
    The stories are long and involved, but interesting, teaching moral tales as any “good” book should do. Maybe there is hope for our country yet. One of my favorite memories of Yellowstone is seeing three young Hindu boys, moms and aunties in saris, wearing their “coonskin” Davy Crockett type hats, exploring the same spaces we were. My guy and I just broke out into grins–such a beautiful showing of how it’s really possible to have out of many, one. Just takes being willing to “become” part of a place and have its history be yours. I prefer “enlightened self-interest” over many other ways of looking at things, and an emphasis on separation of church and state, with the freedom to choose to worship or not. Heck, we need as many ways of teaching morality as we can get–maybe something will stick!

  2. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Krishna checked out
    And he left it no doubt
    To help with good Rocky’s revival.

  3. Hmmmm. Hindus passing through Childress?? I guess it could happen.

  4. Better plot development than the Book of Mormon.

  5. had to spend a week in Hillsboro, Texas at a Comfort Inn and they were in the rooms and in the computer room and on tables in the dining room..cracked me up.

  6. charles r. phillips says:

    Droll, Wiggam, very droll.

    Now I need a ear, nose and throat guy to check and see if my explosive “tea through nose” ejection has caused any permanent damage!

    Other than to my laptop, that is!

  7. charles r. phillips says:

    Hey, Juanita, let us Pastafarians know when a sympathetic hotel opens in your area!

  8. Hollyanna says:

    rAmen. May you be touched by his noodly appendages, charles r. phillips.

  9. capitol dave says:

    Childress-the Gateway to Estelline!

  10. That’s actually something the (many) Indian hotel/motel owners are doing… I met one operator in California where there were the Bahavad Gita was in the room, too.

  11. Childress on mescaline!

  12. I’d hazard the guess that mescaline won’t change the appearance of Childress much, although mass quantities of mescaline may make being in Childress easier to stomach.

  13. charles r. phillips says:

    Micr, is that like being in Tulsa on a week night?

  14. @charles r. phillips

    The most lost I ever got happened in Tulsa. My bro and I went to a meeting. He had carried his bike on the back of his car and was gonna ride back to the Embassy Suite. I had to drive his car back. I was lost. The tank was on fumes. A Tulsa cop stumbled over me. Gave me directions. Then he stumbled over me again. Clearly too stupid to drive alone, he escorted me to the Embassy, with his hazard flashers on. Probably chuckling the whole way about how stooopid Texans are.

  15. Micr, your story gave me a good laugh!!

  16. The jokes just write themselves. The last Marriott I stayed in had the Book of Mormon, which was good for a few laughs.