In Austin. Gonna Hear It All

December 17, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Ya’ll, I am at the SDEC meeting in Austin today.  This afternoon all five candidates for DNC chair will speak.  I’m headed to it because I want to hear what they plan to do about party building.

For the past 8 years the DNC has been a miserable disgusting failure at party building.  We have lost all the gains we made with Democratic governors and state houses.  What good does it do us to have the presidency when we lose both houses of congress for a stalemate and then face states with Republican governors and state house who won’t impliment programs we somehow manage to get passed?

The DNC doesn’t need tweaking.  It needs a bonfire. As we should have learned by now, dammit, money alone won’t win anything if you are spending that money with consultants who haven’t learned any new tricks since Elvis died.

I will take good notes but you probably won’t hear from me tonight because Ole Bubba and I are going to Marble Falls to see the Christmas lights.


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6 Comments to “In Austin. Gonna Hear It All”

  1. I’ll bring the Cowboy Juice and matches.

  2. Afternoon JJ. Hope you guys have a good time. Just remember to keep the windows up at the stoplights in Austin. A young lady I know is quoted as saying that the traffic lights there are so long so folks have time to roll a joint. Or maybe enjoy the fresh air.:-)

  3. e platypus onion says:

    Christmas lights? At this time of year?

  4. To P.P. are you suggesting that austin stop lights smells the same as the entrance to SeaTac?
    A not so faint aroma as soon as one walks out the door.

  5. Ken: Think Bill Murray in Ghostbusters “well that’s what I heard”

  6. Have fun.