I’m Kinda Stunned

October 12, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Did you know that last Friday a guy tried to set off a bomb in a terrorist attack at the airport in Asheville, North Carolina?

Yeah, I didn’t either.

The man authorities say left an explosive device at Asheville Regional Airport on Friday morning that contained ammonium nitrate and fuel oil said he was preparing to “fight a war on U.S. soil,” according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

Michael Estes, 46 years old, walked into the airport with a bag around midnight.  He disappeared from the surveillance camera for a few seconds and then emerged without the bag.

Security checked the bag and a trained police dog alerted them that the bag contained a bomb.  It was a homemade bomb with an alarm clock attached.

Michael Estes

In the complaint, investigators noted that the type of device found at the airport, called “AN/FO” explosives, has been used “in a number of terrorist-related incidents around the world in the past.

“When AN/FO comes into contact with a flame or other ignition source it explodes violently,” the complaint states. “Shrapnel or nails or ball bearings are often items added to the device so as to increase the devastation inflicted by the explosion.”

The materials used to make the bomb were traced back to Estes, who confessed to “preparing to fight a war on U.S. soil.”

Now imagine if Estes had been a Muslim.  Or black. Donald Trump would have tweeted all weekend about it.  It would be headlining the news.

Now that right there?  That’s white privilege gone insane.

Thanks to SGray for the heads up.

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16 Comments to “I’m Kinda Stunned”

  1. “Fight a war on US soil” against whom? I thought working-class (?) white guys were as happy as pigs in slop with Donnie in charge, since they haven’t figured out yet what a liar and conman he is.

    And yeah, if he weren’t a white guy, he’d have been all over the news. Maybe that’s what’s he’s mad about.

  2. Maybe he is taking his cue from drumpf who is as likely to Nuke Puerta Rico as anywhere else and more then others.
    Maybe use it as an example to N. Korea as to what would happen if they keep saying nasty things about him.

  3. I have said it before we do not have to worry about foreign terrorists, we grow our own right here in the USA! Find out his state and ban all from that state from crossing into other states, right?

  4. Like Rhea said, what’s up with the white guys? They got Trump, what are they fighting on American soil?

    The type of bomb he made used the same materials as the bomb which blew out the side of the Sterling Hall in Madison, WI back in 1969. They can be quite powerful.

  5. JAKvirginia says:

    Why? Why you keep saying? Well here’s why. Yes, they have Dimwit, but what else? Where are the Whites Only stores? Why are “non-whites” on TV. Why does football have black kneelers instead of white standers. Why aren’t women compliant, and subservient? WHY ISN’T EVERYTHING JUST THE WAY I WANT IT?!!!!!

    That’s why.

  6. I’ve read a number of posts that show that trumpkin is correct. to stop most of the terrorists act performed in USA we need the wall….built around N.Carolina!!! Where 7 of the 9 terrorists are from!!!! OK! 5 of them where born here but did not really live here in NC. But the main point is our terrorists are OURs, not theirs!

  7. This is one of those stories where folks can say “when! it didn’t explode!”, roll over and go back to sleep no matter the race of the perp. No wonder there are’t any front page stories about a white man goes wrong with a bomb. Except there is already one white man gone wrong not only on the front page but all the way through the damn fish wrapper!

  8. fry1laurie says:

    I’m surprised he was even arrested. “Sir! Sir! You forgot your bag! Maybe a black church would have better use for it.”

  9. Timothy McVeigh used a very similar bomb to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City. Instead of fuel oil, he used nitromethane.

  10. Tilphousia says:

    Sadly, traitor trump and his equally incompetent administration are as ignorant, stupid as they are hypocritical. They don’t think that white people can be terrorists. Caca del toro!

  11. now, now, i’m sure this was just a one-off, and he’s suffering from economic anxiety. nothing to see here folks.

  12. I can’t help but wonder for whom Mr Estes voted in November, 2016.

  13. Well I think it’s obvious. Patriot Estes was attempting to take out a kitten and puppy meat falafel joint where the plans for implementing Sharia law are being finalized. Hidden behind a Hertz desk.
    All sarcasm aside, I’ll be surprised if it turns out that this douchebag whackjob doesn’t have infowars stickers all over his lunchbox.

  14. Crickets. He might qualify for Faux if he has the legs that meet their standards.

  15. So today a Northwest Indiana man was arrested for setting off a pipe bomb last month in the East Chicago post office the injured a pregnant postal employee – and sending another explosive device through the mail. Goes by the name Eric Krieg, which doesn’t exactly sound like a Muslim either.

  16. I don’t suppose this made Sinclair Broadcasting’s mandatory terror-of-the-week or whatever it’s called.