If You Voted for Donald Trump…

June 30, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Flamethrower, Holy Crap

If you voted for Donald Trump, read this; then find one of these in your house:

Then, look long and hard. YOUR guy is the problem.  YOUR guy is the “fake”.  YOUR guy is a disgusting misogynist pig who incites the worst behaviors in his supporters, embarrasses us daily on the world stage, is weirdly obsessed with himself, women’s appearance, and blood.  YOUR guy has singlehandedly turned the entire US government into a circus.

THIS is YOUR fault.  You can blame no one else.  Own it.

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12 Comments to “If You Voted for Donald Trump…”

  1. Not my circus! Not my clowns! Not my monkey!

  2. Someone here is underestimating the power of denial.

  3. Oh, something so well said should not be so accurate!

  4. maryelle says:

    Again, Trump is Patient Zero when it comes to the pandemic of hate.

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    This goes way beyond voting for Dolt45. The st00pid it burns. But the “Collective St00pid” is on track to become an inferno. Not only did the snacilbupeR deliver this dog and pony show to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, they gave the flaming fool two cans of gasoline, the House and Senate.

    On the optimistic side we should survive this holiday weekend. The bigger question is will those individual drops in the two cans learn enough this weekend to douse themselves. Essentially get over themselves and put the country first. The G20 summit is coming at us like a freight train. Will they throw the flaming fool of a conductor off the train, or will they allow this farce to persist?

  6. Rastybob says:

    Jump on the Traitor Trump Train.

    Come on all of you conservatives, I’m sure you will like this game.
    Theirs lots of room for all the Right, to jump on the Traitor Trump train.
    You don’t have to be too smart, Or even have a brain.
    The dumber you are, the more likely you are. To Jump on the Traitor Trump Train.
    All of the Republicans in congress are sucking up on his mane.
    Lying Ryan, Newt. And McConnell, They are all on the Traitor Trump Train.
    Just forget all about the swamp, Its the Tax payers they will drain.
    Forget the poor and more for the rich, Jump on the Traitor Trump Train.
    It should jump the track most any day, And the democrats they will blame.
    And you won’t find a single Republican, That was ever on the Traitor Trump Train.
    By the Anonymous Desert Rat.

  7. Dene Grigar says:

    I’d add people who did not even take the time to do their civic duty and vote in the election.

  8. maryelle says:

    Loved the new lyrics, Rastybob or Anonymous Desert Rat.

  9. This is the best thing I’ve read about the GOP mindset. If you think that taking health care away from 23 million needy people to give the rich a tax cut is good policy, we can’t even discuss anything.


  10. L'angelomisterioso says:

    @Alan#2- Underestimating the power of denial or overestimating the will of the typical RWNJ to accept responsibility, which may, or may not be the same phenomenon.

  11. Linda Phipps says:

    Nope, they will look in the mirrors and see American eagles. Years ago I had a conversation with a special ed teacher who had a class of 6th graders with emotional difficulties. Towards the end of the year they were absolutely bouncing off the walls, and she told me that in facing 7th grade in a different school they were feeling terrible anxiety about having to shed some of their old behaviors, and leaving their comfort zones, and move ahead. This is what I see in people who voted for trump (at least many of them) — they see that he is a terrible mistake but are not ready to move ahead.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Good explaination of the traitor trump voter. They will swallow any story handed to them by someone proclaiming ” Christian values”. None of them ever met a Christian value much less ever practiced one. Nope, they are charter members of the unholy church of all hate. Most should be dropped into the nearest active volcano. (With appropriate ablusions made to the volcano Gods.)