If You Don’t Like the Answer, Shoot the Messenger

January 05, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

As anyone with common sense would know, incoming, uh…urp, president Cheeto Jesus is going to suck (sorry momma) at governing.  To reward his benefactor, Vladimir Putin, CJ has picked his first major twitter battle with the intelligence community, refusing to believe the mountain of evidence that the Russians did indeed hack into DNC and other computers in an effort to sway our national elections. Now that the CIA and other agencies have refused to change their assessment, CJ is now threatening to undo the Director of National Security that was put in place after 9/11 to coordinate the nation’s multiple intelligence agencies.

Apparently CJ has confused his role as Chief Tyrant at Celebrity Apprentice with his role as incoming, uh…urp, president.

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15 Comments to “If You Don’t Like the Answer, Shoot the Messenger”

  1. Linda Phipps says:

    Back in the Middle Ages, kings had court jesters who would let them know what was going on, but wrapped in a soft layer of comedy. CIA is not comprised of comical innuendo to be thought about later, at night, in the dark. Trump’s attitude to being told what is going on is to kill the jester. But of course, Comey is a comedian of a different stripe altogether.

  2. RepubAnon says:

    My guess is that Trump feels the CIA isn’t politicized enough – he wants an intelligence agency more Nixonian in nature, one that can be unleashed on his enemies – foreign and domestic.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Trump create his own, for-profit mercenary outfit for this purpose, calling it a public/private partnership. Perhaps Doug Feith is available to run it for Trump.

  3. Darth Cheney’s cherry picking intel to justify the Iraqi debacle was bad enough, but they didn’t fundamentally change or reduce our intelligence capabilities.(that we know of) The treasonous, arrogant, egotism this points out should be terrifying to everyone. I predict John McCain calling for impeachment just as soon as Donnie’s sworn in.

  4. That Other Jean says:

    We are so scr—doomed (sorry, Momma), if the Republicans in Congress go along with this clown.

  5. Dont’ worry, folks. I would bet the dime in my pocket that someone has already been picked as chief caretaker of evidence treasonous and impeachable. They’re like that, ya know.

  6. RepubAnon: If you Google Private Intelligence Agencies and check out the wiki page, you’ll find a list of some outfits already up and running. All he’d have to do is negotiate a branding deal. Big Brother Trump.

  7. Oxymoron—– Trump Intelligence

  8. RepubAnon says:

    @P.P.: I thought about the outsourcing model, but I expect that Mr. Trump would want someone personally loyal to run it. I doubt Donny trusts anyone other than himself…

  9. The alphabet soup agencies are not amused by those who threaten them and they know how to retaliate. Oh yeah…they know more than CJ.

  10. treehugger says:

    @RepubAnon: He’ll just put the clearly-politicized FBI in charge of all “intelligence.” His servant/director there did such a good job for him during the campaign.

  11. No surprise here. He’s just taking the GOP motto to a new level. Since at least 1980, their slogan has been, “Truth is whatever we say it is, and we’ll defund, scream down, and generally throw poop at anybody who tries to present the facts.” They just don’t like that he’s throwing poop at the intelligence agencies now, but they’d be happy to throw their own at the same target if they didn’t like the message.

  12. Jane & PKM says:

    Cyber security and the inconvenient facts should bite the snacilbupeR square where they sit. We nasty millennial do not forget. Who cut embassy funding creating Benghazi? Who sequestered the budgets of federal agencies leaving the USA behind in cyber security, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum? Yeah. Them. The party of why we can’t have nice things. They’re worse than the brattiest child imaginable. They break it then whine about it being broken.

    Toddler Donnie and the GOP ‘leadership’ should have some great moments competing to be the biggest brat on the block.

    Senator Warren and the ladies of the Senate will have their hands full babysitting those brats. If they’re lucky, Uncle Chuck Schumer will take some time out from bottle feeding Bibi to help them.

  13. CJ is probably accustomed to keeping all his intelligence in an old cigar box in his underwear drawer. He certainly does not have the capacity to evaluate what will be placed before him.

    Good source and unclear message, or poor source with clearer message, and the messages contradict – what do you do? Tweet something stupid and distracting if you’re CJ.

  14. If I recall, 17 US intelligence agencies were in agreement regarding Russia’s interference with our election – a rare concurrence for these agencies.
    Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was assassinated by her 2 Sikh guards in 1984 after she ordered the army to take out a Sikh headquarters that opposed Indian policies against them. Hundreds died during this operation. Over 3000 Sikhs died after her assassination. Wonder what would have been the bodycount had the Sikhs had access to the equivalent number of weapons we have here?
    Could a similarly provocative event occur here? How many people are dependent upon one or more gov’t services that are being targeted for reduction/elimination by the repubs? Is there a trigger point ala our Revolution?
    Every empire to date has come, gone or is in the process of going. IMO, our empire is no exception; many are refusing to see this until it is too late.
    I apologize for my Pollyannaish outlook:)

  15. van59:
    1. T-rump is playing with fire dissin’ the intel agencies. He’s too dumb to know what they can do to him and he would never even realize it.
    2. Was not a pretty event. Any events that could happen now, won’t either.
    History repeats itself for those who don’t read and learn. When people have nothing else to lose, they will lose it, if I am recalling French history correctly.