If Democrats Are That Clever, How Come We Don’t Have a Majority in the House?

October 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Conspiracy Central is all a’tingling over Nurse Kaci Hickox who was quarantined in New Jersey after having been in Africa.  Republicans, who tell us that they are all about liberty and freedom, saw nothing wrong with holding her in a tent against her will even though she showed no symptoms of a disease.

141025-kaci-hickox-1633_0_d7b5e0b12c39f0e2813ae0ab6bdb339bI, for one, am not willing to give Chris Christy to right to imprison people according to his whim.  Neither was Kaci.

But, here’s what the media is not telling you.  Get ready for this because it may upset your American sensitivities.

It turns out that Kaci Hickox is a registered democrat and Obama supporter who works for the CDC. “The nurse currently quarantined in New Jersey is an employee for the Centers for Disease Control and a registered Democrat with a history of left-wing advocacy,” reports GotNews.com

There you have it.  She’s a Democrat and works for the CDC.  That right there is proof that we used her too set up Chris Christy and make him look bad.  And, to oppose state-mandated quarantines.

The timing of Hickox’s quarantine, her ties with the party in power at the White House, the deliberate hiding of her ties to the CDC and the scrubbing of her LinkedIn.com profile all raise legitimate suspicion that her quarantine complaints have all been staged as a P.R. stunt to promote opposition to state-level Ebola quarantine efforts.

Y’all, if we were capable of that, we’d have control of congress.  And we’d get rid of Antonin Scalia and put Elizabeth Warren on the court.  And Rush Limbaugh would explode on air and leave shards of blubber over a five state area.  And we’d start a new space exploration program to have a place to send tea party members.  And we’d make Louie Gohmert the Republican spokesman.  And Sarah Palin would run for Vice President.  Oh wait.  We did do that.

Thanks to RM for the heads up.

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28 Comments to “If Democrats Are That Clever, How Come We Don’t Have a Majority in the House?”

  1. Hippie in the Hollar says:

    Oh, good grief.

  2. Shards of blubber!

    That’s an excellent euphemism for what I usually say.

  3. Ralph Wiggam says:

    She went for a bike ride this afternoon and teased the Gov. of Maine into making a fool of himself on TV.

  4. not stupid says:

    5 days to the elections and here we?
    As a older woman I would never wanted to have st00pid old repugs man telling me what to do in my live.

  5. Mary in San Antonio says:

    I loved how Christie reversed his decision about quarantining her after her attorney threatened a lawsuit.

  6. Maybe quarantining her was yet another GOP way to suppress Dem votes. They’re sure trying everything else they can think of.

    This made me sick: 27 states are using a voter-purging system called Crosscheck, supposedly to eliminate people who are registered to vote in multiple states. But it flags as identical names such as Anthony P. Jackson in Atlanta GA and Anthony R. Jackson in Reston VA, so both may be struck from the voting rolls even though they have never double-voted and aren’t the same person.


    And guess what: it’s more likely to flag minorities than whites. I could have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

    Even if the buggers do win the Senate and every governorship up for a vote, I won’t believe it. They think they can’t win, so they’re cheating like hell. Democracy in the United States is dying before our eyes.

  7. My momma repeatedly said if you have nothing nice to say about people (in the case of Repubs, debatable) say nothing. Sooooooo This is Micr saying nothing about our Republican brothers and sisters. Yuck I think I threw up a little in my mouth again.

  8. I just read a news article that claimed Nurse Hickox was raised in Texas. That made me smile.

  9. My sis is a retired nurse. While in practice, her employer, a top notch hospital, couldn’t do without her and they begged her not to retire, even talking her in to doing a little random subbing for nurses who were on vacation. She did that for a bit, then told them the Big Bye Bye and volunteers at the local library. She cannot fathom the ignorance afloat in this country regarding not just ebola but a lot of other health issues and as for quarantining a healthy nurse, that was nothing more than abduction and she hopes any health care practitioner who gets such a rotten underhanded deal sues who ever is responsible all the way back to the egg!!!

  10. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen….. if….. she decides she wants to go vote…… on Tuesday. 🙂

  11. HollyAnna says:

    The treatment of Kaci Hickox is truly shameful. The picture of her in that pathetic little tent made me heartsick. Why do we elevate ignorant bullies like Chris Christie and punish a valiant, self-sacrificing nurse? Oh, she’s a Democrat. Never mind…

  12. GotNews.com is run by Chuck C. Johnson, not to be confused with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. He is a warped stalker who has been suspended twice by Twitter for tweeting personal information about Ebola victims. He gets a lot of things wrong, no surprise there.

  13. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Science denial + education cuts + corporate owned media = the current clusterfluck.

    VOTE Blue!

  14. Nothing new here. I already figured out she had a “history of left-wing advocacy” when I read that she put herself at risk to help poor, sick people. And while that didn’t prove she was a Democrat, it certainly proved she wasn’t a Republican.

  15. Foil hats. I swear that half the GOP wears foil hats and gets messages from Elders in heaven through their fillings or their joint replacements.

    Also they lie a lot.

  16. “I’m not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it’s not science-based.” -Kaci Hickox

    Now that sounds like a dangerously infected person. To Chris Christie, Rush Limbaugh…

  17. And…so they went to Court…… and lost.

    “FORT KENT, Maine (AP) — A Maine judge has rejected a bid by state health officials to restrict the movement of nurse Kaci Hickox, who defied a quarantine for medical workers who have treated Ebola patients.”

    Reason, sanity, and science prevails. For a change.

  18. e platypus onion says:

    If wingnuts aren’t allowed to lie to and scare everyone then the terrorists win.

    Dems also had 5 million more votes for congress and still couldn’t take control of congress because of gerrymandering by wingnuts.

  19. e platypus onion says:

    FYI at my local hospital and clinic are posted advisories for people who have recently returned from W Africa. Here in the middle of rural NW iowa. How many rural iowans even know where Africa is? It isn’t like any rich farmer is going to buy cattle and ship them home. Stree would kill them before they got here,let alone disease. Geez Louise!

  20. BraxtonBraggart says:

    Hickox is a grad of UT Arlington (2002), and went on to a dual masters in nursing and public heath at Johns Hopkins. She subsequently received a Diploma in Tropical Nursing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and did two-year a postgraduate fellowship in applied epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas.

    I’m impressed.

  21. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    BraxtonBraggart, thanks for sharing your research! It’s a lovely load of facts to toss back at the Quarantine Quivers who continue to defend the indefensible Christie and Le Page.

    e platypus onion, big game hunting is not a sport to my way of thinking. However, should one of those rich farm boys go on a safari, their exposure to Ebola might be predicated on how far they take their standard barnyard practices with the wildlife in Africa. The questions they should be asked at the return port of entry? Don’t ask. Please for the sake of Mama, don’t ask.

  22. Ralph Wiggam says:

    As of 1:30 Friday the Judge ruled that Maine cannot quarantine her and the state troopers outside he house are gone.

    Science wins again!!!


  24. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Ralph Wiggam, science will always win, but it won’t be either quick nor easy. Sure does seem the KKKristians have reverted to the times of Galileo Galilei.

    Miemaw, hope Maine has early voting laws, so the sooner Kaci Hickox, RN + qualifications, votes the better. Might keep a few of the fear factor Quarantine Quivers home to the benefit of Maine and the ouster of Paul Le Page.

  25. When I saw the title, I thought this was going to be about that scoundrel, Gerry Mandering. No, it’s about that OTHER scoundrel, Chris Crisco.

  26. Wow! I am capital P Pleased that the nurse was validated! I am triple P Pleased that LePage got it in the snoot from the judge. LePage is one mean, nasty to the nth degree dude. Polls as of Friday show the Democratic challenger, Michaud, running ahead of LePage. Am now officially crossing fingers for Michaud and will cease keyboarding . . .

  27. Appleannie says:

    If Rush Bimbo were to explode it would kill people over a 5 state area. First they would be smothered by blubber and then the disease part would set in.

  28. Aghast Independent says:

    Hmmmm…. I am surprised that The New Jersey Guvnor didn’t try to shut down all the bridges leading to New England when they found out that the quarantined nurse was a Dem trying to go home!!