I Will Miss This Man

December 22, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election

Joe Biden’s Note to Self on CBS This Morning today.

He should have run.

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15 Comments to “I Will Miss This Man”

  1. Morning JJ. Thanks for that. I’ve said in here before that Uncle Joe was my first choice. And as disappointed as I was when he decided not to run, I try to think of what he asked himself. And more than almost anyone else in public life, I believe that he put the good of the country above all else. So I think his decision was based on his perceived ability to get it done. I can’t fault him. But like you and a lot of us, I sure will miss him.

  2. Yeah, I’ll miss him, too. But, I don’t think he will just fade away. I’m counting on him and the Obamas to push back against this awful, upcoming regime.

  3. I’m a Joe Biden fan as well. If he had run, I am damn sure he would have grabbed Trump,hauled him outside the back of the barn and whipped his ass. Frankly, I honestly believe there is no other way to handle the CJ.

  4. Sorry El Jefe, I never looked at the byline. Morning to you too.

  5. I confess to not being a Joe Biden fan. I don’t hate him personally, in fact I admire him personally for his loyaty to family etc. I wish President Obama had not selected him as VP, although he did as wells as anyone in that version of the witness protection program the USofA runs.

    I rather suspect that the 2016 election loss was not a candidate failure but a matter of the democratic candidate being overwhelmed by a white supremacy wave that is going around the world. Without offering a white supremacy candidate to match that of the alt-right/neo-con/Tea Party’s candidate HRC was doomed. As would Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders had either been nominated. This election was a white repudiation of Dem policy back to FDR and the hordes of barbarians soon to occupy office from the WH to Congress intend to return the US to the economics of Coolidge and Hoover and to the white prevailing class society of 1857.

  6. With the passage of power from Obama/Biden to Trump/Pence, there will be lost to us the pride in our country for electing two such intelligent, knowledgeable masters of diplomacy. I am so ashamed of my countrymen for ignoring all the good accomplished by the Democrats and replacing it with Republican hate and greed.

  7. I tried clicking on Dec.,2016 per your suggestion, J.J., but my comments continue to disappear from sight (mine at least).
    It’s as if I am writing in invisible ink.

  8. Biden can be a goofball, albeit a sweet one. (I still laugh over the cartoon in which a schoolteacher introduces a grinning Joe by saying, “Today Vice President Biden will read to us from ‘Fuzzy Ducky’s Fun Day Plucking Flowers,'” and one Secret Service agent mutters to the other, “This is not gonna end well.”)

    But he has a big heart and a good brain and a lot of class, all of which will be tragically lacking at the top of our government now. I wish he had felt able to run, but I can understand why he didn’t. Many, many times in the years to come we’ll wish that he were the one in charge.

    I wish Joe were part of my family. He’d make the room light up when he walked in.

  9. Micr–Thou sayest well.

  10. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Joe. I think he would have been a good pres, but of course we’ll never know. His courage and strength in the face of such crushing losses surely humbles me to my knees.

    Micr, I think you are right about the election. maryelle, I feel ashamed about the US pres-elect too. I feel a need to apologize to anyone who is not a white man.

  11. I can’t watch it or I will cry. I will miss him and the Obamas so much.

  12. I watched this on CBS and realized that I had been so focused on worrying about missing the Obamas that I did not realize how much I will miss Joe Biden, a kind, decent human being.

  13. ::sob::

    What are we going to do without Barack and Joe in the WH?

    Joe gave a really nice tribute at John Glenn’s memorial last Saturday, and while listening I couldn’t help but think that Cheato would/will never ever come close to the eloquence, humanity and knowledge displayed by our VP.

    I also cry for the loss of Beau Biden, not just for the tragedy for the Biden family, but because I was convinced Beau would make one hell of a fine president not too far into the future.

  14. Micr, you are right on! there is a real wave of flat out billious

  15. I won’t miss the man who wrote most of the text of the USA PATRIOT Act and was a big supporter of it. And Joe Biden is that man. That act, under the most conservative president to that date, played no small role in my exile, and I am quite content to see the back of the man who wrote most of it.