“I Thought It Would Be Easier”

April 28, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Cheeto Jesus to Reuters: “I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. ¬†This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

Then you are a dumbass.

Sorry, Momma.


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17 Comments to ““I Thought It Would Be Easier””

  1. That Other Jean says:

    Go back! Go back to your previous life! It will be the best, most popular thing you’ve ever done! Think of the TV ratings!

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    “thought” – that’s a word that should be slapped out of Dolt45’s mouth. As is said in court, “no facts in evidence” of any semblance of thought.

    If Donnie were a thinking man, he’d fire Jefferson Beauregard Sessions faster than Mickey Flynn. Seriously. What good is an AG who is so conflicted that he needs to recuse himself from every case generated by the Drumpf crime regime?

    Wait until the case against Jughead Kushner hits the DOJ. What a Kabuki Dance over hot coals on steroids that will be.

  3. Well y’know he could resign. Quit. DoR.

    Oh never mind, he has. That’s what all this off to see Mar-a-la-go every week-end BS is all about.

    Drumpf should just resign.

  4. Well – no kidding. His brain is as orange as his skin. I would be pushing for resignation as well, but look at what we would be left with! I just wish we could completely clean house.

  5. Until Trump faces real criminal charges, he won’t resign. It’s all about the money and how much he can steal from the taxpayers and how much his and his corrupt family’s various enterprises will make from the countries that want to curry favor.

  6. maryelle says:

    Frump thought it would be easier because he forgot about the Constitution, the checks and balances of Congress and the Judiciary, and the individual rights of American citizens.
    Just like most republicans, he does not really believe in democracy.

  7. This from a man, that has never done a days work in his life.

  8. You can walk away from a business deal you don’t like. You can’t walk away from governing when you’re in office. He is just beginning to understand this.his , ” I’m the only one who can fix it” comments were the tell that he didn’t know how government works.

  9. I read the article that is beyond belief, he actually thought being President was going to be easy. I think maybe he should resign I would not think less of him, really! trump just think of it as filing another bankruptcy, you know how to do that.

  10. “I thought it would be easier.”

    Media response:
    “He’s acting presidential. He had a thought.”

  11. Well, just about every damn one of them got the naiveté yanked out of them in no time. I recall Reagan saying something grave after the routine national security rundown by the military very early on. But those guys also knew ahead of time that it would be a hard job going in and it only got harder as time went on. This guy comes from Weird World. He is now finding out that he does not like the job! Very soon he will absolutely hate it. See where this is going?

  12. AliceBeth says:

    It is clear to me that Trump thought he was a much bigger deal that President of the United States. He thought that being himself was the pinnacle of existence, the biggest most important thing in the world. He is a very ignorant and dangerous man.

    He is welcome to going back to being that person right now. Clearly it was more important to him. Can we manage under Pence or Ryan? I do not know, but I would hope we could try.

  13. No matter what your previous job, thinking that it would be easier to be President of the United States is breathtakingly stupid. It’s also breathtakingly stupid to say that out loud.

    (Obama said that every problem that landed on his desk was a hard one, because if it wasn’t somebody else would have solved it.)

  14. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @Jane & PKM#2- No evidence of “thought” or of the capacity for. To be completely honest and accurate, one must include that.

  15. WA Skeptic says:

    He already knew it wasn’t going to be a cakewalk; during the campaign he kept tell the prospective Veeps that he’d let them do all the work and he’d just sit on the throne and look regal.


  16. sprightly but bitter says:

    Not as totally un-self-aware as you could have imagined, but the world record for regrets at being promoted beyond one’s competence still belongs to the late John Paul I, who once said “If I had known that I would be pope one day, I would have studied harder.”

  17. Tilphousia says:

    Well who knew that being president was hard work? Guess mangaled apricot hellbeast can’t see very well or he would have seen how grey presidents become. Oh wait! Only the ones who care and work. Hard! Like President Obama. I miss him and his wonderful family.