I Shot the Sheriff

January 18, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Y’all, Sid Miller, world renown purveyor of Fake News and proud of it, has done it again.

Claims by a Texas lawmaker that ‘illegal aliens attacked’ a hunting party have been dismissed as fake by a local sheriff who says the hunters fired on one another.

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller used the alleged attack on a hunting party by ‘violent illegal immigrants’ as justification for why a wall must be built to secure the Texas border, in a January Facebook post.

Sid says it doesn’t matter diddle squat if he puts false information on his Facebook page, fanning the fears and hatred of all things he doesn’t like, because he’s not a “news source.”  He says you should go to his Facebook page and figure out for yourself whether something is real or made-up. Do you think he’s got time to do your research for you?  Do you think he can use the Google machine? Well, he can’t, so get over it. That whole “Responsible Adult” thing is something liberals made up.

Sheriff Danny Dominguez

Anyway, Danny Dominguez, the Presidio County Sheriff, who is a man you really don’t want to mess with, says that Miller’s story was false and smilingly added …

‘The agriculture commissioner needs to do his job and stick to that, and I’ll do my job. You tell him I said that.’

Sheriff Dominguez says the hunters fired on each other with “several factors contributing” to the friendly fire. You can translate that to, “they were drunk and rowdy.”

By the way, Sheriff Dominguez, who I have had the honor of personally meeting, was the sheriff called out to the Scalia death.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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16 Comments to “I Shot the Sheriff”

  1. Sid’s comments are as mind boggling as Betsy DeVos saying today that guns in schools are okay because some schools need to protect themselves from grizzly bears.

  2. Did she actually mean grizzly bears? I saw that in a headline but she makes my brain hurt so I didn’t read the story– assumed she meant people who would attack kids. But maybe someone who thinks it’s OK to run the nation’s public school policy when she never went to public school and never let her kids go to public school and in fact KNOWS DIDDLYSQUAT ABOUT PUBLIC SCHOOLS (sorry) is unacquainted with the concept of metaphor.

    So how about no guns in schools where there aren’t grizzly bears?

    And it wasn’t illegal alien attackers, just a bunch of illegal drunks with guns. Quelle surprise. If one of them had accidentally taken out Sid Miller we’d all be better off.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    The Army had a saying that most of us in the Air Force didn’t like: “shoot them down and sort them out on the ground.” Apply that to law enforcement and a room full of armed citizens in any ‘active shooter’ situation. What could possibly go wrong?

    Responding to “shots fired” what should LE do? Shout “drop ’em and on the ground”? Or, maybe politely ask that everyone please place the appropriate white or black hat on their heads as a means of identification? Absurd, you say?

    But absurd is exactly what Sid and the snacilbupeR want. Arm everyone, even the toddlers, then challenge LE to play Nostradamus sorting out the Nostradumbasses. It’s a vivid “picture” any sane person can see. Maybe we should make a movie for the Sids, Betsys and assorted snacilbupeR to help with their pictorial problems.

    😀 New political ad to address snacilbupeR candidates: their faces and the words “what’s wrong with this picture.”

  4. How could aliens get across the border to do this? I thought Rick Perry and Ted Nugent were patrolling the Rio Grande. Something’s not right!

  5. @Rhea–Yes, she did mean actual grizzly bears. She cited some school in Wyoming that had a fence around it to protect the kids from grizzlies. And we all know many urban schools come under assault from grizzly bears every day, so her logic is impeccable.

  6. TTPT, that can only lead to the joke about the guy blowing a whistle to keep the polar bears away. “But there are no polar bears within two thousand miles.” “See how well it’s working!”

  7. Carol Davis says:

    Does she mean we can or should shoot Ms Palin aka mama grizzley? If so this might change my opinion.

  8. Sam in San Antonio says:

    I”ve had fun trolling Sid’s page in the past. Just as alarming as his idiotic fake news is the positive reaction from the idiots that follow him. For many of them his posting of articles gives them legitimacy.

  9. JAKvirginia says:

    Texas’ AGRICULTURE Commissioner opines about a border wall. Are they planning to grow it from seed? THIS! This is why Rs can’t govern. They can’t seem to figure what the hell their job is! Would someone please Google that for Sid. Thanks.

  10. Were these illegal aliens small and green, with huge eyes?

    Did they probe the victims? And did the guys enjoy it?

    And isn’t it against the law to file false police reports?

  11. I hear tell that Sweet Betsy from Grand Rapids did some mentoring in a public school. What the hell did she mean by that?Anybody want to find out? I lived in Michigan for ages and never heard of her. Am totally unimpressed. She should stick to the canasta championships at the country club.

  12. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    I wonder if the Sheriff’s cell phone has any interesting images.

  13. The most useless head in the room:

    Sid Miller walks into a taxidermy shop.

  14. TrulyTexan says:

    So, I could put that Sid Miller is a pedophile on my Facebook page and that would be OK, because it is not a news source.

  15. Sandridge says:

    Good ol’ boy Sid Miller looks like a zoophiliac bestialityphile to me.
    (there’s even a song: ‘Sid and Jeifer Down By The Barnyard’, w/apologies to Paul Simon… Factual? Facts don’t matter anymore, so sue me Sid, &FUIA)

  16. Thank you JJ, for excluding the photo of his pasty white face under that ridiculous hat which holds more brains than his ultra thick skull.

    Wasn’t it just a few years ago that snacilbupeR wanted to pass a law that allowed political lying without legal repercussions? Or something like that?

    snacilbupeR politicians are simply loathesome. Eeuuuwwwwwww!!!