I Need Your Honest Opinion

October 31, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, help me with this.

Rick Miller, the recently resigned chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party and general thug, is trying to stand on the backs of veterans to kick off his campaign for State Representative.

He came up with this deal.  Now, I need you to go look at that in person, but I put a part of it here.

Was this mean to make it look like Texas Ag Commish Todd Staples and Gen. Jerry Boykin are Medal of Honor winners?

Is that the way you read it, or is it just me?

Because Todd Staples was never in the military and Gen. Boykin didn’t win the Medal of Honor.

I think it is disgusting to use veterans to kick off your campaign for public office.  I sure hope Rick Miller doesn’t get him one of them “Mission Accomplished” signs and parachute into this event.  More important, I hope he doesn’t get a bunch of his thug to hit old ladies again.

Anyway, if it’s just me don’t be afraid to say so.  Maybe I’m overreacting.

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19 Comments to “I Need Your Honest Opinion”

  1. Sure looks that way to me.

  2. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    The font changes are a trifle confusing (at least no one used Comic Sans) but I think they are distinct enough that when combined with the spaces between them, there are 3 major entries in the list and the first 2 have sub entries which describe them. The lack of any sub entries in the category “Medal of Honor Recipients” suggests to me that they couldn’t think of any to invite or that all the ones they did invite said no.

  3. Jim in Laredo says:

    Looks like it to me too.
    Repugs are really jerks.

  4. Nope. It looks to me like they have unspecified Medal of Honor recipients as speakers. There is one living MoH recipient in Texas and he lives [according to Wikipedia] in Montgomery, TX.

    There should have been an ‘and’ between General Boykin and that listing, but I have seen that left out on other similar listings.

    I thought I recognized the name and I checked. Boykin is a piece of work. From Wikipedia — “He has gained notoriety for his Christian Fundamentalist views over the last few years and some public remarks. Boykin is a born-again Christian, who has cast the “War on Terror” in Biblical terms. A Pentagon investigation concluded in 2004 that he had violated regulations by failing to explain these remarks were not made in an official capacity.”

    Boykin, along with comments by Shrub, are why the Middle East believes that the USA is running a ‘crusade’ in their back yard.

  5. If no Medal of Honor winners are in attendance, it would sure be reasonable for some outstanding reporter to ask Mr. Staples and General Boykin about the incidents that earned them those medals.

  6. For want of an ‘and’, the meaning was lost.

    Illiterate republicans! Why is anyone surprised? Have you seen some of those tea party signs? It is such a problem, there is a Facebook page devoted just to teaperty spelling and grammar–“1,000,000 Strong to Help Improve Tea Party Patriots’ Spelling and Grammar”.

  7. Not just you. If they didn’t want you (and others) to think that, they would have listed the names of the Medal of Honor recipients who are to be there.

  8. Boykin is one of those fools who claims Allah and Jehovah are two different divinities. Guess he’s never heard of the “God of Abraham.”

    I expect any day now Boykin will add “Dios” to his “bad god” list.

  9. I read the MoH recipients as a separate entity, but agree that a simple “and” would have made it clear rather than the ambiguousness present here. I think the “with” keeps Mr. Staples from appearing to be one of the MoHs, and therefore having the plural on the MoH made it not appear that Ret. Gen. Boykin had one.

    I’m looking for extra cash. Think they’re looking for a good proofreader?

  10. What is the price for attending this affair that may or may not have MoH recipients in attendance?

  11. Wyatt_Earl says:

    Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by ignorance.

  12. June, the tribute/celebration is free for veterans, first responders, and their spouses up to 2000 people. Supposedly open to the public, but those deserving folk get priority seating (please register in advance). The gala/banquet that night is minimum $150, $250 for VIP. No mention of discounts for the folks who got priority seating at the tribute/celebration, though it does say, “Each table of 10 will have 2 seats reserved for a Vet or First Responder (and spouse). You will have 8 seats at the table for the evening.”

  13. Nope, not just you. Typical ploy. Use the Veterans.

  14. I read it as “we will have assorted Medal of Honor recipients,” which I found pretty disrespectful – sounded like they were just tossed in as an extra added attraction and they didn’t even care about their names. Which is probably the truth – if they cared about their names, they’d have listed them.

  15. Tbyg, I just figured they didn’t have signed contracts for those speakers yet. You can’t put their name in the progam until you get a firm commitment.

    FYI – sorry for the double post earlier. All indications were that the first one had gotten errored out.

  16. gidget commando says:

    Just sloppy editing, it seems. Like Mike said, Boykin’s out there and then some. IIRC, he threw his weight around a lot in the movement that tries to coerce American military members into becoming his brand of Christian. Not fun, when the guy who outranks you by several levels is pressuring you to pray his way or it means you’re practically the enemy.

  17. This is an event sponsored by the SW Sunrise Rotary Club to honor veternas. Tearing the event down only demonstrates how bitter and angry some are.

  18. Juanita Jean says:

    TexNamVet – get a grip. The SW Sunrise Rotary Club is a political vehicle for Rick Miller to run for Charlie Howard’s old seat in the Lege. Nobody is tearing it down by simply recognizing it for what it is. Did you see anyone here tearing it down? I mean, we are not the people who booed an active duty serviceman during a GOP presidential debate.

    Instead, I would think you would be “bitter and angry” that you are being used for political purposes. I am the daughter and the mother of veterans. So, get off that pony because it don’t trot.

    Goodness gracious.

  19. It clearly reads that Boykin and Staples are MoH recipients. The differences in the fonts are not striking enough to change the syntax. Having “with” between their names makes that part into a unit. This unit is modified by “Featuring Confirmed Speakers”. Therefore “Medal of Honor Recipients” is read, in parallel, as also referring to or modifying the name unit. (BTW, I have a job editing a scholarly journal.)

    My bias says it was intentional. But it’s the kind of mistake you often run across, writers putting modifying words or phrases in the wrong place. So it’s hard to say.