I Have Discovered Something

December 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I have discovered something very cool.  On days when I have things to do, I can just post “Windows 8 vs. Mac” or “George Will” and you guys will take it from there.

Ahem …

George Wills loves Microsoft.

I’m off to Skip and Judy’s 50th wedding anniversary party!  See ya!

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27 Comments to “I Have Discovered Something”

  1. Ack! She’s on to us!!!

  2. But is it a lofty, pure love or is it just carnal? And how many states will let them marry?

  3. Now will there be upgrades as George’s love intensifies or will he be stuck with the current software? The chance that he will cheat on Microsoft is probably negligible—

  4. Rush Limbaugh loves Mac.

  5. Wyatt_Earl says:

    What Brian said.

  6. Brian, that’s an ugly thing to say about Macs. I want to go wash my typing fingers now, all two of them.

  7. Rhea, I think Brian meant MacDonald’s. Rush didn’t get that big eating salads.

  8. Mr Busyhands says:

    “You guys”? Is that what they’re saying now in Houston? The other day, a store clerk said “your guys’s” to me. The mental effort to clumsily pluralize all parts of “you guys” was impressive, but totally wasted.

    “Y’all’s” is shorter, easier, less grammatically shocking and has centuries of history behind it. Git back to yer roots, honey!

    In related news, I visited friends in England a couple of years ago and noted that all the people I spent time with – without exception – called other men “guys”. Not blokes, chaps, fellows, lads, or anything else we associate with pre-globalized Great Britain. It seems the “guys” plague has spread far and wide.

  9. Actually George Will prefers a Turing machine, a copy of which he keeps safely tucked away deep within his sanctum sanctimonius where the sun doesn’t shine.

  10. Turing machine? … I think he uses an abacus — badly.

  11. Sam in Kyle says:

    Sure that’s not, “Rush likes crack”?

  12. Aghast Independent says:

    NO, NO, NO, Sam in Kyle. How could you say such a thing about Rush.

    You mean “Rush likes illegally obtained opiate narcotics that he made his housekeeper purchase because he didn’t have the balls and wasn’t man enough to go feed his addicted fat ass himself,” don’t you?

    We shouldn’t be unkind to celebrities……

  13. @Aghast Independent: I respectfully disagree. Some of those “celebrities” are soooo disrepectful of the President we all voted for twice, they deserve the same treatment–in spades. And, yes, I do recognize snark and sarcasm when I see it.

  14. Sam in Kyle says:

    You’re right Aghast. I should have said, “The big fat blowhard impotent TEA Partier Rush likes illegally obtained opiate narcotics that he made his housekeeper purchase because he didn’t have the balls and wasn’t man enough to go feed his addicted fat ass himself,”

  15. Alacrity Fitzhughe says:

    Wait a minute. Is this the same Rush Limbaugh that authorities found a bottle of Viagra in his bag at the Palm Beach airport in which the prescription was not in his name?
    THAT Rush Limpballs?

    Just saying….

  16. Mr Busyhands:
    What gripes me is it used to be Guys and Gals and we all knew which was which. Even posted on some restroom doors.

    Now Guys seems to be used for everyone – men, women, children, pets, intelligent chickens, politicians and other lowlife…..

    And Gal is considered sexist, which must make life tough for
    square-dance callers.

  17. I was at Skip and Judy’s party too. Great stuff. Enjoyed Rev. Andy doing the ceremony. Elvis was a little on the lite side. Hope they get to do it again in another 50 years.

  18. fenway fran says:

    Juanita spent a little too much time around Fenway Fran, who was very happy to see her use “You guys” instead of Y’all.

  19. montag, I think George Will keeps his keyboard also where the sun doesn’t shine– that would explain some of his opinions.

    And remember that the Second Person Plural Emphatic is “all y’all.”

  20. I haven’t been in the southern-speaking regions much since I was small. Do y’all still say “them” to mean “associated people,” as in, “Mom and them are out on the porch with the lemonade”?

    And “I’ll get to it directly!” basically meaning whenever I damn well feel like doing it…?

  21. I think Ms Juanita Jean wanted some light reading when she got home from the shindig. I can’t believe she is so dim to have “just” discovered we’ll natter on about anything.

    And Rush, being Tea Party, is anti education and anti technology, therefore he counts on his pudgy fingers and gets the counts wrong. Then he proclaims his answer is the only right answer and any other answer, and those who believe in the other answers, is “unAmerican.”

  22. So sad I cannot hit the ‘like’ button for y’all too. Too many good ones, above, and I appreciate the laughs.

  23. To LynnN, above, re. her question “And how many states will let them marry?” – Remembering that freely consenting homosexual adults can only marry in 9 states, but bestiality is legal in 23 states (make of THAT what you will), I would suggest that the number of states in which marrying your computer is legal is somewhere between those numbers.

    Also, montag, that is a really horrible thing to say about Turing machines, as well. What did that significant advance in the history of computing ever do to you…?

  24. @Rhea: Your “Second Person Plural Emphatic” got me so tickled I had tears. My wife said, like “All y’all can kiss my a**!”

    As to your questions about those Southernisms, in New Orleans it is “How’s ya momanem?” I think “I’ll get to it directly” has been replaced with “I’m fix in’ to.”

  25. Damn you autocorrect! That’s “fixin’ to”

  26. Mr Busyhands, the use of the word “guy” to mean a man started in England, with Guy Fawkes. It’s probably true, though, that is was more common in the US until recently.

  27. Well…hmm..since mama nthem usta say “I’ll get to it direckly” AND “I’m fixin to”…its hard for me to attest to whichun is proper.