I Formally Disagree With The Washington Post’s Editorial

November 30, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The Washington Post this morning.

“President Trump this week disseminated on social media three inflammatory and unverified anti-Muslim videos, took glee in the firing of a news anchor for sexual harassment allegations despite facing more than a dozen of his own accusers and used a ceremony honoring Navajo war heroes to malign a senator with a derogatory nickname, ‘Pocahontas.’” 

“Again and again, Trump veered far past the guardrails of presidential behavior. But despite the now-routine condemnations, the president is acting emboldened, as if he were impervious to the uproar he causes.”

Okay, here’s where I strongly disagree.  “Trump veered past the guardrails of presidential behavior.” Really? What exactly is presidential behavior? Is it in some textbook somewhere? Written down in a chapter of the super-secret Code of Presidential Conduct?

No, Washington Post.  Let me fix this for you.

Again and again, Trump veered far past the guardrails of presidential human behavior.

There. That’s better.


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11 Comments to “I Formally Disagree With The Washington Post’s Editorial”

  1. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

    Ironically, you posted this as I wrote my ‘tell Juanita’ letter. You might link to the link I didn’t include — which includes the actual history of birtherism, which started in 2004 — click on the included link as well.

  2. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

    somehow the link to Think Progress didn’t pick up, but if it isn’t obvious on the site, Hatewatch links to it as well.

  3. Veered right past common decency, hit the ramp over self-awareness and flew off in the abyss of sneering racist gobshitery (sorry, Mama).

    Busy day. I don’t know how he does it without a nap.

  4. To paraphrase SSgt Loyce “Jesus, how the he77 do they expect” presidential “when they won’t even send me human g*d-damn being to start with?”

  5. People thought after Trump was elected he would try to appear more Presidential. No one ever suggested he might appear more human. Perhaps that expectation would be unfounded?

  6. Tata, you made my day!

  7. More presidential, trump cannot be more than the low life, thug and bully he is! I think he thought he was elected dictator and we would all obey! Believe me we know what he was before the election, but boy those people you follow him are a disgrace. How anyone can defend him is amazing to me. I am becoming very weary…please tell me the end is in sight.

  8. Anybody else ever watch that short-lived TV series in which Geena Davis played a VP who became President when the Prez died? In one episode, the WH spokeswoman was asked by a reporter if the President was threatening a military raid on (a Muslim country) over a pending execution because she was a woman. After staring at him for several moments, the spokeswoman replied, “(Muslim woman prisoner) has been condemned for adultery to be buried up to her neck and have rocks thrown at her head until she dies. The President is not outraged by that because she is a woman. She is outraged by that because she is a human being.”

    It would be nice to live in a country run by adults and human beings and people with a conscience who, let’s say, didn’t want to take health insurance from poor people and kids so that rich people could get richer, and acknowledged science, and accepted that we need energy from 21st century sources and not 19th century sources, but right now we don’t live in a country like that. So we need to fight like hell to get rid of those glassbowls and get some adult humans with a conscience in high offices.

  9. I think the correct phrase should be “sane behavior”.

  10. Tired of hearing lies, and of being thought stupid enough to believe them. Presidential? Trump doesn’t have the insight to preside over much anything, except maybe a frat initiation.


  11. And the Bigot-in-Chief carries on. Loved hearing the British Parliament condemn Trump for his stupidity and bigotry. Hope they rescind their invite for the State visit.