I Apologize

November 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I am so sorry.  The 1994 Northridge earthquake?  Totally my fault.

Thanks to Cary for the heads up.

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23 Comments to “I Apologize”

  1. Young men are led astray by their own hormones. How women dress doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it. What is it with this hatred of women?

  2. If his face was a bit redder, he had no chin and he was hoping to get a seat at a wingnut think tank funded by one of the Romney billionaires after his political loss; I’d swear this man ran for one of the senate seats this year in the midwest. . . .

  3. daChipster says:

    That was a magnitude 6.7 quake that caused $20 billion in damages, so my only question is:

    Whatever you did to cause it through immodest dress, leading young men astray and spreading adultery… do you have any pictures or videos?

  4. No wonder scientists still can’t predict earthquakes. They’re stuck using seismographs – – instead of miniskirts and halter tops. Since HKS (dude above) sees fit to tell us WHAT causes earthquakes, maybe he could help a few folks out by using that valuable info, to tell us WHEN to expect the next one.

  5. Kate oDubhagain says:

    My, he must think women are powerful if we can cause earthquakes…maybe his government should walk cautiously around them instead of persecuting them.

  6. Is that Pat Robertson under that beard???

  7. And they say women are the weaker sex?

    Apparently we’re all-powerful, while they can be corrupted at the sight of an ankle or elbow.

    Tell me again why we’re not in charge…….

  8. So, daChipster, I was wondering the same thing. What WAS she wearing that day?

  9. I guess we can tolerate an earthquake once in a while, particularly given that we now know what causes them.

  10. Corinne Sabo says:

    Dos that mean his knees quake when he thinks he sees a woman?

  11. If what that old guy with the awful beard and huge nose says were true, wouldn’t we be having more earthquakes and happier young men?

  12. I kinda like this guy’s style. If Bryan Fischer likes him too, maybe he can bring him to the U.S. and hire him as assistant director of issues analysis at the American Family Association.

  13. Good point, june; seems to me the Middle East is just bursting with unhappy young men, although I don’t know that I’ve heard of a lot of recent earthquakes there–no doubt because of all those burqas, abayas, and jilbabs…

  14. So gays cause hurricanes and immodest women cause earthquakes. This makes the ‘Butterfly Effect’ creating a Tsunami in japan postulation in Chaos Theory seem positively tame.

  15. Kate oDubhagain says:

    *seems to me the Middle East is just bursting with unhappy young men*

    This seems to be the crux of many problems in the middle east; no girls, no female companionship…no whoppee

    You realize that for a lot of these young men the only way they’re going to get any whoppee is to collection on those 97 virgins?

  16. And of course, those 97 virgins are retired nuns who were promised an young middle eastern man in their time.

  17. Why are women always blamed for men’s out-of-control testosterone?

  18. Women are so all-powerful — they control the planet, the weather, I s’pose sunspots, and the list goes on and on. How come women aren’t in charge of every damn thing? Damnit, I’ve always wondered why my husband isn’t afraid of me. What if he irks me and I just conjure up a tornado to blow him to Kansas for God’s sake? Still, he fails to quake in my presence. I don’t get it — quake, damnit!

  19. Ralph Wiggam says:

    That’s more anthropomorphism. When the male religious leaders get all hot below the waist, they figure God is getting all hot and bothered too. And if there is a disturbance in their underwear, think what God must be experiencing! EARTHQUAKE!!!

  20. Hmmm? Did you feel the earth move, too?

  21. Fortunately a young scientist in training at Purdue, disproved this theory.


  22. Juanito, are you trying to cause an attack on another US embassy by publishing this? Regardless you’ll be on their list.

  23. As a transplant from California to Washington state, I went through every major earthquake from Tehachapi to Loma Prieta. I can vouch for the fact that there is no correlation whatever between female fashions and what is going on with the plate tectonics.